Beaver Valley Chevron

Beaver Valley Chevron

On my way back from Las Vegas Monday, I had the privilege of stopping at the Chevron in Beaver, UT. The one with Lilly Tomlin’s big rocking chair our front. Jed came out to pump my fuel. I didn’t think any stations still did that. He informed me that, “Dad is old school. We’ve been pumping everyone’s fuel for 35 years and we’ll keep doing as long as we can.”

Not only do they pump your fuel, but they also wash your window and check out your tires. The latter one is the part that might have saved my life. I knew my back tires were getting bald but hadn’t checked them for a few weeks. I believe the Lord timed my drive perfectly so I would stop there to fill up.

When I came out from using the restroom, Jed informed me that my tire was coming apart. It was so bad I told him my guardian angel was working overtime on that one. They had a new tire in stock and gave me a better deal than Costco in Lehi could so I got two.

As I was waiting in the DQ, I got a dilly bar and though of my dad and brother. When we were little, my dad would come home from work; load us up in our red wagon and walk down to the local DQ for a Dilly Bar. I enjoyed that Dilly Bar as I thought about having a blow out at 80 mph with the other back tire bald. I really enjoyed it!

God is so good. He knew what I needed and supplied it before I even asked. I’m so grateful I made it home safely.

Today and every day thank God for getting you were you want to go safely. If you get pissed when you don’t; be thankful when you do.

Thanks for joining me again today.

Have a paradigm shifting day and live limitless,

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