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15 May 2018

Gold Found

Life happens and it can get you down. I know life feels like it is smashing me from time to time. Do you ever feel that way?

We all have dark times. Those times when we know we are not living up to all that we can be.
You might be thinking, “Wait a minute. I thought you were going to teach me how to always have a fantastic wonderful life.”

Well, I use to think that as well. I often thought, “One day I will arrive. One day I will reach a level where I no longer have problems.” Guess what? That’s not true. You never stay on the same level or in the same spot.

I discovered that you are either pushing forward or falling back. There is no staying the same. Complacency is just another word for retreating. You don’t want things to stay the same, or you wouldn’t be reading this. You want growth in some or many areas of your life. I can help you with that.

The reason I can help you is because I have been to those deep, dark valleys of life—the ones where you want to end your life because the pain is just too much. I changed my mind and made a new decision. I made it out of the deep dark hole and I can help you make it out as well.

I learned to find gold in the valleys.

Yes, Gold.

I’m serious. Everybody is focused on reaching the top of the mountain—and believe me, I’m one of them. I want you to envision a mountain in front of you. This mountain has steep slopes and deep valleys. You’re up to the challenge. You had a great night’s sleep and you’re ready to get going and reach the top.
As you hike up one ridge and then another, you start to feel a little stressed. What did I do? Do I really want this? I’m getting tired you lament but you bolster your courage one more time and head up the next ridge. You think, “This time I will make it to the top. In just a moment I will have arrived.” However, when you get there you realize there is cliff in your way this time. “How could I not see that?” You wail. You can feel the bully between your ears getting excited because he has been waiting for just such a moment to jump on you and beat you down.

“NOT THIS TIME. NO, YOU DON’T. I have tamed you before and I will do it again. I will not let you win. I will make it. I can do hard things and I am worthy of my goal.” You are determined and every step you take shows it.

As you are getting your gear ready for the assent, you notice a creek flowing beside a path over to the right that you hadn’t noticed before. You’ve only been hiking for a while and you realize you’re thirsty and tired. You walk on over and take a nice long cool drink. As the water cools your throat, you give thanks to your heavenly father for providing it for you. While you’re filling your canteen to continue on your journey, you notice a shiny, sparkling spot in the river. You sit down and take your shoes and socks off. You want to find out what it is.

“What if it’s gold?” you ask yourself.

You have just enough hope to think it just might be.

The water is cold as you dip your feet in, but your desire is strong and it actually feels good after the hard trail. You know you can warm your feet in the sun when you’re done, so you forge on. You get out to the spot where you saw the shiny spot. Bend down. Stick your hand into the ice-cold water and pull out a rock.

“A rock?” You exclaim. “That’s not what I saw. I just know it.”

So, you put your hand in the river again. This time you pull out a white rock. It’s pretty but not quite what you were looking for. You just know there is something else there and your desire is strong to know what it is. Soooo, you reach back in. This time you dig around a bit. You move some of the other rocks. You’re searching for what you want. Your fingers are going numb but you continue your steady calm search.
Your fingertips brush something.

“This feels different.” You think to yourself. “It feels smooth and heavy. Heavier than the other rocks I have touched so far.”

You grab a hold of it. Your heart beating wildly now. You just know you have found something of great value. As you pull it from the water, you close your eyes. You are just a little bit afraid to look at it.
“What if I’m wrong?” You query. “I’ve been wrong before.”

You slowly open one eye.

“Just a peek,” you say to yourself.

As your eye settles on the stone in your hand, you gasp and the other eye flies open.

“Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” you exclaim.

In your hand, is a large gold nugget. It’s incredibly heavy for a rock, and you notice it’s also twinkling and gleaming up at you.

You found it. Your cold feet and hands are forgotten. Your reward is true and it’s priceless. You will need to have it melted, refined and purified, but it is the nugget you have hoped for and it is right there in the palm of your hand.

“Gold! I found gold,” you shout.

Oh, happy day!

Snoopy Dance time. Your trek to the top of the mountain will now be easier because of the nugget you found. You set a different course and with a happy heart you start your newly improved course.
It is the same when you walk the paths to the dreams in your life. You need to learn to look for the gold nuggets of understanding, knowledge, and new skills.

You can’t always keep climbing up. You can’t stand on the plateau either. Things change and that is a big part of the fun. We like uncertainty with our certainty. We get bored quickly and want something fresh.
Without struggles there is no growth.

The next time you are down in a dark and dreary valley of sadness, loss, depression, anxiety or grief, take a moment and look for the gold. There’s a reason you’re in the valley.

When looking for a gold nugget, it’s especially powerful if you ask yourself, “What am I missing? What do I need to learn? I know there is a reason I’m here. What is it?”

Awhile back, I realized I was using my mother’s death as an excuse to be depressed—and therefore unproductive.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I had spent some real time in grief. I had processed in lots of different ways. However, after about the third time I found myself in my valley of depression, I asked, “How did I get here?”

“Your mother died,” another voice replied.

“Yes, I know,” I said. “But, how did I get here this time. I don’t just miss my mother… I feel like my entire world is falling apart. How did I get so far down?”

“You wanted an excuse to be depressed,” said the wisdom inside of me. “You wanted some sympathy from others and thinking about the death of your mother is acceptable to move into depression. Others join you in feeling sorry for you and…down the hill you go.”

“Why do I want others to feel sorry for me?” I asked.

“Because you want an excuse to take a break. You’re still not practicing self-care very well.”

“Ah,” I said, seeing some patterns. “So, what you’re saying is; if I would schedule in time for me, I could break this cycle and free myself?”

“Yes, you would be more productive and happy if you just took a little time each day for you. Life is all about cycles. Learn to use yours to further your progress.”

I invite you to find the goal you are missing in your struggles. Let your struggles grow you instead of break you.

You can do hard things, my friend; because you are strong.

Thank you for joining me again.

Have a blessed day,

23 Mar 2018

It’s Not About The Gun

Disclaimer: The following article has not been edited. I do that to encourage you to also speak your mind. It is time to step through your fear and into your voice.


The shootings that have happened in our schools, on our college campuses, in our theaters, at our gas pumps, and in the open spaces of Las Vegas have nothing to do with gun control. The act of horrible violence that tears our loved ones away from us is not about the gun. It is about the fact that hurt people hurt people. It is about the fact that pain isolates and when you are isolated you are separate from others. When the world is viewed through that lens of disconnection, you can perpetuate savagery against those who are different from you.

This colossal problem of hurt people committing mass murder will not be solved by passing more laws or adding more restrictions. You will only solve it by helping people heal their pain. We must teach our children, spouses, neighbors, and coworkers to deal with emotions appropriately.

The first step is to remember we are all human beings that bleed when we’re cut and hurt when we’re labeled different from everyone else. We have a need to be part of the group while at the same time needing to stand out. There is a fine line between rebel and outcast. Many can band together as rebels but nobody wants to be an outcast.

While pain isolates, love connects. We start healing the pain by accepting who we are. We need to be able to strive for a better body while concurrently loving who we are. We have become a land of people who try to numb ourselves with food, drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, movies, music, and video games. Anything we can to just stop the hurting for even a little while.

I invite you to take one small step today to start your healing. I invite you to write down on a piece of paper one thing that is causing you grief. Get out a writing utensil and something to write on. Start with, “I feel ______________ (hurt, sad, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed – pick one) because …”

Let the words flow. Let them come up and out of you so you can get them away and out of your life.

Once you are done writing, take what you have written and shred it or tear it into little pieces, burn it or flush it down the toilet. Do something to get those painful feelings out of and away from you.

Step two is to put in the good. Write about what is good in your life. Write about your incredible dreams for the future. Write about what you desire. Write about what you love; what gives you joy and lifts you up. Write about what you are grateful for. There is so much to be appreciative of. You may be thinking; “Jeanie, you don’t know what I’m going through right now. You have no idea what I’m dealing with.” The only thing that matters in that case is that you are alive and you have the power to change your circumstances. To go deeper into that subject you can pick of many books there are so many that can help you. Of course, I recommend my best-selling book Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out.

Whatever you focus on gets bigger, so focus on what is right with you. Put emphasis on happy. I’m not saying to ignore the bad. I’m saying to spend time looking at what is right. I’m saying choose to enjoy things again. I’m saying to fall in love with who you are and where you’re going.

Step three is to repeat steps one and two daily. Take a moment and be grateful for what you have. Take the time to smile at yourself and others. Take the time connect on a deeper level with other humans. If you’re not ready for people, find a pet that you can love and enjoy companionship with.

Take a moment and write down the hurtful feelings you are having so you can get them out of you and away from you. Get out the toxic festering yuck inside of you so you can heal.

Learn to manage your emotions so they don’t manage you.

You have just learned how to stop the violence. Some of you will not do it because it is to simple. Some of you are addicted to the hate and anger and like others to feel the same way. Some of you will take what you have learned and change your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Those mighty souls that have the courage to make a difference are the ones I write for. You are the person that will make the difference. You are the citizen who will change the world. You are the one responsible for stopping the violence and you did it with a writing utensil.

Yes, my friend, the pen is mightier than the sword always.

Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

20 Mar 2018

I Want … I Got.

What a wonderful day to be alive.

As you read the following article, you will learn how I set my goals and reap the rewards of doing so. I have learned I must be specific in asking for the things I want.

I want a car.

I want a Porsche Cayenne.

I want a purple hybrid Porsche Cayenne with cream and brown leather interior.

I want a purple hybrid Porsche Cayenne with cream and brown leather interior that is a lease return in excellent condition with a Bose sound system. I want my mentoring and coaching business to pay for it.

I love my new to me purple hybrid Porsche Cayenne with cream and brown leather interior. I enjoy singing along to the Bose as I crank my uplifting and inspiring music that helps me feel successful and unstoppable. I am so glad there is enough room in the back for my kids. It can be hard to fit my 6’9” son into the back seat but my Porsche can do just that with room for my 5’10” daughter as well. The fact that my mentoring and coaching clients are finding great help working with me to Tame the Bully Between Their Ears guarantees I will never have to worry about making the payment or taking care of repairs as needed. I feel so safe as I maneuver through traffic because of the traction and handling capabilities of my Cayenne. I relish the new car smell and how clean and well maintained the inside and outside are. I appreciate the fact that having it in my garage reminds me daily that I create my life with my thoughts and actions. This remembering helps me to keep moving forward with my current goal. I know what I want will be a reality as long as I continue to take inspired action and stay disciplined. The pride I feel at being able to help others acquire their wants and needs brings me so much joy, love, and happiness. I am so grateful I had a mentor to help me achieve dreams that I find immense delight in helping others do the same. Thank you, Lord, for helping me become the person I needed to be to be the owner of a purple hybrid Porsche Cayenne with cream and brown leather interior.

Thank you for joining me again.

Have a blessed and fabulous day,

Jeanie Cisco-Meth

02 Mar 2018

I’m Done.

“I don’t know what to do.” I lamented to my friend and coach Bridget Cook. “I’m ready to give up.”

“Don’t do it! You’re three feet from gold.” She said as the intensity in her eyes reached mine followed by her big big heart.

“I promise I’ll pray about it first.” I sighed with resolve.

Later in the day I gathered my courage and hit my knees to talk with God realizing I was afraid of what he might say.

Have the last six years been a waste? Was I mistaken? “God, What do I do? Do I keep moving forward with Bully Proofing You or do I shift my focus to real estate?”

“You do both.” The voice in my head said

Over the next week, my husband I figured out a way to do just that.

I love real estate. We have helped a lot of families and made a great deal of money doing it.

I love helping people tame the bully between their ears so they can live into their full potential.

The connections that I have made over the last week have moved me to goosebumps many times. I love goosebumps moments. It means we, as a company, are on the right path. God’s path.

Two weeks ago, I finally let go of all control and gave every aspect of Bully Proofing You to God my higher power. I wish I would have gone to that level before.

I have always thought I had to work hard. I thought I had to keep busy doing things people told me to do. I now know that’s not true. I need to do what God prompts me to do. Those little nudges, bumps, fleeting thoughts, and bursts of inspiration have always been spot on. However, once I let go of what others were telling me to do and started only listening to God I have moved forward in leaps and bounds.

The things that are happening because of the AMAZING people I have met are life changing for me and thousands of others.

I invite you to let go of control and turn your life, your problems, your family, and your business over to God. Do what he tells you to do. Share how he improves and increases you and yours.

That is what I am doing today. Sharing with you the profound changes we have gone through, all because I finally had the faith to rest completely in him.

I can now say with complete conviction that we are in God’s hands and I’m never jumping out again.

If you would like to know more about the changes we are going through, please reach out to me so we can talk.

Have a blessed day,

23 Feb 2018

Schools and Your Children

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the sixth one this year. Not the first. Sadly, it seems schools don’t really care for our children.

After the shooting, my office was flooded with calls and requests to speak on radio shows across the nation. However, still no schools have responded to my requests to help before something like this happens. Even though Bully Proofing You has been proven to save lives.

In 2012, I transitioned from the classroom as a high school educator to the stage to help as many as I could end the pain caused by bullying. Bullying has taken the lives of our loved ones for to long. Bullies has written a price tag that is just too high. Reality is we no longer have to pay it.

Hurt people hurt people. Love unites. Pain isolates. There is a way to heal the pain and return to love.

Our world is divided in so many ways racially, economically, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. People are in pain and they feel isolated and alone.

When you’re in pain and disconnected from the human race, it becomes very easy to lash out at others and hurt them.

Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out gives you the keys to healing the pain you are feeling wither it be from external bullies or internal ones.

Sometimes the worse bully is the one that lives between your ears.

You’re too fat. You’re too skinny. You’re too old. You’re too young. You’re too dumb. Are some of the words your bully may use on you to make you feel alone and cut off from your family and friends.

It’s time to Tame the Bully Between Your Ears and start living a life of love, productivity, and joy. You need to start accepting and loving yourself so you can love and accept others.

It’s time to tame the bully between your ears. You do that by recognizing it and telling it to STOP. When the negative comments come into your mind say, “Stop,” or you can say “clear.” My favorite go to line is, “clean cup move down.”

Once you have stopped the negative you then say something positive. For example, “I love myself”. You can also use gratitude to stop the downward spiral into insolation. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for. I invite you to make a list every day. That way you stop the negative before it can begin. It gets your day started right.

You’ve stopped the negative. You’ve pulled in the positive. Now, get support from a friend, your family, or a stranger. Accept the complements given to you by others. Don’t brush them off. Even better give someone a heart felt complement. It they don’t receive it by negating it. Educate them why they need to receive the love and support you are giving them.

Reasons why:
1. They’re calling you a liar if they don’t.
2. It feels good to be able to complement someone else.
3. You’re spreading love, hope, and support to a world that needs it.

If talking is to far outside your comfort zone, just smile. Put a big smile on your face and walk through the mall or halls of your work. Fill your heart with gratitude and love and let it shine out your face.

If you do these things, you will not only be bully proof but your life with be more enjoyable.

I invite you to love and respect yourself so you can love and respect others. I invite you to be the change you wish to see. I invite you to heal your pain so you can help heal others.

Hurt people hurt people. Love unites. Pain isolates. Let’s share the love and start at new world order.

#tamingthebullybetweenyourears #bullyproofingyou

08 Feb 2018

How Could She?

How could she have self-doubt? How could she wonder if she was good enough? How many times have you wondered the same thing?

Keala is singing an empowering song for what will become one of the best shows of the year, but she has doubts if she is good enough.

You can see the moment she becomes utterly courageous and steps from behind the music stand. You can hear it in her singing and see it in her movements.

Would the moment have been as grand if she had not shown courage? I don’t think so. I feel it is the courage she shows that makes it so incredible.

It takes courage to become the person you know you can be. It takes courage to just get up sometimes, but courage is exactly what you need to make your dreams come true.

Courage is what you need to live life instead of just exist. Are you tired of living a life of fear? Do you want to step forward in courage into the life you have always wanted?

I think it’s time. Go to my website and download my FREE guide to living life courageously.

What have you got to lose except fear?

What do you gain? Everything.

Go be courageous because you have things you need and want to do.

02 Feb 2018

Distracted Driving Kills Loved Ones.

A distracted driver took the life of my daughter’s best friend yesterday. He had lived with us for 15 months because he came from an abusive home where they hurt and tormented him. Once he found out he could trust us and we wouldn’t hurt him, he showered us with so much love and affection it was hard to hold it all.

He was the happiest little dog I have ever had the privilege to know. He loved with his whole heart and body. The joy he showed whenever I came home would lift me up. There was just no denying he was ecstatic to have found us to love and be loved in return.

The loyalty and deep profound love he had for Erin was stirring. When she went to work, he would wait on the top of the stairs looking out the window waiting for her return.  He could see the road and he knew her car.

I could distract him for short periods of time but then he would return to his vigilance. As soon as she would pull up. he was gone like a shot to jump into her arms and kiss her face. He was her constant companion.

He would go in her car with her when she wasn’t going to work. He would lay in her lap whenever she sat down. A lap he didn’t like to share with our cat Sparkles. He would sleep with her at night and would not leave her room until she did no matter how bad he had to pee.

The spring in his step when we took him for a walk will be deeply missed. He was so happy and full of life. He taught me that good things come after darkness. He taught me to love with all my heart and hold nothing back. He taught me to show that love often and always. He taught me when you love someone spend all the time you can with them because you never know when that person is going to leave.

He gave his life so I could remind you how bad it is to be distracted while you’re driving. As a high school driver education teacher, I knew all the statics and watched all the movies. Every term I would teach my students of the dangers of using their phone while driving.

I know you see the billboards and the commercials because I do. I know you know how bad it is to reach for your phone. You think, “I’ve done it before and nothing happened. It will be fine this time. I’m careful. Nothing will happen.”

You’re wrong. This could be the time you take a life. This could be them time your life and the life of others is forever changed all because you didn’t let it wait until you stopped.

I implore you to think about how your life would be forever changed if today was the day you killed a vibrant loving soul.

Please leave your phone alone and pay attention to driving. You will save lives if you do.

If you believe in prayer, please pray for our family because we are hurting.

Hug your loved ones because you never know when it may be for the last time.

Show love with all your heart and body.

Shower others with kisses and kindness because you make the world a better place when you do.

Know that you are loved. Know that you are special. Know that you are needed in this time and space.

Please no multitasking in the car.



11 Jan 2018

Swearing No More

Okay, so I don’t usually start new things for the New Year. This being the case, this year I did. Not because I had waited to implement a new behavior but because my realization of needing to change happened to coincide with the New Year. Hence the new beginning for me.

What is my new beginning you ask? Upgrading my language.

I was having lunch with a dear friend of mine. As it goes, we were telling stories and I realized when I get passionate I tend to swear. To be honest, I can have a potty mouth. If you have known me for any amount of time, you know this to be true.

I have worked on it at different times. When I became a teacher, I was so nervous. I pretty much left the Army and went into teaching. Drill sergeants are not known for their positive uplifting language. I’m just saying.

Total transparency leads me to let you know that I had a bit of a problem before the Army. After the Army, it was a problem I didn’t know I had until I spent some time the teacher’s lounge. I was a new teacher at Rowland Hall St. Mark’s Catholic School in Salt Lake City, UT.

I realized I had a problem when I was telling a story and suddenly felt every eye in the room on me. I knew the story was not that interesting, so it had to be something else. Have you ever had that long awkward pause were everyone knows what’s wrong but you? Yup, that was what happened. I had no clue. I just sat there looking back at everyone else blinking.

I leaned over to the teacher next to me and asked, “What happened?”

“You said a bad word. We don’t use that kind of language here.”

I put an offset cheesy smile on my face. I was still unsure of what I had said.

“Sorry.” I said sheepishly “Please forgive me. I have sinned.”

I only had a one-year contract as I was filling in for a teacher on maternity leave. God knows what He is doing.

The next year I found my home. Alpine Summit Programs and I spent 15 years there before I transitioned to the stage. Summit High as it became know is the alternative high school for Alpine School District.

Still a little shaken from my previous year I stood in front of my class that first day and prayed for guidance. Something I do all the time it just had some extra desperation that day. Then one of my students dropped the f*** bomb and I felt right as rain.

I don’t want you to think I was this raging swearholic but it did happen once in a while and my students could relate so I didn’t see the need to change.

Then I transitioned to the stage. What a mixed bag that is. Some of you swear and some of you don’t. I never thought of changing my language until one of my mentors gave a very impressive speech about how it affects him. I would never what to be the cause of “daggers hitting his heart.” I decided to work on my language and make sure I never swore from stage ever again. I have done very well. Snoopy Dance!

Thank you.

On the other hand, my daily living didn’t get the memo on the clean up act. Therefore, we come to the other day when I was having lunch with my friend.

I was telling her a story from my past when I realized I was swearing a lot. We talked about it and I decided to see if I could find out why.

I had quite a conversation with myself about it. I realized I use it for impact and out of habit.

Now, we have a swear jar on the counter and I do 10 push-ups every time I slip up. I’m not perfect but I am very proud to say as of today I am two days clean and sober so to speak and there is only $6 in the jar. It’s $1 per swear word so I’m making progress.

My husband say’s I can NOT use the money to go to the movies again. In the past, the jar didn’t work real well. Also, just doing push-ups didn’t work either. That is why I am combining them this time. I will make it work.

I tell you this story because you might be making some changes this time of year. Whatever you are working on, I know you can do it. Give yourself a carrot and a stick.

The carrot is your reward for reaching your goal. At this point, it is a daily reward for me.

The stick is the punishment you receive for falling short. Mine is $1 in the jar and 10 push-ups.

Make sure you use the carrot and the stick for all your goals and they will become permanent.

Let me know if I can help you with your goal achievement in more detail. I have used this to change into the wonderful person you know and love. Just wait until you meet my future self. I have big plans for me and the carrot and the stick is how I get there.

Have a blessed day,

05 Jan 2018

Start Today – Live, Love, Laugh

My mom passed away Nov 5, 2016. I still miss her deeply everyday. This is short video about the learning I got from my walk. I wish is you will get some value from it and you will live, love, and laugh today. I do all three everyday and it has made my life full. I also feel pain at times. Life is a journey with ups and downs I choose to keep walking. Take one more step because I believe it will get better.

Have a blessed day,

Jeanie Cisco-Meth

13 Dec 2017

Trees? Really?

As I was out walking in the Arctic Tundra… Okay, I cannot tell a lie. I will begin again. As I was out walking in the frozen Utah landscape, I was thinking about how everything is connected. Then I thanked God I had a home with a thermostat that I keep at a cozy 70.

I looked at the heavy frost on everything and shivered. It’s beautiful and sparkly. While being so fragile, it still shines and brightens my day. However, this is not a story about frost. It’s about the wisdom of trees.

I stopped to talk to an oak tree.

“I’m sorry you’re naked and cold.” I commented “I hope you sleep well.”

To the evergreen, I said, “I’m sorry there is frost all over you.” Then I held its needles to warm them up. Okay, not all the needles just a handful. I stood there for about 2 minutes warming the needles while I got cold.

I know I’m a little crazy sometimes but my family knows this about me and they still love me. Don’t be so judgmental.

Today, the evergreen talked back. Okay, not really. Let’s just say I got the lesson today.

I realized that the trees, in a way, knew what was coming. They prepared for it. In each season they do exactly what God has designed them for. They are constantly doing the best they can with everything they have.

The oak didn’t say, “I can’t grow any taller or the other trees will be jealous. I better only grow small deformed leaves so the other trees feel better about themselves.” No! The oak tree or any tree for that matter would NEVER do that. They reach their full potential day after day, year after year until they are done.
The evergreen said, “I knew winter was coming and I prepared for it. Thank you for stopping by and noticing me. However, you need to take care of yourself and your family. Go do the best you can with what you know and what you can do. Grow your potential by learning and sharing with others. Live to the best of your ability every day. Find things to enjoy every moment. Get the gold nugget from the painful times and move on stronger and richer for the experiences. Now, go my little friend and let me enjoy the cold and the incredible view of the frost; because, it brings me joy.”

I knew all things were connected. I just didn’t know how smart trees were. Tomorrow on my walk, I think I’ll check out the rocks.

I love my life.

Enjoy your day today.

06 Dec 2017

Make A Move

Oh, My Goodness. I love my life and my mentors. The juicy goddess M. Bridget Cook-Burch is so knowledgeable about the business of being an author. I am gaining so much from working with her.

You may be thinking, but wait, didn’t you write a best seller? To which I reply – It is amazing what I can do when I co-create with God. He held my hand and guided each move. I had the courage to take each step but He was the designer of the message that showed up as my book Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out. I am so blessed.

I have taken Nov and Dec off from speaking and many other things to focus on my current book and boy is it turning into an incredible message. This time God is leading, Bridget is managing and editing, and I am just putting my thoughts down on paper.

Bridget told me that 9 out of 10 people want to write a book. I was the 1 in 10 that never wanted to. I am now writing my second book and looking at making it three by the end of 2018.

The changes my life has gone through over the years inspire me to keep moving forward. The challenges we have faced as a company have taught us the lessons we needed to learn. We still make adjustments as needed and we still take the next step forward.

I want to encourage you to take the steps you have been avoiding because of fear and uncertainty. If you don’t take that first step, you will never take the final step into the life you have always dreamed of.

Go on take that step today. See what you have been missing.

You can do hard things and you will. They might as well be in the creation of your dreams. I’m just saying.

You got this. Go live life. Enjoy every minute, my friend.