A Pileup In Your Mind

A Pileup In Your Mind

Hurt people hurt people and there is a great deal of pain flying around our communities right now. Do you get overwhelmed with wanting to help but don’t know how?

It starts with healing; because, healed people heal people. It’s time to tame the bully inside of you so you can tame the external ones.

Healing your life starts with your thoughts. Bad thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and images bombard you all day long if you don’t shut them off. I know I can hear you say, “But, Jeanie, I need to know what is happening on earth.” Don’t worry. You will. You can’t escape it.

We haven’t had a TV or a newspaper in our home since 2007 and we still know what is going on with the planet. The difference is I’m not controlled by the catastrophic news. I’m not running around living in fear because all I can think about is the horror that is going on in our world.

It’s hard to think of hope when so many around you are hopeless. It takes discipline and strong mental muscles to hold to your inspired course. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” What if you were the person to change humanity? You can you know. It starts with your thoughts.

Guard your views with a tenacity you have not experienced before. When others around you are spewing hate and discord, you hold thoughts of love and harmony. It’s going to take practice and belief that you can make a difference.

Just like a single step does not create a path in the forest so to a single thought does not create a strong neural pathway in the mind. Most people have a few bent blades of grass on the trail to higher thinking and a six-lane highway to the negative judgments. It’s going to take some time to overcome the lure of that quick easy thought process you have traveled so many times.

You need to build a new lane of travel and it starts by thinking kind loving thoughts. The more times you drive your thoughts to be considerate of others the stronger and deeper the new route becomes. I invite you to start creating improved higher-level thoughts.

Many people like to play the blame game. That is where individuals look at their current circumstances and blame it on others. “I hate my life. If I had a different spouse, things would be better.” “My job sucks. I got to get a different boss.” “My house is falling down and my kids hate me. I’m out of here.”

The environment is not the problem. Your thoughts are.

I didn’t say it would be easy. I’m just saying it will be worth it. What if, you could have the loving supportive relationships you have always wanted? What if, you woke up in the morning excited to get out of bed and on your way to another exciting day of work? What if, your children ran to you when you came home for hugs and a story simply because they loved spending time with you?

It can happen. It has happened to thousands of people. You could be next.

Do you want things to change? Desire is the first step to change. You need to have a yearning for something different than what you currently have.

Take a moment right now and write down what you want. Do it now. Take the first step.

I ask my personal mentoring clients to do this. It surprises me how many people can’t tell me what they want. They only know what they don’t want. Guess what, that’s the highway to negativity. It’s time to get off that toll road. The cost is just too high.

Now that you know what you want, spend time each day focusing on it. Drive your thought vehicle down this desired side road. It might be a bit bumpy. You might have to cut some brush and fight your way through a few times because you haven’t been here before or it’s been a long time.

It’s time to get your positive inspirations off the super highway of negative thinking where they can be derailed. Don’t let your dreams end up in a fifty-thought pileup on the thoroughfare of life. Blaze a new route. Keep thinking about what is right and good and you will find more of it.

Let your light shine for others to follow. Show them how to navigate the terrors of the night by focusing on what is right with the world. Let’s be the change that is so desperately needed. Let’s build a super highway of positivity.

The steps to removing the negative traffic snarl in your mind are:

  1. Write out what you want. Within the next 24 hours get something you want on paper. Then over the next few weeks flesh it out. You can add color to it. What will it taste like when you have that dream? Add how it will feel emotionally and physically. Get the details in there. Make it come alive. Enjoy the process.
  2. Read it. Look at what you have written every day. I have pictures and stickie notes all over my house so I can be reminded of my improved story and focus on it many times as I go about my life. I walk the new path in my mind so I can have a mega road to my dreams.
  3. Believe it is coming to you. Act as if you have what it is you want. Before I had a Porsche, I had a Nissan Altima. I realized that we weren’t treating our current vehicle like we should. I wanted to bring a high-end vehicle into my life and I didn’t want it to smell like french-fries or have ketchup spilled on the seats so we stopped eating in the Altima. We created the habit of better car care before we got the fresh new vehicle. I believed so I could receive.

Three simple steps that change your world.

Thanks for spending time with me today.

May you always be blessed.

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