Change happens all the time. Sometimes I fight it and sometimes I embrace it. It just depends. The one thing I have learned is, it happens.

We took our 16 year old son to the airport at 3:30 am this morning. He left for Maui and a week long basketball tournament. We met up with the team and as we’re talking with the players, their parents, and the coaches; I noticed people staring at us. Then I realized why. My son, Max, is 6’9”, Josh is 7’ and one of the other players is 6’6”. Needless to say, we stand out in a crowd. The family rule is, “If anyone gets lost, meet at Max.”

I forget how young he is and I know others do too. He has to deal with many things others never will because of his height. I think it has helped him grow into the great person he is. He deals with it wonderfully. People ask the same questions. “How tall are you?” and “Do you play basketball?” He always smiles and answers them politely. He doesn’t mind when people stare or when I ask him to reach the things I can’t.

I was trying to remember the day he got taller than me and I couldn’t. I look at pictures from two years ago and he was up to my shoulder. Now, he is nine inches taller and wears a size 17 shoe. I think he grows every day. He has changed from my little boy to a young man and I’m not sure when it happened.

Life is like that. You need to live every day. You need to enjoy the time you have now because tomorrow it will be different. I use to get so caught up in planning for tomorrow that I forgot to live today. Now, we have family time every day. We eat a minimum of one meal together every day. We spend time talking and telling stories. We plan our next trip and report on our progress toward our goals and dreams. We live today, yesterday, and tomorrow all at the same time but we do it together. We will really miss Max this week.

I know this trip is the start of many more to come. His love of basketball and pushing himself will carry him to places I have never been. I’m so proud of him and I’m glad I can be part of this change that is taking place. The challenge is letting it unfold at it’s perfect pace.

Here’s to you and the change you are going through. May it change you into the butterfly I know you are.

Take care,

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