Change How You See Things

Change How You See Things

Have you ever been afraid of something? Do you want to get rid of that fear? Then you are in the right place at the right time. Change the way you see things and you change what you are looking at.

The other day I was working with a client that wanted to enjoy drinking water more. Okay, that’s not the way she said it but that is what she wanted. She loved sweet tea! Yes, she is from the south and that is a very important beverage in the south. It is served at social settings, work, meals, leisure time, just about everywhere by everyone. She had decided she no longer wanted the stains on her teeth and the extra calories. She wanted to drink more water because of the health benefits.

I asked if she wanted help with that. (If you ask someone, you reach them faster and you don’t force yourself on them. More on that later.) She said that she would love help. I asked her what she thought of while drinking sweet tea. She told me how much pleasure she receives from it. Then I asked what she felt while drinking water. “That it is good for me.” She said

“Not much fun is it.” I said. “Do you like tropical islands.”

“Yes, of course.”

“What if you were to think about a waterfall in Hawaii the next time you were drinking water? What would you feel then? Can you feel the water wash over your body relaxing and refreshing you? What if you imagined you and your husband sitting on the beach. You are laughing and enjoying life. You realize you are thirsty. You reach over to your side table for a nice tall cool drink of water. You feel the condensation on the outside of the glass. You hear the ice tink as you lift it to your lips. You feel the wonderful cool refreshing liquid slide down your throat as you drink your fill. How do you think your feelings toward water would change if you imagined this each time?”

“I think I would love water.”

That is how you change what you look at. That is how you make a difference in the things you see. Think of something you want to change your opinion about. Find a hook that makes you emotional and use it. If you need help, let me know. I just a phone call or email away.

Let me know what you change. I love goose bump moments.

Until next time,

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