Family First

Family First

I recently had a very difficult decision to make. I constantly tell people how important family is to me but sometimes my actions don’t support that.

We have been planning a family trip to Hawaii since November 2015. My mom took our family for Erin’s graduation in 2008. She set the standard and I’m glad she did.

My mother’s health has declined significantly and will not be able to travel with us. Money is very tight and we have past due invoices. For the last few months, we have been hoping for the transportation rates to come up or my training business to make a bunch of money. It hasn’t happened yet.

The trip is paid for other than expenses while we’re there.

I have been debating not going because of financial reasons. Then my business coach asked me what my priorities are. “Family first. That is why I designed my business the way I did. It is a FAMILY business. My family works and travels with me when they choose to.” I said. Coach Trudy (aka. Best Coach Ever), “Then act like it.”

I spent some time thinking about this. If I don’t take my family on this trip now, it is saying “Kids I love you but paying bills is more important. I know this may be the last family trip we can all go on but you just need to understand.” I know they would one more time. They have been so supportive. Everyone of them has gone without many things so we could build this incredible life saving program to help others.

We have spent a GREAT deal of money, time, frustration, and growth experiences getting Bully Proofing You up and running. Everyone has helped me and supported me in so many ways. God has helped me and supported me as well. He has made it possible for us to take this family trip and we are going.

We have a rental property up for sale and I know it will sale soon. We will be able to pay those we owe with the capital from the sale. I was hoping it would close before we left. No such luck. However, all the other issues have be resolved by the grace of God. The things He has made happen over the past week to make sure we can go are miracles.  Yes, God still performs miracles.

If you are struggling, have faith in God and ask for His help. Then take inspired action. (You must do your part.) Keep moving forward, having faith, asking God, and you will be amazed at what happens.

The photo is from our trip with Mom right before Christmas. I never would have believed it would be her last trip with us. You never know how long you have with those you love.

Max leaves next month for college and a career in basketball. Erin has already moved out. Hawaii here we come to celebrate life, love, family, and God’s amazing grace.

Have a blessed day and dream BIG,

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