Bully Proofing You Is Going To Washington State

Bully Proofing You Is Going To Washington State

I am so excited to be going to Washington state next week to help students, parents, and schools become Bully Proof. I will be giving five different presentations. Your thoughts of support and love will be very much appreciated and felt.

We have decided to give away a training for the local veterans Legion 17. I had the inspiration today to invite you to be a part of it. Last year we did a buy one give one. We’re going to do it again. For each book purchased between now and April 11 I will give a book to the veterans and their family.

The number of veterans dying every day is astronomical.  According to a US Dept. of Veterans Affairs study that was released in 2013, there are 22 veterans committing suicide every day. They give so much to protect us and our way of live. They went where they were sent. They have done their duty. Let’s now support them in returning home and integrating back into society successfully. They need help Taming The Bully Between Their Ears.

Take a moment and bless your family with Bully Proofing You and we will give one to a veteran.


I want to thank you for taking your time and doing the survey about the new format for the newsletter. The video form won by a landslide at 79%. That will be the new form from now on. However, to take care of those of you that like the written-out form I will change it up. (Kind of like this one.)

For the video this week, I want to share an interview I had the pleasure of doing with Josh Bendoski from Rev Media.


Have an incredible day and remember I love you my friends,

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