Grieve Forgive Love

Grieve Forgive Love

Why would anyone shoot innocent unarmed people? Because, they do not see the victims as human. Because, the angry perpetrator has so much pain and hate. Because, he thinks it’s the only way to eradicate what he sees as wrong.

The Lord, in all His glory, made us with a built in safety mechanism. We cannot hurt another human. When you see a person, you feel love. When you see an object, you can hurt and hate.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Mathew 22:39 Only works if you love yourself first. Personal value is so low in most people. They would never think of loving someone else because they never thought of loving themselves first. Be kind to yourself and others. It’s time to tame the bully between your ears and live life bully free.

Take a moment and think of someone you love. Really feel your love for this person. A pet will also work in this instance. Let your love for them fill your heart. When you are filled with love, there is no pain. There is no hate. There is hope for the future. Focus on the love. Nothing else. Could you hurt someone when you are feeling love? No, you have to shift out of love to do harm to yourself or anyone else.

Pain, hate, hopelessness, and the absence of love are the reasons why we have violence, abuse, war, and murder. The next time you want to lash out at someone find the place in your heart that holds your love. I think Jimmy Fallon said it beautifully during Sunday night’s Tonight Show.

When we come from love, we can hold space for other’s beliefs. We can talk about our differences and live and let live. There is no need to clone ourselves. In fact, that would make life very difficult. Everyone would want the same job, the same spouse, eat at the same places, leave for work at the same time. Gives an entire new perspective to rush hour traffic doesn’t it?

The only way to change something is with love and curiosity. Hold love in your heart for others. Get curious about their beliefs and why they believe so. Value their opinion. Value their freedom to choose. Value their life. Know that you are valuable and so are others.

Make the decision to increase your personal value so others have more value. Raise your standards and integrity. Believe in your dreams and hold yourself accountable for the course of your life. Be glad there is diversity in this world; because, without diversity life would be very boring.

Look for the good in people. There is the potential for good decisions and there is the potential for bad decisions in every person. The great thing about that is bad decisions can be followed by good. The heartfelt love and support for the fallen has helped the grieving process and set us on the path to forgiveness.

I invite you to turn on your heart light today for those around you. Shine love into every dark place so we as a nation can heal.

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