I Hear Voices

I Hear Voices

I have all kinds of voices in my head. I wasn’t aware of them until recently. I mean I wasn’t aware of them as being helpful or hurtful. I just thought they were my voice telling me about my life. I don’t think they are anymore.

I could give them names but I’m not sure society likes that. I have one that is mean and says very mean things. I have one that loves me and lifts me up. There’s one that tells me what I should be doing. The one that says, “Buy it. It’s on sale.” And “You want chocolate.” My daughters first sentence was, “Mama likes free and on sale.” She was right. I still do.

The other day I was standing in my closet looking at the cloths I had bought on sale. Most of them I had worn two or three times. I asked myself, “Why? That’s a $90 shirt; I got it for $10. Why don’t I ware it all the time?” I realized I bought it Because it was on sale NOT because I loved it.

I decided to bless others with the cloths I had not worn in a while. If I hadn’t put it on in the last year, it was going to someone else. I like to think I blessed some really cool people with my donations.

I made a new decision that day. I decided on a budget. Okay, I had a budget and I decided to follow it.

I needed a new purse. Really, I did. Even my husband said I needed a new purse. So, my daughter and I went shopping. We went to the new outlet mall by my home. I didn’t want to impulse buy; so, when I found a purse that fit my budget but I wasn’t crazy about, I asked them to hold it. As I was leaving the store, I saw one I really liked but it didn’t have the sale sticker on it.

Erin and I continued to look around the mall. When we walked in to the Michael Kors store, I knew I had found what I wanted. A real leather purse! I could smell the leather when I walked in. I use to look at handbags and wonder if they were leather or not. Now, I know how to tell; the smell. The one I wanted was outside my budget so I made a decision. I told my little voice to shut up I was in control of my life.

I decided to go back to Clarks, get the one I had seen, and save the money for the Michael Kors bag.

When I walked back into the Clarks store, the really cute one was still in the window. I looked at the tag again. If it was 20% like the other ones it was within my budget. I told the salesperson they were holding a purse for me but I wanted to see how much this one was. Was it on sale too?

He took the purse from me and price checked it. Guess what? It was the same price as the first one I had picked but didn’t really like. I was so excited I started doing the Snoopy Dance right there. Yup, that’s the reaction I got too. I didn’t care. Erin joined me. She’s use to it. He started smiling       and laughing. I love impacting people with positive vibes. Yes, it did take a few times to overcome that voice that said I would look like a crazy person. However, I’m so glad I love my life and let others know it.

As I was getting ready to pay, the sales person asked me if I would donate a $1 to a charity. He said they would take a dollar off if I did so it wouldn’t increase my cost. I told him I would donate $5 and he didn’t have to take $5 off the price. He was shocked. I felt so abundant in that moment. I gave to others and was still within my budget.

I give 10% of my income to my church every month. This time it was different. I saw how he reacted. He was so excited he started doing the Snoopy Dance. I love my life.

I now know the voices inside my head are under my control. I decide which ones to listen to. I decide which ones to give time to. I choose to listen to the positive, loving, kind voices. You can too.

Be very careful what you allow in your proximity because it gets into your mind and lives there. It will run your life.

Today become aware of the voices in your head and decide which ones you will listen to. It just might change the world.

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