Hello, Are You There?

Hello, Are You There?

Hey, it’s been awhile. Where have you been?


Don’t tell me.

Working on yourself?

Getting better every day?

Is that a new haircut? :-] Just checkin’


No worries, I’ve been busy myself lately.

Just finished being featured on Bridgetta Tomarchio “Soul Sexy Radio Show” in LA,

What a wonderful woman she is!

Isn’t it great to meet wonderful people? They make you feel ALIVE!

This was something I didn’t have in my past. You see,

When I was younger, I had a number of disabilities.

Some which people would be shocked to know I had and wonder how I can stand here today.

Unfortunately, those disabilities made people judge me.

It came to a point where even my teachers told me daily,

I would never amount to ANYTHING.

Soul shattering words to a little girl who hadn’t even started to live yet.

So, I stopped listening to what people had to say about me.

* No more insults

* No more put downs

* No more negativity clouding my head

I wanted to live life by MY RULES.

There was something in me that needed to be HEARD!

That’s when I discovered it. My voice.

The thing hiding inside YOU.

You’re moments from letting it out just as I was.

ONE decision is all it takes.

After I created my voice and started speaking up for myself,

It allowed me to take control of My Life!

All those uncomfortable opportunities I never took,

Well they switched around completely!

Some sort of spell bound confidence & relief drenched my body & soul!

I’m telling this to you because,

Once you are in that uncomfortable place.

Being totally unfamiliar. Maybe even scared or lost in that place.

You begin to find ways on how to keep pushing.

I’m talking about creativity.

Just imagine what YOU could do if you bully proof your brain?

If you could create ANYTHING you wanted to?

Well you can.

I’ve helped thousands of people like you & me.

Take this chance to work with a group & bully proof each other!

I’m here to help YOUR dreams come to reality.

Simply by protecting yourself!

Alright, I have to run!

I’m about to do my bully proofing exercises and go seize the day!

Love, Jeanie.

P.S.Aren’t you tired of feeling stuck?

Lost? Pushed over & allowing them to get away with it?

I promise you, I’ve been there. I had to start somewhere.

I sought out help. That’s what I am to you today.

There is only so much time in life, stop waiting to enjoy it.

I want to work with you 1 on 1 so you can live the BEST life possible. :-]

Contact me today so you can start living the life you want to.

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