Do I Have To Go To School Again

Do I Have To Go To School Again

Do I have to go to school today? That is a question parents are asked every morning. My answer was always, “Yes, it is what you need to make sure you have a better future.” Now, not so much. Our education system is failing us. It is antiquated and teaching our children the wrong things. Most of the curriculum was replaced as soon as you could say, “Hey Google.”

All across America parents are choosing to home school their children. The top three states for home schooling numbers are California, Texas, and North Carolina. The reasons cited for home schooling are numerous and varied. Some say safety, some say quality of education, some say environment. Whatever the reason more and more parents are choosing home schooling.

As a former high school educator, I agree with this trend. For far too long we have relied on the government to tell us what is best for our children and what they need to learn. The curriculum and systems currently being taught in our schools are designed to help people fill much needed factory jobs. It is helping them get ready for jobs that no longer exist. Why? I don’t know either.

We need a strong, analytical populous to run this country. We need people that can think and problem solve. We need everyone to make a decision and take responsibility for that decision and accept the consequences. We need people that can look to the future and create a better world.

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