Shero’s Gala

Shero’s Gala

Yes, you!

I want to personally invite you to something special. This is a project from my heart, which is why I’m reaching out to your directly, to extend you a personal invitation! I’d love you to join me for a special, free, Virtual Gala this Thursday evening.

It’s called, “RAISE THE ROOF: A Night to Inspire!” Presented by my dear friend’s nonprofit, SHEROES United, they’ve put together the most extraordinary night you can watch from the comfort of your home!

I’m pleased to announce, that Kechi Okwuchi, is our Keynote Speaker and Singer! Kechi will be sharing her remarkable story of overcoming a deadly plane crash, where she was one of only two survivors (out of 120). She sustained burns over 65% of her body – and yet “she rose” to stand against bullies, hatred and self-doubt to become an award-winning singer on American’s Got Talent, a TEDx speaker, and beloved American icon of deep beauty and resilience.

Her team reached out to other motivational musicians: Christian Rapper Chris James, known as 5ive, David Archuleta & Paul Cardall, as well as Hillary Weeks!

I’m personally stoked to share my friend and comedian Jason Hewlett. You’ll also never forget the inspiring stories of Lance Schiffman, Sarah Finkelstein, Allicia Johnson and yours truly. You will also hear, firsthand, from a brave survivor of human trafficking as she comes on to share her story.

So, what is this night all about?

First, to bring hope to what has been for many, a dark and dreary world. People are ready for spring, ready for hope, ready to be awake and to be inspired! Bridget’s organization is one that DARES to change the world through love. DARE to us = Dignity. Action. Respect. & Education.

Second, your participation helps us in our work to help women and families rise beyond trauma and victimization into victory! Your support helps us to abolish human trafficking, eradicate domestic violence, and support women vets and 1st responders all overcome very real trauma and RISE. Our programs have been successfully utilized in prisons, with refugees, in domestic violence shelters, and with survivors of human trafficking. We create a way for them to create self-mastery and rise as leaders. How? What we have discovered is that when we are needed, we rise.

If you have the desire to know more of what we’re about, please join me during this free, livestreamed event! Thursday, May 20 from 7-8:30pm @SHEROES United Facebook Page, or online at

I’m so excited to have you with me. You’ll be able to witness my heart in motion.

I do have one favor to ask. I need you, and your influence.

Do you know someone who has been struggling and who might deeply need this night to be inspired? I’d love it if you asked them to join you. At some time in each of our lives, just knowing someone cares enough to invite us and can make all the difference in the world.

Also, feel free to share on your social media if you are inspired? My team and I can use all the help we can get, and we would be honored if you help more people know.

#RaiseTheRoof #SHEROESUnited #ANightToInspire #DARE #DoubleDogDARE

#AbolishTrafficking #EradicateDV #SupportWomenWarriors #WW1R

Warm hugs of love, excitement and gratitude for you!
Have a blessed day and I look forward to seeing you there.

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