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12 Apr 2017

Your Recipe For Success

I recently did a Facebook live for the first time. My mentor Ann Washburn taught me the importance of recipes. I don’t really like to cook so most of my meals come from boxes. However, I can follow a recipe and have been known to make really good meals when I do.

I realized that success also has a recipe and I wanted to share it with you. The link above is to the recorded Facebook live I did. I’m not sure why the quality of the video is poor to start with. I think it has something to do with my internet connection at the time.

Let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with.

Have an off the charts day,


06 Apr 2017

Bully Proofing You Is Going To Washington State

I am so excited to be going to Washington state next week to help students, parents, and schools become Bully Proof. I will be giving five different presentations. Your thoughts of support and love will be very much appreciated and felt.

We have decided to give away a training for the local veterans Legion 17. I had the inspiration today to invite you to be a part of it. Last year we did a buy one give one. We’re going to do it again. For each book purchased between now and April 11 I will give a book to the veterans and their family.

The number of veterans dying every day is astronomical.  According to a US Dept. of Veterans Affairs study that was released in 2013, there are 22 veterans committing suicide every day. They give so much to protect us and our way of live. They went where they were sent. They have done their duty. Let’s now support them in returning home and integrating back into society successfully. They need help Taming The Bully Between Their Ears.

Take a moment and bless your family with Bully Proofing You and we will give one to a veteran.

I want to thank you for taking your time and doing the survey about the new format for the newsletter. The video form won by a landslide at 79%. That will be the new form from now on. However, to take care of those of you that like the written-out form I will change it up. (Kind of like this one.)

For the video this week, I want to share an interview I had the pleasure of doing with Josh Bendoski from Rev Media.

Have an incredible day and remember I love you my friends,

31 Mar 2017

Tea Time

Do you ever get discouraged? Boy, I do.  This week for my Facebook live I talk about the steps I take to get myself back on track. Some great tools that I use to keep me moving toward my goals and dreams.

I hope you find them useful as well.

It’s called Tea Time.

We will be starting our group mentoring sessions April 17th. I still have a few spots left because we added another group. I’m so excited to be working with you in building your business and taming the bully between your ears. Contact me for the details.

Have an incredible day,

27 Mar 2017

Obstacles to Opportunities

I have a vision for my future that is coming true. In January 2012, I had the idea of transitioning from the classroom to the stage. One of the first things I did was hire a business coach. I’ve had one or more ever since. Without their help, guidance, and mentor-ship I never would have been able to get as far as I have in this short amount of time.

  • Speaking engagements all over the country.
  • A book climbing the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List.
  • Successful clients that I have mentored and coached to reach their goals.
  • A podcast that has been downloaded over 6,000 times.
  • A weekly newsletter that goes out to thousands.
  • A life that I love every single day.
  • A family that supports me and travels with me on engagements.
  • A beautiful home.
  • The ability to care for my mother for almost four years before she passed away in my arms Nov 5, 2016.

I could go on and on talking about how I have been blessed. I tell you these things to let you know that if I can do it; you can also. They told me I would never make it through high school because of my learning disabilities. I used that as fuel to propel me forward.

I’m sure you have a future you are wanting to create. I can help you. Let me help you. I want to help you get there faster and easier just like my mentors helped me.

I have some slots in my group mentoring program coming up. You will be personally coached by me every week with accountability partners daily Monday – Friday.

How much longer are you going to wait? How much longer are you going to struggle? How much longer are you going to tell your family, “No, because we don’t have the money?”

That pain and wait can end now with the help of me as your mentor.

I only have three spots for personal mentoring and seven for group. Make sure you hurry because this is going out to over a thousand people who get first pick. Then I will open it up to others.

Click the link and get enrolled today. We start April 2017.

Thank you for joining me again.

Have a blessed day,

01 Mar 2017

Something New for You

I am changing the way I do my newsletters. I’m moving to video. Just quick little mentoring tips I post on Facebook. I’ll then share the link to my YouTube channel where I will post them as well.
I’ve thinking of doing it for awhile because of the response to my How It Works TV Episodes. It took me awhile because I felt like I had to make sure I had on make up and dressed up. You know professional. These videos will NOT be that for the most part.
Many times during the day, I have ideas come to me that I want to share. However, because of my fear of the written word and the fact that I like jeans and T-shirts; I haven’t done them.
These videos are just shot as I am in the moment.
This one is about how habits are formed. It was so much fun to just be myself and share the wisdom God gives to me.
Have an absolutely spectacular day,
16 Feb 2017

Stop Being A Pansy

There are far too many people feeling justified in their victim-hood. Reality is they’re not even victims. They’re entitled brats wanting something they haven’t worked for.

You have to fall through your failures to get to your successes.  You don’t just get the success. Success in anything takes hard work, tears, confusion, stepping outside your comfort zone, blazing a trail through berry vines and brush taller then you are. You have to want it with enough desire to get through all the pain.

When you look at your neighbor and want what they have, you need to ask them how they got it and then take similar action. Not vote someone into office to give it to you. Don’t go take it because you feel everyone should be able to just have it if they want it.

The first step in getting what you want is to believe you can. I love looking at others and seeing what they have. It helps me pick my next goal. I know that if they can do it; I can do it. You can too.

Yes, it will be hard. Stop complaining. It was hard for them also. Ask them to mentor you. I have four mentors and three coaches right not. Why? Because I have BIGGER VISION for my future and a mentor/coach can help me get there faster.

We live in the day an age where microwaves are slow. There is so much technology that allows us to have instantaneously many of the things we desire. You have to remember you are creating your world your life.

You have a dream. You have a desire. You have the ability to create what it is you want.  You just need to be patient and believe in yourself and your abilities. There are too many people thinking they should get to pass right to the harvest stage.

No, my friend. You have to prepare the field first. You have to get the seeds. You have to plant the seeds. You have to tend the ground and keep the weeds out. You have to wait for the seeds to germinate and grow. Then you get to harvest the fruit. You don’t get to have an idea and then harvest.

Step 1. Prepare the Field First – Consume books, clear your mind of negative thoughts, choose to believe you can do whatever you desire.

Step 2. Get the Seeds – Decide what it is you want to have, pick your desired outcome, get the details down.

Step 3. Plant the Seeds – You have to put the desired results in front of you every day, pictures, video, deep thinking, writing it in story form.

Step 4. Keep the Weeds Out – You need to continue to think positive thoughts about your future and get rid of all the negative. What kinds of things do you listen to, watch, talk about? Be very careful what you put into your marvelous mind.

Step 5. Gestation Period – The time it takes for your BIGGER VISION to show up. The more you follow the steps the better you get at creating. Each person has their own timeframe they will need to follow. Hang in there and don’t get discouraged. It will happen. Study Bamboo.

Step 6. Harvest – The fun part. The one everyone wants. The one most people want to skip to. However, there is no skipping. You must follow all the steps.

Now, the only question left is what to you want to harvest? Whatever you want to harvest, you must plant.

I know some people get their harvest from other people’s labor. However, that means you are dependent on others for the rest of your life. It may look like freedom on the surface but in reality, it is the worst kind of servitude.

When you get things handed to you from another person, that person can decide to take them away at any time. You are at their mercy. Nobody wants to carry the entire load forever. You must do your part.

Stop being a pansy. Step up and take care of yourself to the best of your ability. Guess what? You are capable of more than you think you are. You can do hard things. You’ll thank me when you’re harvesting.

30 Jan 2017

How Far Will It Go?

Last week when I offered my eBook for $0.99 there was a enormous jump on the best seller list. My book went from 300,000 to 2,000. While landing at #7 on the Amazon best seller list.

That is why I am doing it again this week. I want to see how high up the list we can get. The higher we get the more people see it. God is the reason I was able to write this book. He is the reason so many are finding hope and help.

Will you help us push this out to everyone you know? Please take a moment and bless others with this incredible heartfelt empowerment message. Copy the email; put it on all the social media you belong to. Together we can help end the cycle of hurt people hurting people.

Get your copy today at

eBook Bully Proofing You offered for $0.99

I was a high school teacher for 17 years and I am the parent of 4 wonderful children ranging in age from 18 to 32. I saw firsthand the devastation that can come from being bullied. I’ve lived through the bullying cycle personally, and it is my mission to help empower as many people as possible to end the scourge.

I never want to hear about another person taking their life, or the life of someone else, because of bullying. That is a price our world can no longer pay. Something had to be done. I feel I was called to help stand in the breach and end the loss.

My book is designed to help you overcome your fear, doubt, and insecurities so you can live a genuinely happy life.

For the week of January 16 -22 you can get my eBook for $0.99! That is a 90% savings to you. I’m also offering the digital workbook absolutely FREE. All you have to do is send an email, with the word “Workbook” in the subject line, to to receive your digital copy of the workbook.

Here is what a few people are saying about Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out. ( 5-star book reviews.)

 Bullies beware! Help us here, December 17, 2016


Alan McKenney

This review is from: Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence And Personal Value From The Inside Out (Paperback)

” As a fan of motivation/success and self help books, I can recommend ” Bully Proofing You ” as one of the better books in the genre. I wasn’t familiar with the author but hope she writes more as this book is a game changer. I realized many of my own strengths and weaknesses and with Jeanie’s help, was able to direct my efforts to more productive issues. Whether you’re trying to improve yourself, your business, your parenting or spouse skills, the simple road map laid out in this excellent book will put you on the path to a happier life. I plan to re-read this book often as it is relevant on an ongoing basis. ”

Get your copy today at

Thank you for helping me help others.

Have an incredible day,

10 Jan 2017

Exposing The Myth Within Bullying That Can Be Fatal

The myth that you can tell if someone is being bullied by looking at them is just that a myth. The reality is you can’t. The problem caused by the myth creates a blind spot that can be fatal. Too often in the media you hear friends, parents, and school officials saying, “We had no idea they were being bullied.”

That is exactly what happened to China Howard and her family. This is just one of many such stories that break my heart every time I hear about them. I knew something had to be done. As a parent, myself, I would do anything to keep my children safe.

That is why it is important to learn the warning signs related to bullying. As a former high school educator, I spent a great deal of time helping students overcome the effects of bullying. There are specific things you can look and listen for to help protect yourself and your family.

Step 1 to making sure you are bully proof is to make sure you have a high personal value. A high personal value means that you value yourself. It means you know that you are special. That you are loved. That you are needed in this time a space.

When you value yourself, your value of others goes up. Think about the physical things you value. Do you know right where they are? Are they well taken care of? Do you keep them clean? I bet you do. The more you value something the more respect you give it.

If you’re like me, you have a junk drawer where all the little low value things are thrown. The things that are easy to replace. My question to you is, do you treat your life like it is in the junk drawer? I hope not. You are priceless. There is no one else like you.

Start treating yourself with respect and love. The more you respect yourself the more you can respect others. Every life is valuable. Every life is needed. Every life has the right to be lived to its fullest potential.

Step 2 is to take action on your personal value.  Take action to treat yourself with respect. Say nice things to yourself. Dress up if you can. Take care of yourself by keeping yourself clean and drug free. Take time for a bubble bath if you enjoy them. Spend time being creative or on other hobbies that bring you pleasure.

I like to color and it is a great way to enjoy some time pampering myself. It is how I celebrate some of my wins for the day when I get my to do list done. I choose to shower and use nice smelling lotion because I have a very sensitive nose. It also lets me know that I am worth the time it takes to do the things I like.

Step 3 is help others. When you help others, you help yourself. If you are feeling down, talk to a friend about how you can help them. If you are having a hard time feeling like you belong, help someone by doing something for them. You can also do something for your community. You can pick up trash or paint over graffiti.

I live in Utah and we just had a bunch of snow. When I went out to shovel my driveway and sidewalk, I also did four of my neighbors. I know it helped them out and I got my exercise for the day. When I was done, I looked over the hard work I had done and felt proud of myself and my neighborhood.

You make the decision about how your life will play out. What happens to you doesn’t matter as much as your reaction to it. Bad things happen to good people and bad decisions can always be followed by good ones.

The next time you find yourself in a difficult position realize you are worthy of the test you are currently facing. Life happens for you not to you is something I am constantly reminding myself of. Whatever you are currently facing, I just want you to know you got this. You can do hard things. You are needed in this time and space.

My mission is to help end the trauma caused by bullies wither they be outside you or between your ears.

21 Dec 2016

Let It Go!

I know now the song is stuck in your head. Believe me I wouldn’t do it without a very good reason.

I’ve learning some very important letting go techniques these past two months. Some people call them release techniques. I don’ think it matters what you call them as long as you do them.

One technique I use it called The Truth The Lies. It was taught to me by Kirk Duncan of 3-Key Elements.

  1. You take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center.
  2. The left side is labeled The Truth.
  3. Label the right side The Lies.
  4. Start with the right side.
  5. Write down up to 10 NEGATIVE thoughts you’ve had about yourself today.
  6. Be honest! No one will see these lies but you. The more honest you are, the better you will feel when you finally get to burn, shred, flush them.
  7. After the 10 negative things, write out why “I feel weak when I read the lies because …”
  8. Go to the left side of the paper.
  9. Now, write The Truth. Write the POSITIVE OPPOSITE of each lie and then add a POSTIVIE compliment about your physical appearance.
  10. After the 10 POSITIVE things, write out why “I feel strong when I read my truths because…”
  11. Tear the paper in half on the line you drew down the center.
  12. Keep the left side.
  13. Shred, Burn, Crush, Throw Away OUTSIDE whatever but get rid of the right side. It is never to been seen again by you or anyone else.

You need to get a hold of those bullying comments you say to yourself every day. You need to get them out of you. You need to get them away from you as well but you don’t want to give them to someone else. That is why you destroy them. It also feels really good.

You get a hold, get it out, and get it away. Do this every day and you are building your Bully Proofing You muscle.

Let your children see you do this so you can invite them to try it as well. If they like learning new things, you can go ahead and just teach them what you have learned.

Pretty soon your entire home will be bully proof.

Thanks again for spending time with me today.

Take care and live bully free,

06 Dec 2016

I Missed You

I spent last month reading your letters and notes of encouragement. Thank you so much for sending them to me over the past few years

My mother passed away one month ago, today. That is part of the reason I have been gone for the past few weeks. The day before my mother passed my daughter was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at American Fork Hospital. She was there for three days then she came home to live with me and recover.

She is doing better now and we had very nice weather for my mom’s funeral. I learned something very powerful during this time. I learned that life is short and I need to live every day. I never know when it might end.

I also realized that many people are not living their best life. They think they will start tomorrow. I ask you, what if tomorrow never comes? You need to start now. RIGHT NOW!

To honor my mother and all she was to me, mother, mentor, coach, and as one of the most influential people in my life as a business women and person; I have put together a program to help you take your life to the next level.

My program Bigger Vision Mentoring/Coaching will help you live your purpose and create a bigger vision for you and your family. It is time to stop wishing things were different and start taking action to make it different.

I want to help you. Let me help you.

Respond to this post by saying “YES” to your Bigger Vision Life and I will give you a special discount. I give you this special price not because you don’t value this life changing program at full price, but because I want to get past your fear of investing in yourself.

Thank you for spending time with me again today.

Have a blessed and happy day,

05 Oct 2016

I Hear Voices

I have all kinds of voices in my head. I wasn’t aware of them until recently. I mean I wasn’t aware of them as being helpful or hurtful. I just thought they were my voice telling me about my life. I don’t think they are anymore.

I could give them names but I’m not sure society likes that. I have one that is mean and says very mean things. I have one that loves me and lifts me up. There’s one that tells me what I should be doing. The one that says, “Buy it. It’s on sale.” And “You want chocolate.” My daughters first sentence was, “Mama likes free and on sale.” She was right. I still do.

The other day I was standing in my closet looking at the cloths I had bought on sale. Most of them I had worn two or three times. I asked myself, “Why? That’s a $90 shirt; I got it for $10. Why don’t I ware it all the time?” I realized I bought it Because it was on sale NOT because I loved it.

I decided to bless others with the cloths I had not worn in a while. If I hadn’t put it on in the last year, it was going to someone else. I like to think I blessed some really cool people with my donations.

I made a new decision that day. I decided on a budget. Okay, I had a budget and I decided to follow it.

I needed a new purse. Really, I did. Even my husband said I needed a new purse. So, my daughter and I went shopping. We went to the new outlet mall by my home. I didn’t want to impulse buy; so, when I found a purse that fit my budget but I wasn’t crazy about, I asked them to hold it. As I was leaving the store, I saw one I really liked but it didn’t have the sale sticker on it.

Erin and I continued to look around the mall. When we walked in to the Michael Kors store, I knew I had found what I wanted. A real leather purse! I could smell the leather when I walked in. I use to look at handbags and wonder if they were leather or not. Now, I know how to tell; the smell. The one I wanted was outside my budget so I made a decision. I told my little voice to shut up I was in control of my life.

I decided to go back to Clarks, get the one I had seen, and save the money for the Michael Kors bag.

When I walked back into the Clarks store, the really cute one was still in the window. I looked at the tag again. If it was 20% like the other ones it was within my budget. I told the salesperson they were holding a purse for me but I wanted to see how much this one was. Was it on sale too?

He took the purse from me and price checked it. Guess what? It was the same price as the first one I had picked but didn’t really like. I was so excited I started doing the Snoopy Dance right there. Yup, that’s the reaction I got too. I didn’t care. Erin joined me. She’s use to it. He started smiling       and laughing. I love impacting people with positive vibes. Yes, it did take a few times to overcome that voice that said I would look like a crazy person. However, I’m so glad I love my life and let others know it.

As I was getting ready to pay, the sales person asked me if I would donate a $1 to a charity. He said they would take a dollar off if I did so it wouldn’t increase my cost. I told him I would donate $5 and he didn’t have to take $5 off the price. He was shocked. I felt so abundant in that moment. I gave to others and was still within my budget.

I give 10% of my income to my church every month. This time it was different. I saw how he reacted. He was so excited he started doing the Snoopy Dance. I love my life.

I now know the voices inside my head are under my control. I decide which ones to listen to. I decide which ones to give time to. I choose to listen to the positive, loving, kind voices. You can too.

Be very careful what you allow in your proximity because it gets into your mind and lives there. It will run your life.

Today become aware of the voices in your head and decide which ones you will listen to. It just might change the world.