I Love My Life

I Love My Life

I really do. I just got back from an amazing trip to Colorado. It was beautiful. They have had a great deal of rain so everything was green and lush. It reminded me of where I grew up, western Washington. I got to meet Courtney with the USA Blind Olympic Athletes Association. They want to purchase my book in audio form for their athletes. I went to volunteer for their camp. They were teaching Goal Ball to some military personal. I know Goal Ball and have taught to my PE class when I was a teacher so I was excited to help out.

There was only one problem, she had the dates wrong. They are having the camp this week. It was nice to just sit and talk and find out how I could be of service to them. Having a background in the Military and my subject matter for empowerment, is a perfect fit. They want me to come back in September for their cycling camp. It just so happens I was planning on going to the Def Leppard concert which is 28 September and the camp is the 21-27 September. I love creating my life just the way I want it.

My son, Max, went with me. He has become my personal assistant when he can travel with me. He is a big help. He had a lifelong dream come true. He got be at the USA Olympic Training Center. I think people thought he was a resident there because he had so many approach him, at one point I counted 20. He was so patient answering the question he gets all the time, “How tall are you?” and “Do you play basketball?”

We also had the spectacular opportunity of being recorded for an upcoming television appearance. I’ll make sure you get the info on when and what time it will air. When we were sitting in the green room waiting to go on, he told me another dream was about to come true.

I love my life and I love sharing it with my family. It is awe-inspiring to watch them take life and create what it is they want it to be. Decide today what you want. Now, take the first step to make it happen. You are on your way to what you want. If every day you take at least one step, every day you will be moving forward closer to your dream. That is all it takes, one action every day. You can do that. I know you can.

Let me and others know what you are creating. Your action will inspire others.

Have a successful day and tell others about it,

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