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28 Mar 2019

Who’s Your Lighthouse?

Suicide is at an all time high. The shooting of our children while they are in a school is an atrocity. Our schools use to be safe havens. They were a place of learning, friendship, growth, and development. Now, parents wonder if their children will come home, wind up in the emergency room, or a body bag. Students are afraid to to go to school; because, it means pain, suffering, and possible death.

We can change that. We can make a difference. We can be lighthouses helping others through the storms and dangerous waters of today. We can make sure that everyone sees the light if we all shine bright.

I am a lighthouse. I guide people to their dreams. I make sure they can navigate the course set before them. I shine so others can find their way. I am a beacon of hope and love to those that are lost. I help people Tame the Bully Between Their Ears so they can live their legacy. So, they can fulfill their dreams. So, they can be lighthouses for others; because, this world is in crisis. This world needs more hope, faith, and love.

I can help. Please, help me connect with others to stopping bullying. Search your contacts and put me in touch with those that need help, together we can turn on our beams of hope, faith, and love. Together we will shine a beam so bright it will cut through the darkness and touch everyone. No one left behind.

Contact me now let’s get this training started in as many places as possible. We have already lost to many lives to the effects of bullying.

Thank you for helping me make a difference,

07 Apr 2016

Beaver Valley Chevron

On my way back from Las Vegas Monday, I had the privilege of stopping at the Chevron in Beaver, UT. The one with Lilly Tomlin’s big rocking chair our front. Jed came out to pump my fuel. I didn’t think any stations still did that. He informed me that, “Dad is old school. We’ve been pumping everyone’s fuel for 35 years and we’ll keep doing as long as we can.”

Not only do they pump your fuel, but they also wash your window and check out your tires. The latter one is the part that might have saved my life. I knew my back tires were getting bald but hadn’t checked them for a few weeks. I believe the Lord timed my drive perfectly so I would stop there to fill up.

When I came out from using the restroom, Jed informed me that my tire was coming apart. It was so bad I told him my guardian angel was working overtime on that one. They had a new tire in stock and gave me a better deal than Costco in Lehi could so I got two.

As I was waiting in the DQ, I got a dilly bar and though of my dad and brother. When we were little, my dad would come home from work; load us up in our red wagon and walk down to the local DQ for a Dilly Bar. I enjoyed that Dilly Bar as I thought about having a blow out at 80 mph with the other back tire bald. I really enjoyed it!

God is so good. He knew what I needed and supplied it before I even asked. I’m so grateful I made it home safely.

Today and every day thank God for getting you were you want to go safely. If you get pissed when you don’t; be thankful when you do.

Thanks for joining me again today.

Have a paradigm shifting day and live limitless,

28 Mar 2016

Do I Have To Go To School Again

Do I have to go to school today? That is a question parents are asked every morning. My answer was always, “Yes, it is what you need to make sure you have a better future.” Now, not so much. Our education system is failing us. It is antiquated and teaching our children the wrong things. Most of the curriculum was replaced as soon as you could say, “Hey Google.”

All across America parents are choosing to home school their children. The top three states for home schooling numbers are California, Texas, and North Carolina. The reasons cited for home schooling are numerous and varied. Some say safety, some say quality of education, some say environment. Whatever the reason more and more parents are choosing home schooling.

As a former high school educator, I agree with this trend. For far too long we have relied on the government to tell us what is best for our children and what they need to learn. The curriculum and systems currently being taught in our schools are designed to help people fill much needed factory jobs. It is helping them get ready for jobs that no longer exist. Why? I don’t know either.

We need a strong, analytical populous to run this country. We need people that can think and problem solve. We need everyone to make a decision and take responsibility for that decision and accept the consequences. We need people that can look to the future and create a better world.

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22 Mar 2016

I Feel Blessed

What a blessed day this is,

I am so glad you have joined me once again. Big things are happening for us at Bully Proofing You and I’m excited to tell you about them.

As I was studying my Bible this past weekend, I felt I needed to offer different price breaks for the upcoming live event. Monday morning when I was working with Lisa Nichols she told me how I could do it.

Those of you that have already purchased your tickets, THANK YOU! You will be placed in the VIP package listed below. I will be sending you a separate email with more details.

These prices are good until March 25, 2016 after that they will increase.

General Admission Package:

2 tickets for $47. I feel everyone that wants to attend can come up with $25. If it is a stretch, you will get even more out of the event.

When you want something, there must be an energy exchange. The more you want it the more energy you are willing to expend. Money is the easiest form of energy exchange. It comes and goes through our lives. It is the value you receive from it that is the most important.

The value being offered at this event will last a lifetime. You are welcome to bring you children ages 13 and above to this transformational day.

Premier Admission Package:

2 tickets for $97. With this package, you will have reserved seating close to the stage. You will also receive a hard cover copy of my book Bully Proofing You and the companion downloadable workbook. (Value $50)

VIP Admission Package:

2 tickets for $197. With this package, you will receive first or second row seating depending how many people take advantage of this mind blowing deal.

You also will receive:

  1. Admission to a two-hour networking session after the event. (Value $125)
  2. One hour of one-on-one coaching with me. (Value $250)
  3. 30 Minutes of coaching with MY coach. (Value $300)
  4. Hardcover copy of my book Bully Proofing You and the companion downloadable workbook. (Value $50)
  5. Softcover copy of my co-authored book The Change. (Value $25)
  6. 12 Pre and/or Post event live group conference calls with me. (Value $599)

I feel so blessed to be able to offer you this life changing training and I look forward to seeing you April 23.

Have a phenomenal day,

14 Mar 2016

Increasing your prices does not increase your value

Has America become the home of the cheap? Is that why Walmart has grown so quickly? Why are more people shopping online? I think it is because customer service is a thing of the past. I love the quality of clothing I get at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. I use to love the customer service as well. Not so lately.

I have a Walmart right down the street from me. Who doesn’t? I do my grocery shopping there, get craft supplies, and get my oil changed from time to time. I even admit to purchasing some clothing there once in a while.

When I shop there, I don’t expect great customer service. I realize the reason most people shop there is the price. That is why one Walmart employee changed my entire experience. Erin was folding clothing with a smile on her face. She said, “Hello, how can I help you?”

I was in shock at first. I had just been to Macy’s a few days before and no one said a word to me. Here I was in Walmart receiving great service. I had to come up with a question fast because I wasn’t ready to be helped.

I don’t remember what I came up with but I do remember she knew the answer. I asked her five more questions just to see how much she knew about her store and where I could find things. She knew the answer to each one and even offered to walk me to the part of the store I would find the items in.

I walked out with things I never would have bought just because of the customer service I received from Erin. This got me to thinking. Where else is this showing up in my life? Where else am I accepting less value just because of the price I pay? Where am I settling? Where are you settling?

If someone lowers their price, do you expect less of them? Do you accept less? As a society, I think we are. We are no longer asking for people to do their best. We are allowing people to “slide by” on poor performance. Why? Is it really just because they lowered their price? Or is it because we have lowered our expectations?

If you work for a business or own a business, you can make more money by giving more. If you’re tired of making minimum wage, give more to your employer. If you’re a business owner that is just skimming by or losing money, think about how you can improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Stop asking what you can get for an hour and start bringing more value to that hour. Smile, be happy, talk to your customers, and be helpful. Don’t be on time. Be early. Ask how you can be of service and then follow through and be of service. Work 5 minutes past quitting time. Go through the finish line not just to it.

If you want more, you have to be more. You’re right; you are worth a whole lot more than you are making. However, you’re not getting paid for your worth you’re getting paid for your value and right now your value might only be $7.25 an hour or less.

The debate about raising the minimum wage is raging on many fronts. The problem with raising the minimum wage is the increase in prices you see to compensate for it. There is a reason for minimum wage. It is for people just getting started in the workplace. It is not for you to support your family on. If you have a family and you’re still making minimum wage, you need to increase the value you are providing.

If the minimum wage keeps climbing, there will be no entry level jobs because the business will be unable to hire beginning workers. The problem is not minimum wage but workers that are not worth what they are being paid. If you want to make more, you have to be more.

Once you increase your value, you might not get that coveted raise right away. You have some past deficiencies to make up for. You were making more than you should have. You’re going to have to work even harder to make up for your mistakes of the past.

08 Mar 2016

Part 4 of 4

We had a great turn out for part 4 of 4 at our home Friday evening and Saturday.

I called some of you and heard that Saturday would be better. Thank you to everyone who showed up and for those of you that let me know you would not be able to attend.

We have decided to hold the BANK training again. We just need some feedback on which evening or day works best for you. Reply to this email with your preference.

We had technical difficulties last week and were not able to record it. We will try again at the next training.

I was also able to get permission to extend the Pivot offer through this month.
I want to invite you to take advantage of this life changing opportunity to get Adam Markel’s new book Pivot for the cost of shipping. That’s right just $7.95 will get you a copy of the book when it is released in April but you must pre-order now.

You will also receive a FREE 21 day study guide.

I only have 77 copies left and you MUST purchase by the end of the month.

Click the link below for an amazing video and offer for the book Pivot
Thank you for your time today.

Have a earth shattering day and live limitless,

07 Mar 2016

Part 3 of 4

I’m so excited about the response to parts one and two of my newsletters. You answered the questions and cracked your code. Many of you also had your spouse and your children crack their codes as well.

It was incredible how many of you immediately took the information given you in part two and applied it to communicating with your family members. You used it to increase communication and decrease conflict. Thank you for your wonderful words regarding the program.

Now, it is time for part three. How to put it all together. I’m sure most of you have taken some kind of personality assessment before and this one wasn’t that much different. It is exactly the same as those others and at the same time it is completely different.

The difference with the B.A.N.K. program is that it was reverse engineered to help you understand the other person better not just yourself. When you understand someone, you speak their same language; you increase communication and decrease conflict.

This is where part four comes in. I will be giving a training at my home in Cedar Hills, UT this Friday evening March 4 at 7:00pm. I will go more in depth about the different personality types and how that information can be used to not only help you have harmony in your home but help you make more money.

Registration starts at 6:30pm with the training starting at 7:00 and ending about 9:00. This training is FREE to you and a guest. I recommend your spouse or business partner. You can bring more if you would like. However, you must let me know if you are coming. This training is limited to friends and family. You are either one of these or both of them because you have just received this invitation.

If you are bringing more than one person, please let me know when you respond to this email letting me know you are coming.

I am so excited to be offering this life changing program here in my own back yard instead of around the country.

I am thrilled to have you and your partner at this exclusive first time offer in Utah.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you Friday evening.

If you want to bring food or drink to share with everyone, let me know as I would love the help providing for everyone.

If you can’t make it, let me know if you would like to receive a recording of the event.

Have an earth shattering day and live limitless,

06 Mar 2016

Understanding Your Code Part 2 of 4

Part 2 of 4

We had great response to last week’s questions. Thank you all for your time.

I went thought this process just like you did. I’m very glad I did because I never would have known my real code if I hadn’t. You see K- knowledge is my first card. Because of all the learning differences I had throughout school I never would have put it first. It makes since though. I am a Knowledge that evacuated the entire school because of a mishap in chemistry lab. I’m a K that couldn’t read very well until I was a sophomore in high school. I’m a K that couldn’t talk very well.

I never fit in. When I found this out about me, my entire life shifted into perspective. Tony Robbins says, “Life happens FOR you not to you.” My struggling in school suddenly made sense. My life has happened FOR me so I can be the person I am now. It happened FOR me so I could help all those students at Summit High School and now around the world. How has your life happened FOR you?

Were you a K first? K stands for Knowledge.

You have an ADVANCED INTELLECT and are a PERPETUAL learner.You have an uncanny ability to sort through complex issues by using your logic and reason. Abstract ideas are a piece of cake for you to understand. You dislike rote memorization without completely understanding the underlying concepts. You’re a master at using diagrams and models to communicate abstractions. You can easily juggle several issues in your mind at once while focusing on long-term results. You’re a life student of precision, and value it within your relationships, as you map out your strategies and overall plan for the future. You don’t find joy in idle chitchat or small talk, since you desire substance in your conversations. You resolve conflict logically, rationally, and without letting emotions get in the way.

You are amazing at spotting errors long before other people do. You are often hardest on yourself and are usually on a quest for self-mastery. You want power over nature and are attracted to the sciences to satiate your thirst for knowledge. You are a strategic planner, an abstract thinker, and a problem solver who is excellent at dealing with complex issues.


  • Strategic Thinking
  • Abstract Thinking
  • Being Visionary
  • Using Precision in Thought and Language
  • Dealing with Complexity
  • Theory Development
  • Perpetual Learning
  • Rationality
  • Problem Solving
  • Analysis
  • Searching for a Better Way
  • Creating

My next letter was B – Blueprint. My husband’s first letter is B – Blueprint. That is why when I’m excited to try something new (Research for the Knowledge in me) he is hesitant. I thought by his silence and hesitation he didn’t believe in me or trust me. Now, I know it’s just him trying to come up with the steps or a plan to follow. He always told me he believed in me. However, I was looking at his actions through my lens not his lens. Knowing his lens has made all the difference these past couple of weeks. Our relationship is even better now.

You are a RESPONSIBLE and DETAIL-ORIENTED person.You are great at following the rules and you expect others to do the same. You trust authority and see the world as very black and white. There is a RIGHT and there is a WRONG and you clearly understand the difference between the two. Your ethics are solid and you choose not to associate with people who don’t share the same moral code as you. Your word is your bond and you expect others to keep their word also. You honor your roots and have an amazing love for, and understanding of, the value of home.

You are excellent at working with and within systems and thoroughly enjoy the stability and efficiency of time-tested, proven, and predictable systems. You typically run an excellent meeting and are often prepared with a well-thought-out agenda. You respect people’s time and you’re rarely, if EVER, late for an important meeting (or any meeting for that matter). In your business life and your personal life you have a hard time respecting people who are frequently late. You learn best through memorization, recall, and drill. In most cases, you proceed with caution and oftentimes learn your best lessons from your mistakes. You rarely make the same mistake twice.


  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Managing
  • Implementing
  • Sequential Thinking
  • Following Systems
  • Logistics
  • Details
  • Discipline
  • Tenacity
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment

If you have N – Nurturing as your top card, you are the saints of this world. Mine was third. We have all each of these four divisions in us. We just lead with our strengths. The N in me is why I was able to take Mom in when she needed me. The N – Nurturing in you drives you to have deep relationships and to help others.

While we have all four traits in us, it is not better to have one over the other three. They are all needed and very valuable.


You are a kind-hearted LOVER of PEOPLE.You love to empower people and support them to always be their best. Passion radiates from you and you are filled with transparent and authentic enthusiasm about EVERYTHING you touch in life. You try to express your appreciation of your fellow man often and seek to associate with similar people. The fact that you LOVE interacting with people is an understatement. However, fake and inauthentic people are a total turn-off for you. You excel at training, motivating, mentoring, and counseling other people and find this FUN and rewarding. Self-actualization is your life’s mission and you lead others to follow your excellent example. You avoid conflict, contention, and excessive competition and are, above all, potential-oriented.

Your sense of community and charity is very strong as you seek for a deeper meaning in life beyond material possessions. You often find yourself focusing on personal development while keeping a keen eye on morality and ethics. Harmony in your relationships is important to you as you continually seek to make a significant contribution to your community and to your fellow human beings.

Simply put… you are ONE COOL human being! YOU make the world a BETTER PLACE!!!


  • Diplomacy
  • Empathy
  • Imagining
  • Inspiring
  • Encouraging
  • Romance
  • Being a Catalyst
  • Counseling
  • Communication
  • People Skills
  • Using Metaphors
  • Building Rapport
  • Mentoring
  • Envisioning the Ideal

My final card A-Action is Laurence’s second. It helped me understand why I don’t always want to go out with friends when he does. I’m glad it is his second card and not his first because it would have caused us some problems in the past.

I do not use the fact that I am A-Action last to stop me from doing things. It just takes me a moment to bring up my Action abilities. I have to tap into them. I always have fun when I do.


You are a BALL. OF. FIRE. BAM! Stand back!You are charismatic, fun, and have an entrepreneurial streak in you. A born rebel, you rally against routine, rules, and structure. You are—by nature—entertaining, and therefore BOREDOM is PAINFUL to you. There’s nothing you dislike more than waiting (for anything!) or having your time wasted. Being a “GO GETTER” might be an underestimate – you recognize opportunity and attack it. You are a master promoter and a fierce competitor at building teams, closing sales, and telling stories with effortless ease. Your negotiation skills are unparalleled. Anyone would love to have you in their corner during a crisis.

You are optimistic by nature and sometimes act on blind faith. Taking risks simply doesn’t scare you, and you tend to always work toward, “building the better mouse trap.” Typically, you learn best through show, not tell, and prefer the hands-on approach. You tend to move gracefully, and have a natural-born dexterity with tools, sports, and the arts. You appreciate beauty and enjoy surrounding yourself with all things aesthetically pleasing.


  • Promoting
  • Tactics
  • Story Telling
  • Pulling Things Together
  • Performing
  • Negotiating
  • Having Fun
  • Entertaining
  • Improvising
  • Competing
  • Realistic Problem Solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Handling Crises
  • Flexibility
  • Creating Momentum
  • Building Teams
  • Closing Sales

I have had so much fun over the past few weeks doing research on my friends and family to find out what they are. It’s the K coming out in me.

Thank you for letting me play and in the process help you better understand yourself and your friends and family.

More to come next week.

Thank you for being a part of my community and blessing me with your spectacular self.

Have a dynamic day and live limitless,

05 Mar 2016

Crack Your Code Part 1 of 4

If you know Laurence and I, you know we have an incredible relationship. We’ve had people ask us how we do it. Communication. That is the purpose of my newsletter today. Helping you take the first step to a deeper more connected relationship.

If you want more love…

If you want more passion…

If you want to understand your spouse better…

If you want to communicate better…

You need to find out what language your spouse is speaking.

We have a system that can help you do all of the above and more. This is step one of four. The fourth step will be at our home in Cedar Hills March 5, 2016. If you can’t make it, that is just fine because we will record it for you.

Step one: Answer the following 20 questions. I will tabulate your results and get it back to you. There is no right or wrong answer just answer it with what you believe about yourself.

Take the next 5-7 minutes and quietly and individually complete the following questions. Then email the results back to me.

5=True of you 80 to 100% of the time. (almost always)

4=True of you 60 to 79% of the time. (often)

3=True of you 40 to 59% of the time. (about half)

2=True of you 20 to 39% of the time. (sometimes)

1=True of you 0 to 19% of the time. (never or rarely)


_____ 1. I look for opportunities to serve and help others.

_____ 2. I embrace risk.

_____ 3. I believe that it is important that rules are enforced.

_____ 4. I highly value competence.

_____ 5. I value predictability in my life.

_____ 6. I make decisions based on good analysis and good data.

_____ 7. I tend to be compassionate and tender to most people.

_____ 8. I need to be the leader.

_____ 9. I find joy in charitable giving.

_____ 10. I prefer having a step-by-step system to follow.

_____ 11. I place great value on expertise.

_____ 12. I like to be the center of attention.

_____ 13. I crave stimulation and excitement.

_____ 14. I highly value intelligence.

_____ 15. I am passionate about supporting the causes that I believe in.

_____ 16. I am disciplined and like to follow protocols, guidelines, and timelines.

_____ 17. I crave a lifestyle of fame and fortune.

_____ 18. I value science and the scientific method.

_____19. I value stability over change.

_____ 20. It is important for me to make deep connections with other people.


Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. You are on your way to a healthier, happier, more fulfilled relationship.

I’ll be in touch soon.

04 Feb 2016


Last week in my podcast I talked about connecting with family. We always have a family reunion in July. I was thinking about this when I came across Knockerball. Knockerballs are these very large inflated balls that you put around you and then run into each other while trying to play a game of soccer. I think it looks like a great deal of fun and want to bring them to the family reunion this summer. What do you think?

It’s safe, clean fun; gets everyone involved, and gets everyone active. I think they will be the hit of the week. I’m so excited I might have to go try them out this next month here in Utah. They’re available all over the country. I am in no way affiliated with Knockerball. I just think it looks like a great deal of fun.

I just talked to Sean Bangerter at Utah County Knockerball Rental (385-225-5801) and he said he needs two-week notice. He has 6 -16 Knockerballs and they rent for $25 apiece. I think I’ll talk to Max’s school to see if they want to try them out with me.

I also want to have them at my upcoming Bully Proofing You event April 9,2016. But, I need to have a trial run (no pun intended). Plus, they look like so much fun I think I need to try them out multiple times to make sure they will teach the lessons what I participants to learn.

Participants will be divided into three groups – 1. Those that want to play with the Knockerballs.  2. Those who are unsure. 3. Those who do not want to participate.

Lessons I want to teach:

  1. Applying how to stretch comfort zones.
  2. Participant intention and what really happens.
  3. Perspective – Do you see what you’re looking for?
  4. Being active can be fun.
  5. You can act in spite of fear.

Do you think there might be some other lessons I am missing?

Thank you for your help and support.

Have an off the charts day,

27 Jan 2016

It’s not the color of your skin. It’s your perspective.

The protests, sit-ins, walk outs, and bullying that is going on all over college campuses is not about skin color. It’s about the perspective of separateness. The idea that, “I am separate from you because you look different from me.”

Protestors are using skin color as an excuse to be bullies. There is a small number of students demanding changes to colleges and universities all over the nation.

Why do professors need to have a certain skin tone to teach? Shouldn’t they be the best and most knowledgeable at what they do? When you’re ready to learn something it doesn’t matter the color of skin your professor has. You can learn from anyone at any time if you are open to it.

A reasonable voice is needed in this time of crisis. A voice that can put into perspective what is going on. If someone calls you a name you don’t like, you can choose to ignore it. You can choose to go on about your business and make a very happy life for yourself.

The power lies in the beliefs you have about yourself not what others say about you. You can never be bullied if you don’t let others bully you. You decide how you will react to what is said to you or about you. You decide your course of action.

Wherever you find yourself right now; happy or sad, angry or joyful, hurt and discouraged or strong of mind, is the result of your perspective to what is happening around you. If you don’t like what is happening, change where you are.

You can change your world with the power of your thoughts. Whatever you focus on you create more of. If you see all the hate and unrest, you create more hate and unrest. President Obama said he wanted to bring the country together. “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America. There is a United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America, a Latino America, an Asian America, there is a United States of America.” — Obama addressing the Democratic national convention in 2004. However, during his presidency the country has become more divided.

When a person’s race is mentioned in conjunction with their actions, it divides. When a person’s skin color is mentioned in conjunction with their name, it divides. When you use race as a negative discriminator, it divides. When you use race to define someone, it divides.

It is time to start seeing people as humans. People are people. It does not matter the color of their skin. It does not matter what they celebrate. It does not matter what they ware.

You talk, dress, and behave in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Others do the same. It is not your position to judge or criticize. It is your place to do the best you can with what you have. It is your responsibility to make your life better by educating yourself to a better way of life.

Instead of trying to knock down others because you see them as having more, learn how to lift yourself up. You have the ability to change your world and it all starts with your perspective. How do you see things?

09 Jan 2016

The Three Most Dangerous Words

I’ve heard about the three most dangerous words in the English language before. I even thought I knew them well and was wary of their use. However, I took them to a whole new level this past week.

I had a radio interview scheduled for December 30, 2015 to talk about my upcoming book, Bully Proofing You: Taming the Bully Between Your Ears. My cell phone holds my schedule and notifies me when I have an appointment coming up. I find it very useful.

For a month, I worked my schedule around that interview. I enjoy being on the radio. Not just to reach more people, but also because my dad used to be a DJ and I like following in his footsteps. Mom always asks me, “Does your dad know you’re on the radio today?”

I was on my way to my son Max’s basketball game when the notification for the appointment went off. That’s when I spoke the three most dangerous words in the English language. Do you know what they are? They are “I know that”. When the reminder popped up, I said, “I know that. I’ve been planning on it for a month.” Then I dismissed the notification without even reading it. I continued to Max’s game “knowing” the interview was right after. As I was driving to my son’s game, I got two phone calls from a number I thought I recognized. I ignored the calls because I knew I could call them back later when I had more time to talk.

When the game was over, I checked my email. I had an email from Mike Schikman, the gentleman that was doing the radio interview, informing me I had missed my time slot and he was disappointed! I was shocked. I asked myself “How could that be? The interview is not until 3:17 and it is only 2:30. What is going on?”

I sent Mike an email telling him he had every right to be disappointed and upset, that I must have put the time down wrong. He had given me the time for Eastern Standard Time and I reside in Mountain time.

Over the next few hours, I did some more research about what had happened. I like to learn from my mistakes so I don’t make them again. Did I put in the wrong time? No, I had it down for 1:17. Why didn’t I get the reminder notification? I did get the notification. WHAT HAPPENED?

Then it hit me. I had said the three most dangerous words in the English language when I had gotten the reminder notification. I saw the notice and said, “I know that. It’s at 3:17.” I never stopped to read the notice. I just assumed I knew what it said.

I have learned my lesson. I now read every notice that comes to me.

The beautiful thing is the cost was very low. Mike sent me a follow up email saying not to beat myself up to bad and how about scheduling for Jan 7, 2016 at 3:17 EST. I let him know how much I appreciated the second chance and I would not blow it again.

If you would like to join us, you can listen in at this Thursday at 3:17 Eastern time aka 1:17 Mountain Time.

I’m so excited to be on his show. He was the boys’ basketball announcer for James Madison University for 29 years.

Thanks for joining me again.

Have a wonderful day and live limitless,