Author: Jeanie Cisco Meth

15 Oct 2020

Two Weeks in Alaska

Driving along a high mountain pass the views are amazing. Every turn in the road is another reason to gasp in awe. As we were traveling along one such road, I thought about the drop to the canyon floor and was grateful for the guardrail. The guardrail is there to keep me save. It’s there to prevent me from crashing all the way down a gorge. It’s a built in safety mechanism the engineers put there because they wanted to save lives.

I want to be your guardrail.

Our world has changed and it’s not going back to what it was before. That can be frightening or exciting depending on what you’re looking at.

How are these changes affecting you? What do you find yourself looking at throughout the day? Whatever you focus on gets bigger but in that moment of fear it can be hard to look at something else and you just might fun off the road to the future you were creating.

How you are doing. It’s been awhile since we connected.

There is a great deal of fear and confusion in our world right now and many people are affected.

I’m offering to be your guardrail. I’m here to help because I know you or someone you love might be needing it.

Do you need some tools for handling emotions and massive change?

I have some time in my schedule that I want to make available to you. I want to help you stay on track.

Use the link to schedule your powerful session with me.

It is my FREE gift to you or a family member.

I can help you Tame the Bully Between Your Ears so you can have your best year yet.

15 Jul 2020

Shift Your Focus Change Your Life

In my podcast today, I reveal how to change your focus thereby changing your life. Easy to say much harder to do.

With all the chaos and fear flying around, you need to arm yourself to protect the sacred ground of your mind. If you don’t protect it, you will be overrun with out of control thoughts, anxiety, fear, and loss of hope.

I want to help you are yourself. Here is how I protect my mind.

Step 1. What am I focusing on?
I don’t experience life. I experience what I focus on.
Human nature is to focus on the things that harm, hurt, or impair me. So many times, the temptation is to focus on the life I have created in my head which is usually the worse possible scenario.
What you focus on creates a feeling. Focus = Feeling.

Step 2. What does “it” mean?
“It” being the feeling I have created by what I’m focusing on.
The quality of my life equals the quality of my emotions.
Nothing has meaning except the meaning I give it. How can I change the meaning this current experience has so I can change my experience?

Step 3. What am I going to do with what I am experiencing?
What do I have control over?
My life is controlled by my emotions. I control my emotions by what I focus on.

Thoughts -> Meaning -> Feelings -> Actions -> Habits -> Lifestyle -> Destiny

What experiences do you need to revisit so you can upgrade your thoughts? If you want something new, you must do something new? Since thoughts and meaning are at the beginning of the equation, I suggest you start there.

You do have the power to change your world.

May you be blessed as you start to do things differently,

14 Jun 2020

I’m Colorblind

One of the gifts my parents gave me was the ability to focus on people not color.

God made humans. The Tower of Babble and man’s desire for creating his own salvation is what lead to racism. In the Garden of Eden, there was Adam and Eve and they were without race. However, they had everything in them to genetically create all of us.

How can you ask for equality while defining it by race? That’s racism. When the color of a person’s skin defines who they are, no matter what color it is, that is discrimination. When you ask for something just because of the color of your skin, that is bigotry.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…” That day has still not come. I look forward to it with longing in my heart and a drive in my body to do something to help create it’s coming.

I know that blessed day will not happen until we as a world no longer see in color but through the filter of God’s love and mercy for us. I am not here to judge, even though I do. I am not here to condemn. That is not my place. My place is to be and do the best I can knowing all along that it is not good enough.

I was born into sin but by the grace of God I will not die in it. Our God is a just God. Always!

Do you really want justice? Then remember that God is always just the next time you find yourself doing something you know you shouldn’t be. Guard even your thoughts because even thinking unclean or harmful thoughts are a sin and are punishable by death.

Show others mercy just as you have been shown mercy. Give others affection as you have been given adoration. Help, don’t hurt. Love, don’t hate and that dream of a better world will become our reality.

Thank you for joining me again today.

May you be blessed.

02 Jun 2020

What Are You Looking At?

Awww Summer. I enjoy the heat, the sunshine, the smell of fresh cut grass, soaking in the pool, the smell of bar-b-ques. The list is long as I’m sure your list for your favorite season is as well.

What are some of your favorite things? Have you enjoyed them lately? You should. It will help you navigate difficult times.

One of my clients now understands this concept at a much deeper level. She commented that when she takes care of herself and fills up her cup, so to speak, she is able to love more and that love has made all the difference in her relationships.

When you have negative voices in your head, it is really easy to let them spill over onto others. When you’re focused on the blessings you have, you let that splash over as well. It’s all about the choice you are making about where to point your attention.

It’s easy to get caught up in the current media climate of fear and violence. It’s everywhere. Guess what? So is joy and happiness. So is abundance and love. You will always find what you’re looking for. Sometimes you have to move a few things out of your way; because, what you want is there waiting for you.

I opened the door to my refrigerator this morning and said this has got to change. It was so full of left overs it took some moving around of things I didn’t want to find what I wanted. That’s true of life as well.

You might have to dig to find the gold. Only in fairy tales is it sitting on top of the ground.

What do you need to move in your life? What are you choosing to focus on?

My husband saw a post on Facebook yesterday in which a person said they couldn’t think of a way to make a change without violence. I thought of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Jesus Christ and many more.

There are examples of a better way than we are currently seeing in mainstream media. The problem is it might take some digging to find it. The tricky part is it might take moving things out of the way so you can enjoy something better.

There is always a way to find what you’re looking for. Human nature is to find the bad and the scary. Our brains are tasked with keeping us alive so they point out the big ugly hairy monsters.

You, my friend, are better than that. You are an upgrade to this world. You know how to make things better. You have an idea you know would improve the lives of so many. You have just let your little voice talk you out of the business of creating it and getting it to the world.

It’s time to Tame the Bully Between Your Ears and go make your dreams and those of others come true. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be challenging? Yes. Will it be worth it? YES!!!!!!!!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

I invite you to start today. Look for all the good around you and bask in it. Then go share it with someone else.

We’ll all be glad you did.

28 May 2020

Watch Your TV

Tony Robbins told me to watch my TV.

“I don’t have a TV.” I replied

“Yes, you do.” Said Tony pointedly.

“Okay. We do have one in the basement that we watch movies on but it’s not regular TV.” I stated haltingly. I felt judged because I don’t promote TV watching and I think it can be a major time suck. Now, here is the powerhouse highly influential man telling me to watch TV.

Have I been wrong? I thought to myself.

“You’re thinking of the wrong TV. I’m talking about transformation vocabulary.” Explained Tony

“Oooh!” I said in a singsong voice because I had no idea what he was talking about but I didn’t want him to know I didn’t know.

Transformational vocabulary is the language you use on a daily basis to create your life experiences.

Right now, in this moment I feel blessed. I have food in my tummy. I have a husband and kids who love, respect, and listen to me. I live in a beautiful home with a great view of Utah Valley. My doTERRA business is growing and it allows me to serve people at a higher level. I’m in great health. Laurence and I get up at 0500 and go for a three mile walk and then we go to Vasa and lift weights at 1700. I’m getting stronger and faster everyday as I sculpt my body into the shape I want it to be.

Right now, in this moment my life sucks. I didn’t like my last meal because it had things in it I don’t like to eat. My husband and kids ignore me and don’t listen to my advice. My home sits on a hill and we need a new retaining wall that is going to cost about $20,000 – $25,000. I’m 20 lbs. overweight and I can’t bend over to tie my shoes.

Both of these stories are true. The powerful question is which one do I want more of; the first description or the second?

What about you?

I invite you to check out your TV today and listen to what you are creating in your life.

Find out more in my podcast.

22 Apr 2020

It Happened At Einstein”s

Monday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week. I have a standing breakfast appointment with my 21-year-old son. I really enjoy my time with him.

Social distancing has made it a bit harder to go out to eat but we still manage from time to time.

Yesterday, we went to Einstein’s Bagels. I went in to order because their phone wasn’t working.

Both of the workers were wearing masks. The lady behind the counter had a home-made version that was slightly thicker and it muffled her words.

When we were approaching the end of our transaction together, I noticed I was getting frustrated.

I took a deep breath, relaxed my mind, and asked myself, “Why?” I’m very happy to report that my frustration didn’t spill over onto her.

As I was leaving the store, the answer came to me. She moved away from me as I approached her. She didn’t want me to use the pen in the pen holder. She didn’t smile at me and I realized she was scared of me.

Okay, not me specifically, anyone that might be a carrier of Coronavirus. She is living in her Limbic brain.

Once I realized it wasn’t me, my frustration abated and I felt better.

Then I thought, “How many people are feeling like I was but haven’t been able to understand why?”

So, I recorded my podcast with that in mind today. Check it out here. It’s about 20 minutes of me learning and sharing a deeper dive into what I learned.

02 Feb 2020

Health Challenges

These past two months have been hard for me both physically and mentally. Thank goodness for tools that assist me in the healing process. I am doing so much better.

I would like to share the podcast I recorded this morning with you.

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. I’m still not 100% but I’m absolutely on the way.

Let me know how I can be of service to you.

27 Nov 2019

The Success Loop

I wanted to share The Success Loop with you. I learned it from my mentor Dean Graziosi. It has had a profound impact on me and my business.

I think it would take to long for me to write it all out so I’m giving you the link to my podcast training on it.

Let me know how you use the Success Loop and the difference it has made in your life.

Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving,

24 Oct 2019

Something’s Wrong With My Baby

At ten months old, I was admitted to Magic Valley Memorial Hospital in Twin Falls, ID just days after Dr. John McKain said with a slow, lazy smile to my mother, “I think you’re just being a nervous mom, but we’ll check it out.” Every time I was laid on my left side or back, I cried and turned blue.

He took me in his arms and walked me back to the x-ray department. I like to think he chuckled and talked to me. I imagine him saying, “You cute little thing. I bet you’re spoiled, aren’t you? You just like to be held and cuddled. That’s all well and good until you have to grow up. It’s better to just let you cry. It develops your lung capacity.”

He laid me on the cold, hard table on my back so they could get a clear shot of my chest cavity. I started crying, then I started turning blue.

When the x-ray was read, a Malignant Mesenchymosarcoma, one of the rarest forms of cancer, was discovered. A mushroom shaped growth was on the inside of my left rib cage, advancing toward my lungs, diminishing my capacity to breathe. When I sat up or lay on my right side, my lungs would fall away from the cancer and I could get the breath I needed to sustain my life.

Babies are very good at asking for what they need, but the problem is all they know how to do is cry. When I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs, I just hollered, which caused even more problems because I had less air. However, it also brought someone to pick me up, thereby restoring my lung capacity, air flow, and happiness. A happy baby creates more happiness.

They admitted me to the hospital, cut me from my sternum to my spine, and removed the cancer. Then they put a mesh in to give my ribs more stability and structure. I had to have follow up visits with the medical personnel to make sure I was healing, growing, and prospering in the best way possible.

The doctor asked my mom if they could share my medical records with others around the world, informing her that my case’s information would help save the lives of other infants.

Taming the Bully Between Your Ears is in many ways like that surgery. Not unlike my rare cancer, we all have a bully that lives in our heads and stops us from reaching our full capacity. We have settled for less than greatness. Many have given up, and some just complain. Others paint themselves blue because they don’t want to be part of the human race, so they dress up and pretend to be superheroes, aliens, and animals. Some have gone silent. Some die.

The problem is we have been conditioned by society that all of these tragedies are okay. We have learned to accept mediocrity and pain. We are suffering the effects of a bully cancer. Recent studies have shown that 80% of Americans don’t like their job. Divorce is so common that finding someone who hasn’t been through at least one is almost impossible. Suicide is on the rise in epidemic proportions everywhere. It strikes all ages, genders, and socioeconomic groups.

Our internalized bullies are stealing our dreams and lives. I will help you cut the bully cancer out. I can provide you with the help and support you need so you can reach your full capacity. My program will tell you what to put into your marvelous mind so you can heal, grow, and create your dream life.

You can then share your story with others. You can save lives with your experiences. You can uplift and empower all because you didn’t let the nasty little voice in your head stop you. Others may slow you down, but only you can stop you permanently.

It’s time to Tame the Bully Between Your Ears. It’s time to stop accepting things as they are and be the change in the world for others to learn from. Change is great. It happens anyway, so you might as well use it to make things better. Stop watching made-up characters on TV and in the movies and become your own best friend and superhero.

Everyone has potential, but. my question to you is, what are you doing with yours? It’s time to learn from your past and create your future. Just getting by is not good enough for you, your family, or your friends. To change the world one person at a time, you must start with yourself, then reach back and help others.

Let your dreams pull you into your future. Let your vision empower you.

It is much easier to help someone with a hand up than to try and push or carry them.

I invite you to shine.

I invite you to Tame the Bully Between Your Ears and go forth like you never have before.

Join me and the thousands of others that are changing our world by managing our thoughts.

22 Sep 2019

Was It A Bully Hummingbird?

Have you ever seen a hummingbird with scarcity thinking? I have or at least I think I have. I don’t really speak hummingbird so I could be wrong.

The other morning, I was relaxing in my hot tub which is located in my back yard enjoying the incredible sunrise. It’s so peaceful which allows my creative juices to flow.

I had just finished my third book and sent it to the editors so it was celebration, contemplation time.

I heard the faint sound of whirring wings and looked over at the hummingbird feeders. A tiny female was enjoying a sugary breakfast. All of a sudden, I saw a flash of movement as another hummingbird raced onto the seen with crazy chittering and chased the first bird off.

I expected the second hummingbird to return to the feeder to drink. She didn’t.

I thought, she’s a bully. It seemed to fit. I’m just saying.

The bully hummingbird proceeded to chase and challenge. Never getting anything herself. I started thinking.

I applied my usual question to her; “Why would a reasonable rational person (hummingbird in this case) behave this way?”

I applied my years of expertise working with people to help them bully proof themselves. I realized, if she was human, she just might be thinking, “There’s not enough! I have to get mine first or there won’t be any for me.” So, she acted on that belief. She chased and bullied others thinking it would help her.

I never did see her get a drink. The other hummingbirds did. They would come back and drink as she was chasing someone else. Getting what they could until she rapidly returned to start the chase all over again.

There are so many teaching points I could identify here but I want to share just three.

  1. Hurt people hurt people or in this case hummingbirds. When we focus on limiting beliefs, we become more limited. We are more likely to lash out and try to grab what we think is our fair share. Never thinking of the consequences of our actions because the pain and fear is overwhelming and when emotion is high intelligence is low. Even for hummingbirds it would seem.
  2. When I try to control others, I lose control of myself. I chase all over draining and depleting my resources. Without resources, my business dies. I die. I’m in business to help and serve others and if I let that die, I’m doing them a disservice. I need to apply my assets to expanding so I can assist more people.
  3. Others are watching. The world is full of cameras and eyes and you never know who you’re going to see or who is going to see you. One act of bad behavior due to your emotional cup being full and overflowing can cost you everything.

The world is full of emotional people behaving badly and they’re not just hurting themselves but many others around them. There is hope. Managing your emotions is easy once you learn how. It’s not your fault. You might never have learned how to do it or maybe you knew how at one point but forgot about it. Emotional management is needed daily. Just like going to the gym. It’s not a one and done kind of thing.

The best why I have found to manage my emotions is to deal with them as they happen or during scheduled time. I use a tool I like to call write and burn.

Step 1. Grab a piece of paper.

Step 2. Divide it down the middle.

Step 3. Put I feel __________ because … on the left side. Fill in the blank with the negative emotion you are feeling.

Step 4. Write out why you feel angry, sad, depressed, frustrated, disappointed, crunchy, ticked off, embarrassed, hurt, etc. whatever it was you wrote in the blank.

Step 5. Tear it off and burn it, shred it, just get rid of it. My preference is burning. I like watching it burn up and turn to ash. Audible sigh of contentment here.

Step 6. On the other half of the paper begin with I feel __________ because … and now write out all of your positive feelings. Some examples are grateful, happy, excited, joyful, loved, special, strong, sexy, contented, etc.

Step 7. Keep the right side.

Step 8. Read it often. I keep them for a week so I’m reading seven positive lists at a time.

I use this tool to help me deal with my negative emotions appropriately so I don’t allow my pain to overflow on others. If more people were emptying their emotional cups more often, we wouldn’t have so many outbreaks of violence.

I invite you to start using this tool to improve and upgrade your life. I know you’ll love it so much you’ll want to share it with others. Please do.

Let’s change the world. Together we are strong. Please stand with me in managing your emotions so we can leave the world a little better every day.

Have a blessed day my friends.

28 Jul 2019

Black Lives Don’t Matter More

It’s not about the color of the skin. It’s not about the color of our hair. It’s about the heart. It’s about our soul.

One life does not matter more than another. All lives matter. Weather it’s young or old, black or white, male or female. We all matter. We all have a purpose.

It’s about making the world a better place. It’s about the fact that hurt people hurt people and we need to start the healing.

It’s about a hand up not a hand out. Let’s uplift and empower each other. It’s about bringing love and acceptance to all.

The next time you walk into a room let your smile lead the way. My wish for you is that people will say, “I like me best when I’m with you.” Give your love. Give your time.

The next time you walk past some trash on the ground pick it up and throw it away in a trash receptacle.

The next time you walk by a person smile and give them words of encouragement. Lift them up.

At work, do what needs to be done not just the minimum you can and still get paid. Look around and see how you can improve things. Give from your heart not your wallet.

Hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people. We must start the healing now or our world will explode in violence, abuse, shame, guilt, and fear will rule our lives instead of love, honor, and peace.

We need to be the change we wish to see in the world. Stewardship starts with us.

I invite you to tame your inner bully so we can tame the outer ones and help the world heal.

Have a blessed day,

19 Jun 2019

How Clouds Changed My Perspective

It’s great to be with you again My Friend,

Have you ever been cast into darkness when you didn’t expect it? Yeah, Me too.

These last few days I have had the privilege of waking up between 3:15 am and 4:00 am. I say privilege because I didn’t realize how much it would impact my days and my perspective.

You see that early in the morning you get to experience things you don’t at other times. Most people are still sleeping. It’s quiet, peaceful, and a great time for introspection and growth.

Yesterday we also had a full moon. As I set on my back porch gazing at it the past few days, I have gained a knowledge I want to share with you. (If you want to hear more about it, you can go to my podcast on iTunes and check it out. Or my website.)

With the light from the full moon shining down and a lamp, I was able to write in my journal. It was so calming and relaxing I was able to dive deep into my feelings and gain new insight. All of a sudden, I was plunged into darkness. The little flicker of light from my oil lamp was not enough for me to see.

I looked up and saw that clouds had floated between me and the moon blocking the light. Then it struck me. People are just like that.

Some people bring the light when they enter the room and others darkness. Which one are you?

I’m thinking you’re the kind of person that brings the light. Why because you seek out good things. You’re reading this positive and uplifting blog which means you search for powerful inspiration to guide and direct you. That means you bring the light.

I am willing to bet that people say, “I like being around you. I like me best when I’m with you.” You bring the light to others.

Thank you. Keep doing it. We need more light bearers. There are many dark places to put them in.

I invite you to let your light shine even brighter today and every day. I invite you to bring sunshine and happiness to your workplace, community, and home.

Just for today let’s light the world with love. We can do anything for a day. If you like how it makes you feel, I invite you to do it again tomorrow and maybe even the next day.

Remember who you are makes a difference. It could be positive or negative. You decide.

Now, go have an off the chart’s day my friend.