Aren’t You Glad I Don’t Believe That?

Aren’t You Glad I Don’t Believe That?

Aren’t You Glad I Don’t Believe That?

Those words spoken to a loved one in crisis about being called a name are priceless. I want you to use them the next time you are tempted to launch into a lecture about how what was said was not true. Let me explain.

“Mom, Timmy just called me the ugliest person he’s ever seen,” said my young daughter.

“Aren’t you glad I don’t believe that?” I said back. (I had learned this phrase from Jim Faye and Foster Cline at The Love and Logic Institute in Colorado This was the first time I had used it. It was hard for me to not follow protocol and spend the next 10-15 minutes explaining how she was beautiful. I saw a look of surprise cross her face and then a smile as she walked away. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe it worked. Those seven words changed both our lives. I still use them and my children use them on me. They work every time. I am transported to a supportive loving home with people that believe in me, and I know they are as well.

This little skill can become a habit that will help bully proof you and your kids from the inside out for a life time. It lets you know that people have opinions, but you don’t have to buy into them. Use this powerful statement the next time you are faced with negative comments. Teach them to your loved ones and feel your future change. Watch everyday as action is taken to make life better. Hear the words that are used to empower and give thanks that you were handed a very useful tool that is so easy to implement. Now pass it on to someone else.

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