Discipline vs. Rewards

Discipline vs. Rewards

For as long as I can remember I have had great discipline. I think that is why I enjoyed the Military so much. If you weren’t disciplined, you didn’t make it. Fear of pain is a great motivator for me.

I have learned recently that not everyone works that way. Some people are more attracted by pleasure or rewards. I recently had the honor of being coached by one of my heroes. The amazing and talented man, T. Harv Eker, has changed so many lives for the better, including my life and my family’s. Through his coaching program I am learning how important rewards can be.

When I started, he told us to come up with three actions that would take 20-45 minutes to complete and then a reward for getting them done. I am not use to that. I felt like I was taking advantage of the system. Then I realized I had made the system so I could change it any time I wanted. Yes, I took input from others, but I made the finale decision on the rules and how it would play out.

In the past, I felt like I had to put in 18- hour-days, seven days a week just to be accepted. I had to work for years just to earn a vacation. Now, this guy who I admire so much, who is where I want to be in life, is telling me I’m doing it wrong. I need to step up, take notice, and make a change. My way has gotten me where I am today. His way has gotten him where he is. I like where I am, but it could be better, and that is what I want. So, I decided it is time to make some changes.

The reward for my first week was a Harley ride with my husband. I had asked him beforehand if he would mind helping me with my reward. I have my motorcycle endorsement, but the ride is better with him in charge and me just relaxing and taking it all in. We had a wonderful day. It was fabulous. I hold it in my memory as one of our special days.

I have quite a few special days in my memory, and now I get to sit back, close my eyes, and relive them all over again. They give me a power boost, and I look forward to making the next one. I still have some trouble coming up with rewards but I’m getting better. I wrote a while back about the carrot and the stick; I’m becoming more of a carrot person now.

If you find you are stuck on making the changes you need to, maybe you need to break it into small pieces and give a reward for each piece you finish. Then you have special memories to relive all over again when you need a lift in your attitude.

Go make your life worth living. Go make some wonderful memories. Stop waiting until you have finished the journey and start enjoying the trip.

Find your blessings and live them every day,

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