Do you have yours?

Do you have yours?

Did you know that Bully Proofing You is having a live event that is ope to the public at the South Towne Expo Center in Salt Lake City, UT? Well, we are. If you would like tickets, click this link and get yours today.

There are other presenters there as well. It is the LDS Homeschooling Annual Conference being held Aug 20-21. We would love to see you there. Make sure you connect with me. Also bring your book so I can sign it for you. Don’t have your copy yet? Pick it up at

I’ll also be offering copies of my new coauthored book The Change. You can also get a Kendal copy on If you can’t make it to the conference, just let me know you want a copy and I’ll get it in the mail for you. It’s the same price as Bully Proofing You and you can purchase it on my website.

I look forward to connecting with you face to face.

Have a wonderful day,

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