Daily Acts

Daily Acts

How do you start your day? What do you find yourself doing every day? Do these actions get you closer to your dreams; to the life you desire; or are they daily acts of trivia?

I was working with my coach, Darren Hardy, and he asked me, “Does every action get you closer to your goal? If not, are you performing daily acts of trivia?”

Daily acts of trivia are the things you do when you’re not sure what you should be doing. I know cleaning the house is important. But does it have to be done right now; when you need to type your newsletter? I know getting the laundry folded and put away is important. But, shouldn’t you be making sales calls instead? I know the oil in the car needs to be changed. But, shouldn’t you be working on your next best seller?

These are some of the things I find myself doing because I’m not sure how or what to do at the moment. When I finish my task two or three hours later, I still don’t know what to do. I may have a sense of accomplishment because I can see the results of what I have just done. But, it has not gotten me closer to my real dream of – Bully proofing the world one community at a time by improving confidence and personal value.

I didn’t want to include “the world” in my dream at first. It used to scare the “bejeebers” out of me! Now it fits. God knows the plan He has for me, and it’s better than the plan I have for myself. I have a Study Bible and I enjoy looking up passages to sustain me in my time of doubt. I just did a study on how God will prosper His people.

There are steps you must take. You must believe in Him and love Him. Ask for His guidance and follow His word. Go where He asks you and have faith. Spend time in His word listening to what He has to say. It always helps me.

The next time you find yourself doing these “daily acts”, ask yourself, “Am I escaping something? Or am I following the path to my purpose”? Answering this question honestly will get you back on track.

Go shine your light today. This world needs you to shine as brightly as you can. To dispel the darkness, we must have light. Stop hiding under a bushel and let it shine. Stop playing small so others feel safe. Take that step you feel you should. Have courage and faith. Ask for God’s guidance and then listen and take action.

Let me know how it goes. We are all on our journey to betterment.

Thanks for joining me again today.

Have a blessed day,

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