Do you wonder?

Do you wonder?

Do you have kids or do you have children? I have kids. What’s the difference you ask? Good question. Children are well behaved. They only speak when spoken to. They are always clean without any mess on their faces or clothes. They would never think of coloring outside the lines or eating a popsicle. They are dignified and always say what you want them to say. Kids live life. They run through the house yelling for you at the top of their voices to come see the space ship they just invented. They color outside the lines and have watermelon all over their faces and their clothes. When you ask them, “Why?” “Because” is the answer you get. They try new things, do things they shouldn’t, make mistakes, and stretch their wings. You never have to push them out of the nest because they’re on the edge already. You’re holding on to their belt trying to keep them safe.

I was a kid with moments of childhood. My mom told me I had to wear a dress two times a week so my body knew it was a girl. I decided church counted as one of those times. The second time I came home with my dress torn and grass stained she decided I didn’t have to wear a dress to school anymore. Parents can be wrong sometimes. It happens.

I’ve made my share of messes with my kids. Thank goodness they have forgiven me and we all learned from it. I never did the grounding thing. I always thought it was a bad idea for everyone involved. Well, unless you could ground them at the neighbor’s house. With Erin, I took away her TV. She loved to watch Wishbone and My Little Ponies. Max had to pay money. Each kid is different and responds differently to learning experiences. As a parent, it can be hard to figure out what works. I use Love and Logic’s natural consequences and logical consequences. It’s one of the best ways to raise kids that become well-adjusted confident contributing members of society.

The next time your kid is being a kid remember it’s going to be all right and cherish your very short time with them. This morning Max, my senior in high school, said “Mom, I don’t want to go to school. Can I stay home and bake cookies with you?” “Okay,” I said. “I get the best of that. I get cookies, and I get time with you.” He is so busy this year with basketball and friends it seems like he’s always gone now. I’m glad we use to bake cookies. We had a laugh, and then he drove off to school.

Sometimes I just want to wrap my kids in bubble wrap and lock them in the house so I know they are safe; but that’s not living. It’s hard being a parent. My dad always said, “You couldn’t give me a million dollars for one of my kids. I wouldn’t take it. You also couldn’t give me a million dollars to have another one.” I totally understand that.

If you find yourself wondering if you’re doing a good job, you are. The fact that you’re questioning yourself means you’re trying your best. Keep up the good work. Rely on God and His word. Seek advice and remember kids are pretty tough. They can handle some learning experiences just like you can.

Thanks for sharing your time with me today.

Have an incredible day,

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