Because You Deserve It

Because You Deserve It

Everything you have, you deserve for one reason or another. Either you worked hard and earned it, or it was given you out of love. I believe there is a group of people that feels entitled to something just because they are alive and breathing. They feel because they have had a “hard time” they should be given things.

I don’t agree. Everything you’re entitled to you have already received. Your life, your mind, your heart, and your body were all given to you at birth. That is all you get for free in this life. It is up to you to create the life you desire. You have so far.

The life you are living right now you have created through your responses to the stimuli that have impacted you. If you want a different life, you have to react differently. When I was a teacher at Summit High School in Alpine School District, I would have students lament about their circumstances.

“Jeanie, why can’t I go home? I’ve been good and passed my drug tests. It’s not fair!” a student would ask of me.

“Timmy (the name is changed), how long have you been breaking the law? Not, when where you caught? Not, what did they charge you with? But, how long have you been breaking the law in your 16 years?” I would ask.

“Since I was ten or twelve” was the typical response. We would then have a discussion pertaining to the cost that must be paid.

“So, you’re telling me that you think your debt of four years is paid in three months? It doesn’t work that way. Everything in life has a price you must pay. You did things that were wrong. You hurt people. You made bad decisions, and now you think society should just write it off.”

I don’t think society should write it off. I think criminals should pay for their offense. I don’t know all the answers, but I think a great start would be having them work and earn their privileges.

We have some serious problems with our justice system, our welfare system, and our work standard for youth. How can we expect our young adults to become competent upstanding members of our communities if we don’t allow them to work, if we don’t require them to be responsible?

If you are a parent or an educator, you have to the ability to make some changes right now in your home and in your classroom. I know you want your children to have it easier than you did. I know you want to protect others from pain. That is part of being a caregiver.

The other part of being a caregiver is holding people accountable for their actions. Freedom is gained through responsibility, discipline, and accountability. It is harder to change a habit than it is to create the good habit to begin with. There is a cost for everything. You received your body and mind for free; however, it is up to you to take care of them.

Are you gaining some weight you feel you should lose? You need to pay the price and change your habits. You need to exercise more.

Do you smoke? Guess what? You will pay the price in lung cancer, medical bills, and death.

If you choose to not work and live off of government assistant, you won’t be going to Hawaii anytime soon.

What have your decisions and habits created for you? The life you are living right now. Instead of wishing things were different or trying to take from someone who has paid the price. You can take actions today that will change your trajectory to a better tomorrow.

What things are you going to change? Let me know.

Thanks for joining me again.

Have a wonderful day,

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