Distracted Driving Kills Loved Ones.

Distracted Driving Kills Loved Ones.

A distracted driver took the life of my daughter’s best friend yesterday. He had lived with us for 15 months because he came from an abusive home where they hurt and tormented him. Once he found out he could trust us and we wouldn’t hurt him, he showered us with so much love and affection it was hard to hold it all.

He was the happiest little dog I have ever had the privilege to know. He loved with his whole heart and body. The joy he showed whenever I came home would lift me up. There was just no denying he was ecstatic to have found us to love and be loved in return.

The loyalty and deep profound love he had for Erin was stirring. When she went to work, he would wait on the top of the stairs looking out the window waiting for her return.  He could see the road and he knew her car.

I could distract him for short periods of time but then he would return to his vigilance. As soon as she would pull up. he was gone like a shot to jump into her arms and kiss her face. He was her constant companion.

He would go in her car with her when she wasn’t going to work. He would lay in her lap whenever she sat down. A lap he didn’t like to share with our cat Sparkles. He would sleep with her at night and would not leave her room until she did no matter how bad he had to pee.

The spring in his step when we took him for a walk will be deeply missed. He was so happy and full of life. He taught me that good things come after darkness. He taught me to love with all my heart and hold nothing back. He taught me to show that love often and always. He taught me when you love someone spend all the time you can with them because you never know when that person is going to leave.

He gave his life so I could remind you how bad it is to be distracted while you’re driving. As a high school driver education teacher, I knew all the statics and watched all the movies. Every term I would teach my students of the dangers of using their phone while driving.

I know you see the billboards and the commercials because I do. I know you know how bad it is to reach for your phone. You think, “I’ve done it before and nothing happened. It will be fine this time. I’m careful. Nothing will happen.”

You’re wrong. This could be the time you take a life. This could be them time your life and the life of others is forever changed all because you didn’t let it wait until you stopped.

I implore you to think about how your life would be forever changed if today was the day you killed a vibrant loving soul.

Please leave your phone alone and pay attention to driving. You will save lives if you do.

If you believe in prayer, please pray for our family because we are hurting.

Hug your loved ones because you never know when it may be for the last time.

Show love with all your heart and body.

Shower others with kisses and kindness because you make the world a better place when you do.

Know that you are loved. Know that you are special. Know that you are needed in this time and space.

Please no multitasking in the car.



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