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01 Mar 2021

A Pileup In Your Mind

Hurt people hurt people and there is a great deal of pain flying around our communities right now. Do you get overwhelmed with wanting to help but don’t know how?

It starts with healing; because, healed people heal people. It’s time to tame the bully inside of you so you can tame the external ones.

Healing your life starts with your thoughts. Bad thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and images bombard you all day long if you don’t shut them off. I know I can hear you say, “But, Jeanie, I need to know what is happening on earth.” Don’t worry. You will. You can’t escape it.

We haven’t had a TV or a newspaper in our home since 2007 and we still know what is going on with the planet. The difference is I’m not controlled by the catastrophic news. I’m not running around living in fear because all I can think about is the horror that is going on in our world.

It’s hard to think of hope when so many around you are hopeless. It takes discipline and strong mental muscles to hold to your inspired course. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” What if you were the person to change humanity? You can you know. It starts with your thoughts.

Guard your views with a tenacity you have not experienced before. When others around you are spewing hate and discord, you hold thoughts of love and harmony. It’s going to take practice and belief that you can make a difference.

Just like a single step does not create a path in the forest so to a single thought does not create a strong neural pathway in the mind. Most people have a few bent blades of grass on the trail to higher thinking and a six-lane highway to the negative judgments. It’s going to take some time to overcome the lure of that quick easy thought process you have traveled so many times.

You need to build a new lane of travel and it starts by thinking kind loving thoughts. The more times you drive your thoughts to be considerate of others the stronger and deeper the new route becomes. I invite you to start creating improved higher-level thoughts.

Many people like to play the blame game. That is where individuals look at their current circumstances and blame it on others. “I hate my life. If I had a different spouse, things would be better.” “My job sucks. I got to get a different boss.” “My house is falling down and my kids hate me. I’m out of here.”

The environment is not the problem. Your thoughts are.

I didn’t say it would be easy. I’m just saying it will be worth it. What if, you could have the loving supportive relationships you have always wanted? What if, you woke up in the morning excited to get out of bed and on your way to another exciting day of work? What if, your children ran to you when you came home for hugs and a story simply because they loved spending time with you?

It can happen. It has happened to thousands of people. You could be next.

Do you want things to change? Desire is the first step to change. You need to have a yearning for something different than what you currently have.

Take a moment right now and write down what you want. Do it now. Take the first step.

I ask my personal mentoring clients to do this. It surprises me how many people can’t tell me what they want. They only know what they don’t want. Guess what, that’s the highway to negativity. It’s time to get off that toll road. The cost is just too high.

Now that you know what you want, spend time each day focusing on it. Drive your thought vehicle down this desired side road. It might be a bit bumpy. You might have to cut some brush and fight your way through a few times because you haven’t been here before or it’s been a long time.

It’s time to get your positive inspirations off the super highway of negative thinking where they can be derailed. Don’t let your dreams end up in a fifty-thought pileup on the thoroughfare of life. Blaze a new route. Keep thinking about what is right and good and you will find more of it.

Let your light shine for others to follow. Show them how to navigate the terrors of the night by focusing on what is right with the world. Let’s be the change that is so desperately needed. Let’s build a super highway of positivity.

The steps to removing the negative traffic snarl in your mind are:

  1. Write out what you want. Within the next 24 hours get something you want on paper. Then over the next few weeks flesh it out. You can add color to it. What will it taste like when you have that dream? Add how it will feel emotionally and physically. Get the details in there. Make it come alive. Enjoy the process.
  2. Read it. Look at what you have written every day. I have pictures and stickie notes all over my house so I can be reminded of my improved story and focus on it many times as I go about my life. I walk the new path in my mind so I can have a mega road to my dreams.
  3. Believe it is coming to you. Act as if you have what it is you want. Before I had a Porsche, I had a Nissan Altima. I realized that we weren’t treating our current vehicle like we should. I wanted to bring a high-end vehicle into my life and I didn’t want it to smell like french-fries or have ketchup spilled on the seats so we stopped eating in the Altima. We created the habit of better car care before we got the fresh new vehicle. I believed so I could receive.

Three simple steps that change your world.

Thanks for spending time with me today.

May you always be blessed.

22 Feb 2021


Do you ever get frustrated? I do. My question today is, What if all the things that usually work for you aren’t working? What do you do when you find yourself ticked off? I have my usual steps I go through and usually they work. At some point in the calm down process, I find myself relaxing and being just fine. Some of the time it only takes step one or two.  Other times, I might have to go a little deeper: take a deep breath, relax my shoulders, close my eyes, think of how someone I admire would handle it, remember they are a child of God just like I am, and I ask, why would a reasonable rational person act this way.

I ask them what they are thinking and feeling, and I let my feelings go. I remember my frustration is coming from me not them.

Currently, it’s not working. I’m still upset. I still think my way is the right way. Sometimes I need more steps in my path to ease my climb up the mountain of distress. I like reaching the top and feeling better. I like looking out over harmony and lessons learned. I do not like looking out over discontent and unease. So, I slow down and spend more time uncovering what I’m feeling. I don’t have to rush.

My husband keeps telling me to enjoy the journey and it is finally sinking in.

What are your steps? Do you have some techniques that you use to help you climb out of your valley of frustration?

I am learning to trust God more and follow the little God pokes He gives me.

Sometimes, as a parent, I’m not sure what to do. I just don’t know what to say sometimes. I have incredible children. I am very blessed. They are amazing. I just want an owner’s manual from time to time that tells me what to say to guide them on their path. I’m not perfect, but I wish I was sometimes.

I think that is where much of my frustration comes from. I still haven’t learned the lesson of “nobody’s perfect” because I expect myself to be. I know it in my head, but in my heart it’s not there yet. I had a mentor that use to tell me, “When you see it in your life and you are living it, then you know you have learned it.”

I will keep learning and growing as new things come my way because I’m enjoying the journey called life.

I accept the forgiveness of self and from others as I struggle. I show gratitude for God’s love and mercy and I take my next step.

In a few minutes, I’m going to get shaved ice with my son because it’s part of enjoying to journey.

What are you doing today? I’d love for you to share it with me.

Thanks for reading and have a fulfilling day,

15 Feb 2021

Bamboo or Corn. You Decide.

Do you ever feel like there is just no way “it” is ever going to happen? Do you stand in front of the microwave and say, “It’s not ready yet”? I might be the only one, but I don’t think so. Sometimes, it feels like I’m not getting anywhere. In this fast-paced technology infused world, it is easy to want instant results.

I want results like corn. Have you ever planted corn? It shows above the ground in about three days and grows like crazy. However, it seems like my results are more like bamboo. With bamboo it takes five years before you see anything above the ground. It feels like I take one step forward and two steps back in my business sometimes. Maybe I need to turn around, change my perspective, and then I can start running.

Corn is very fragile, if you start it indoors, until it is hardened in the sun. The new sprout is easy to damage and pull out. Corn only grows to about six feet tall. Bamboo is strong and resilient and grows to about 90 feet. Yes, it takes longer, but it is worth the wait if you want something that will last.

When it seems like things are taking too long, I just tell myself I’m growing roots. When it takes me longer to get it right, I remind myself I am creating success habits that will last a lifetime. When people tell me it will never happen, I remind myself how far I have already come. I am planting my seeds so to speak so I can say, “I have created something from hard work and grit.”

This business started as a vision in my mind that I took action on. Believe me, it was like a newborn calf trying to walk. I was stumbling all over the place. I even fell down on the some of the attempts I made trying to learn the new skills I needed. Now most of those skills are habits that I can rely on to run smoothly while I create more success habits.

I love what I do 98% of the time. Two percent of the time it’s scary, and I’m not sure what to do. A few years ago those numbers were switched. I know there will always be new things to learn because I enjoy learning. I will always push myself, and when I am pushing I am stumbling until I get my roots grown. Then you can watch me accelerate toward the sky once again.

If you’re struggling, I encourage you to hang in there and keep moving forward. You just can’t see your growth yet. Take the time to make the right habits. The ones you need for a lifetime. Habits can be hard to change so create them right the first time.

If you’re not stumbling, push yourself more. Potential is no good just sitting on the couch. Get up and use it. Make a difference in your life and maybe even the world. The world needs what you have to offer. If you feel a pull, follow it. If you have the desire, it means you have the ability to make it happen. I invite you to make it so.

I look forward to hearing what you’re creating. Keep in touch and keep moving forward.

Have a splendid day,

02 Feb 2021

Your Face Tells A Story

Do you know that the way you feel about yourself shows up on your face?

Good Morning,

My mom was right. Your face really will freeze if you keep making those faces. It takes some time but as you age your internal thoughts and feelings are branded into your face. Even if you’re young right now, you’re still being affected. When you think dark mean thoughts about yourself, you dim your inner light.

If you want people to be attracted to you, let your light shine. Most people don’t want a grumpy mean person hanging out around them unless they are mean and grumpy. Birds of a feather, my friend.

Right now, people are looking for joy and happiness. They want to feel good because so much of their life is in turmoil. They feel lonely and lost and they need you to bring some light and pleasure.

So, tame the bully between your ears so you can help others do the same.

I would love to share more with you through my podcast. You can listen to it here.

You can also join me in person or online for a class Feb 6 10:00 AM MST. You must register for either one. If you want to come in person, text me at 801-735-5746 or send me an email. If you would like to attend online, you can register here.

Feel free to bring a friend or two.

I look forward to being of service to you, your friends, and your family.

25 Jan 2021

What’s On Your Helmet?

I love my life.
The struggles and challenges.
The triumphant and the celebrations.
When I was younger, I was bold and fearless. I did things others were afraid to do. I wasn’t afraid because I didn’t know I was different. Then I started school and learned I had many learning disabilities. They told me I would never make it through school because I was to stupid.

You can see the joy and zest for life on my face. Then you can see it start to dim as I am told by others who I am and what I am to become. Because of my youth and trust in adults, I believed them at first. I came to believe that I wasn’t enough, and I started to shrink back and play small. As you can see, I am not small.

I’m grateful for growing up on a farm because I found pleasure in taking care of the animals. They never judged me or made fun of me. They were always happy to see me because I fed and cared for them. Bucking hay, carrying grain, and buckets made me strong and I developed some big guns for a young girl.

Since I couldn’t excel in academics, I choose to embrace my size. I learned to push my body physically. What better place to do that than in the Army where physical strength was encouraged? My goal was to get a perfect score on the men’s physical fitness test. I was usually within a few points of doing so.

I enjoyed basic training when it was over; however, the time spent in training was extremely difficult. One day stands out in my memory and that was the day I got to throw a live hand grenade. Blowing things up is fun for me and that was a huge explosion.
Because I was platoon leader, I got to go first. Being the leader had nothing to do with my skill and everything to do with my height. You could say I stand out in a crowd. I was taller than some of my instructors, eye to eye with others, and looking up to a few.

The drill instructor that taught me how to throw the practice grenade was slightly shorter than I. He taught me the step by step moves to properly release and cover, so I was safe while meting out damage to the enemy. After he was satisfied with my new abilities to safely throw and take cover, he took a large piece of caulk and drew something on front my helmet. Then sent me on down range to the live grenade range.

At first, I thought the instructor was standing inside a four-foot-thick wall, but as I got closer, I realized he was standing inside a stall with six inches of concrete protecting him from the blast of the grenades. I approached him on the run and joined him in the bunker. He looked at my helmet. Stepped back and handed me the explosive device. I went through the steps I had just learned and received a “go” for the event. Then I proceeded behind a ten-foot-thick by ten-foot-high wall of dirt that had windows in it for viewing the grenade range.

As my company processed through the exercise, the number of us behind the earthen wall grew and we were approaching the end of our training. Suddenly we saw “Private Smith” running up the lane with two big eyes drawn on the front of her helmet. Something we had never seen before. When she stepped into the bunker with the drill instructor, he did not step back as he handed her the live grenade.

Private Smith started performing the steps with the trainer very close to her. We had not seen this behavior before, so we watched with heightened curiosity. Private Smith pulled the pin caulking the explosive mechanism but instead of throwing it down range she dropped it in the bunker at their feet.

The DI acted with supreme agility. He grabbed her lifting her up and throwing her over the wall and then jumping into the next bunker covering her with his body as the world around was obliterated. We on the other side of the wall stood transfixed as debris hit our tiny window and shook the ground. As the dirt settled we realized what the chalk drawn eyes on her helmet had meant. They had been a code from one trainer to another. A message of warning. They said danger be careful with this one.

Several things happened very quickly upon our realization of what the eyes meant. First, we wanted to know what was on our helmets. Second, we forgot we had completed the exercise successfully. Third, we had a bully between our ears telling us we weren’t good enough. That we wouldn’t make it unless we had been found worthy by someone else.

We forgot what we had done. We forgot we had successfully completed the task at hand. We forgot our abilities and worried about what someone else thought of us. We allowed the voices in our heads to create fear and uncertainty.

It wasn’t until years later I came to recognize the bully between my ears and the damage it was doing. I have had the privilege of sharing my bully proofing you message with many others. I have learned to see the bully between their ears by looking into their eyes. Some many have allowed the bully to take their joy and contentment away.

We have allowed our inner bullies to stop us from reaching our full potential. Well, no more. Not on my watch. You must learn how to tame the bully between your ears so you can live a more productive and enjoyable life.

18 Jan 2021

I Accepted!!

I accepted!!!
It was so wonderful.
I love giving and Sunday evening I received. My son made an amazing dinner from scratch. I bought all the ingredients and he did all the work as his birthday gift to me. It was so nice to sit on the couch and read a book while he was in the kitchen cutting, mincing, mixing, and preparing chicken lettuce wraps.
My first-time having chicken lettuce wraps was at P. F. Chang’s about ten years ago as a reward for filling in our trophy.
You see, we had some really big bullies in our heads pushing us around and causing us to feel less than. So, I devised a plan to stop that nasty tyrant we could all have buy in with.
I asked my daughter to draw a large trophy in pencil on one of the pages of the flip chart I use for my classes. Then I took that trophy and hung it in the kitchen in a very conspicuous place. At the end of the day, each of us took a black marker and filled in one inch of the pencil outline for every time we had stopped our intimidator.
We set the goal that when it was all filled in, we would get dressed up and go out to eat at a fancy restaurant. We talked about where we would go and how beautiful we would look celebrating our new found belief in self.
It was definitely a night to remember.
When I found a recipe for that mouth watering concoction, I knew I just had to try them again and see if they were as good as I remembered.
I bought all the ingredients at the Smith’s and read though the steps for making them. It was pretty involved and I wondered it would really be worth it.
Then I got a bonus.
My son asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said, “For you to make these for me.” (He doesn’t mind cooking and does so for his girlfriend from time to time so I knew he could handle it.)
So, I relaxed on the couch reading while he made me dinner with lettuce wraps as the appetizer.
Fabulous!!!! I’m just saying.
Then my husband cleaned up the kitchen. It was spotless.
It was so nice once I got over trying to help.
I would walk into the kitchen and ask Max, “How’s it going?”
“Fine.” He would state.
“Do you need any help?” I would question
“No, this is my gift to you. Go sit down and relax.”
After about the fifth time he said, “I guess you can if you want.”
I realized what I was doing and I said, “No, I’m going to receive. Thank you for letting me receive.” I went back to the couch and didn’t bother him anymore.
When my husband started doing the dished, I just kind of took over and he stepped back and looked at me.
He didn’t say anything. He just stood there.
I put the dish down I was rinsing and said, “I’m going to receive now.” I left the kitchen and didn’t return for the entire evening. Then we watched a move downstairs in our theater room.
I can say with certainty my cup is full and it feels so good because now I have more to give.
I hope you do better at receiving then I did. I’m still learning and growing as well. It’s a process that gets better with practice. My difficulty with receiving showed me how out of practice I was.
Time to improve always.
How are you going to receive this week?
Share your story with me so we can improve together.
Have a blessed day,

12 Jan 2021

Giving Back Two Sides of the Same Coin

It’s been a while.
Thanks for waiting for me.
I’ve been helping my husband start his new business AT HOME.
With all that was going on with our country, we finally made the transition we have wanted to for some time. He has a mentor he is working with and I’m back to work in mine.
I LOVE what I do! Some days are even better that others. Yesterday was one of those days.
I signed another new personal mentoring client. As I was getting ready to write out the tithing check to our church, I received a text from the young man that use to live in my basement with his family through AirBNB.
I had him mow the lawn and do yard work so he would have some pocket change and to help him pay for his football fees in high school.
It’s been a few years since I spoke with him and was delighted to hear from him yesterday. In his text to me, he reminded me of who he was and apologized for contacting me out of the blue. He went on to tell me he had a three-month-old little boy and that he and his wife were struggling. He then asked me a question that I know was extremely difficult for him to ask.
“Can you possibly loan me $60 until I get paid in two weeks? If you can it’s greatly appreciated but if not, still greatly appreciated. I hope you and your family are doing well.”
In that moment, I knew what my mom had felt years ago when I was struggling and she had the money to help me.
She had come over to visit me and her granddaughter and as she was leaving, she tried to hand me $20.
I refused it.
She flashed right to intense anger. Something my mom never did. Then she stuck her finger in my face and said, “How dare you! How Dare You! I’ve worked hard to have extra money so I could help others and you smack my hand. HOW DARE YOU rob me of the joy I now deserve in helping those I love and care about.”
I had never thought of it that way before. There has to be a receiver to have a giver. That day I received. Today, I’m the giver and it feels so good!
I sent my former lawn mower some money through Venmo and today I’m putting a check in the mail with a letter letting him know it’s a gift NOT a loan.
All is right with my world today. It feels so incredible to do good in my business so I can do good with my life.
How can you be a giver or a receiver today?
It feels so good to be back sharing my stories and thoughts with you. Thank you for being part of my extended family. I’ve missed you.
Have a beautiful day, My Friend.
Love and hugs to you in this New Year,

15 Oct 2020

Two Weeks in Alaska

Driving along a high mountain pass the views are amazing. Every turn in the road is another reason to gasp in awe. As we were traveling along one such road, I thought about the drop to the canyon floor and was grateful for the guardrail. The guardrail is there to keep me save. It’s there to prevent me from crashing all the way down a gorge. It’s a built in safety mechanism the engineers put there because they wanted to save lives.

I want to be your guardrail.

Our world has changed and it’s not going back to what it was before. That can be frightening or exciting depending on what you’re looking at.

How are these changes affecting you? What do you find yourself looking at throughout the day? Whatever you focus on gets bigger but in that moment of fear it can be hard to look at something else and you just might fun off the road to the future you were creating.

How you are doing. It’s been awhile since we connected.

There is a great deal of fear and confusion in our world right now and many people are affected.

I’m offering to be your guardrail. I’m here to help because I know you or someone you love might be needing it.

Do you need some tools for handling emotions and massive change?

I have some time in my schedule that I want to make available to you. I want to help you stay on track.

Use the link to schedule your powerful session with me.

It is my FREE gift to you or a family member.

I can help you Tame the Bully Between Your Ears so you can have your best year yet.

15 Jul 2020

Shift Your Focus Change Your Life

In my podcast today, I reveal how to change your focus thereby changing your life. Easy to say much harder to do.

With all the chaos and fear flying around, you need to arm yourself to protect the sacred ground of your mind. If you don’t protect it, you will be overrun with out of control thoughts, anxiety, fear, and loss of hope.

I want to help you are yourself. Here is how I protect my mind.

Step 1. What am I focusing on?
I don’t experience life. I experience what I focus on.
Human nature is to focus on the things that harm, hurt, or impair me. So many times, the temptation is to focus on the life I have created in my head which is usually the worse possible scenario.
What you focus on creates a feeling. Focus = Feeling.

Step 2. What does “it” mean?
“It” being the feeling I have created by what I’m focusing on.
The quality of my life equals the quality of my emotions.
Nothing has meaning except the meaning I give it. How can I change the meaning this current experience has so I can change my experience?

Step 3. What am I going to do with what I am experiencing?
What do I have control over?
My life is controlled by my emotions. I control my emotions by what I focus on.

Thoughts -> Meaning -> Feelings -> Actions -> Habits -> Lifestyle -> Destiny

What experiences do you need to revisit so you can upgrade your thoughts? If you want something new, you must do something new? Since thoughts and meaning are at the beginning of the equation, I suggest you start there.

You do have the power to change your world.

May you be blessed as you start to do things differently,

14 Jun 2020

I’m Colorblind

One of the gifts my parents gave me was the ability to focus on people not color.

God made humans. The Tower of Babble and man’s desire for creating his own salvation is what lead to racism. In the Garden of Eden, there was Adam and Eve and they were without race. However, they had everything in them to genetically create all of us.

How can you ask for equality while defining it by race? That’s racism. When the color of a person’s skin defines who they are, no matter what color it is, that is discrimination. When you ask for something just because of the color of your skin, that is bigotry.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…” That day has still not come. I look forward to it with longing in my heart and a drive in my body to do something to help create it’s coming.

I know that blessed day will not happen until we as a world no longer see in color but through the filter of God’s love and mercy for us. I am not here to judge, even though I do. I am not here to condemn. That is not my place. My place is to be and do the best I can knowing all along that it is not good enough.

I was born into sin but by the grace of God I will not die in it. Our God is a just God. Always!

Do you really want justice? Then remember that God is always just the next time you find yourself doing something you know you shouldn’t be. Guard even your thoughts because even thinking unclean or harmful thoughts are a sin and are punishable by death.

Show others mercy just as you have been shown mercy. Give others affection as you have been given adoration. Help, don’t hurt. Love, don’t hate and that dream of a better world will become our reality.

Thank you for joining me again today.

May you be blessed.

02 Jun 2020

What Are You Looking At?

Awww Summer. I enjoy the heat, the sunshine, the smell of fresh cut grass, soaking in the pool, the smell of bar-b-ques. The list is long as I’m sure your list for your favorite season is as well.

What are some of your favorite things? Have you enjoyed them lately? You should. It will help you navigate difficult times.

One of my clients now understands this concept at a much deeper level. She commented that when she takes care of herself and fills up her cup, so to speak, she is able to love more and that love has made all the difference in her relationships.

When you have negative voices in your head, it is really easy to let them spill over onto others. When you’re focused on the blessings you have, you let that splash over as well. It’s all about the choice you are making about where to point your attention.

It’s easy to get caught up in the current media climate of fear and violence. It’s everywhere. Guess what? So is joy and happiness. So is abundance and love. You will always find what you’re looking for. Sometimes you have to move a few things out of your way; because, what you want is there waiting for you.

I opened the door to my refrigerator this morning and said this has got to change. It was so full of left overs it took some moving around of things I didn’t want to find what I wanted. That’s true of life as well.

You might have to dig to find the gold. Only in fairy tales is it sitting on top of the ground.

What do you need to move in your life? What are you choosing to focus on?

My husband saw a post on Facebook yesterday in which a person said they couldn’t think of a way to make a change without violence. I thought of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Jesus Christ and many more.

There are examples of a better way than we are currently seeing in mainstream media. The problem is it might take some digging to find it. The tricky part is it might take moving things out of the way so you can enjoy something better.

There is always a way to find what you’re looking for. Human nature is to find the bad and the scary. Our brains are tasked with keeping us alive so they point out the big ugly hairy monsters.

You, my friend, are better than that. You are an upgrade to this world. You know how to make things better. You have an idea you know would improve the lives of so many. You have just let your little voice talk you out of the business of creating it and getting it to the world.

It’s time to Tame the Bully Between Your Ears and go make your dreams and those of others come true. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be challenging? Yes. Will it be worth it? YES!!!!!!!!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

I invite you to start today. Look for all the good around you and bask in it. Then go share it with someone else.

We’ll all be glad you did.

28 May 2020

Watch Your TV

Tony Robbins told me to watch my TV.

“I don’t have a TV.” I replied

“Yes, you do.” Said Tony pointedly.

“Okay. We do have one in the basement that we watch movies on but it’s not regular TV.” I stated haltingly. I felt judged because I don’t promote TV watching and I think it can be a major time suck. Now, here is the powerhouse highly influential man telling me to watch TV.

Have I been wrong? I thought to myself.

“You’re thinking of the wrong TV. I’m talking about transformation vocabulary.” Explained Tony

“Oooh!” I said in a singsong voice because I had no idea what he was talking about but I didn’t want him to know I didn’t know.

Transformational vocabulary is the language you use on a daily basis to create your life experiences.

Right now, in this moment I feel blessed. I have food in my tummy. I have a husband and kids who love, respect, and listen to me. I live in a beautiful home with a great view of Utah Valley. My doTERRA business is growing and it allows me to serve people at a higher level. I’m in great health. Laurence and I get up at 0500 and go for a three mile walk and then we go to Vasa and lift weights at 1700. I’m getting stronger and faster everyday as I sculpt my body into the shape I want it to be.

Right now, in this moment my life sucks. I didn’t like my last meal because it had things in it I don’t like to eat. My husband and kids ignore me and don’t listen to my advice. My home sits on a hill and we need a new retaining wall that is going to cost about $20,000 – $25,000. I’m 20 lbs. overweight and I can’t bend over to tie my shoes.

Both of these stories are true. The powerful question is which one do I want more of; the first description or the second?

What about you?

I invite you to check out your TV today and listen to what you are creating in your life.

Find out more in my podcast.