I Was Hypnotized

I Was Hypnotized

On Nov 14, 2015, I had the pleasure of being hypnotized by Ken Dubner at a New Peaks course. I was astounded by what happened. I have watched hypnotists before but never believed them to be true. I thought the people were paid or asked to act the way they were. NOT SO. It is true.

I was sitting in the audience with my fellow participants of Mission Possible, when Ken came on stage. He did a few exercises to see who was susceptible to being hypnotized.

He had Heidi, a beautiful young lady, come on stage. He asked us to stare at her lovely face. He gave us some other instructions as we did. Then he put a spinning disk in front of her face and told us her head was getting bigger. When he removed the disk, I saw her head expand to the size of a beach ball. It freaked me out, and I screamed. I looked away. I looked back. It did it again. I couldn’t look at her and NOT see her head expand. It was so crazy!

The gentleman sitting next to me was surprised and asked me what I had seen. “Her head got HUGE.” I said. “Didn’t you see it?”

“I didn’t see anything,” he replied.

Then Ken had us imagine there was a balloon tied to our left wrist while at the same time holding a volleyball in our right. The balloon was lifting our left arm up as the volleyball was getting heaver and heaver in our right hand. Then he turned the volleyball into a bowling ball; then he put four bowling balls in our hands. I was so focused on trying to lift the bowling balls I forgot all about the balloon. Those bowling balls were so HEAVY. It took everything I had to try and lift them. He told me to open my eyes. My left arm was straight up in the air and my right hand was almost on the ground. If it had not been for John, the man sitting next to me, it would have been. My arm was on his leg because I couldn’t lift it.

I was amazed at what had happened. I remember thinking, “there is no bowling ball or balloon, how did that happen?” When he asked for volunteers, I ran up to the stage with many others. I had to find out more.

He had more people on stage than he could keep, so he had us do the balloon and bowling ball experience again. AGAIN it was so heavy I couldn’t lift it. It was phenomenal. I was chosen to stay along with eight others. I had no idea what to expect, but I had an open mind and wanted to learn. He took us through some things. I remember him saying we were going into a trance like state.

I remember him telling us to sleep when he touched us. I remember feeling safe, relaxed, and open. I remember he telling us, “Thank you, you have been amazing. Go ahead back to your seats.” While I was walking off stage, I realized I was missing my hat. Kira from the audience had it. I remember thinking, “How did she get my hat?”

I returned to my seat, and John asked me what is was like. I told him that nothing had happened. He looked at me like I was crazy. I returned the look. He asked, “How long were you on stage?” I thought about it and said, “I think about 5 minutes. I don’t think it worked for me.” He looked at me like I had grown two heads. “What?” I demanded. “What time is it?” John asked. I looked at my watch. It was 10:30 pm. I was confused because I had walked up to the stage about 9:00. I didn’t think any more about it because Ken was talking and it was tremendous information about the mind and how it works.

I have studied the conscious mind and the subconscious mind in depth, but he was telling me things I had never thought of. He was taking it to a transformational level for me. It had a tremendous effect on me, and I believed every word.

When the training session was over and I was heading back to my room, a few people made very strange comments to me. I just blew it off and when up to my room. I was sharing the room with three other women: Loraine, Victoria, and Brittney. Loraine was volunteering her time as staff because she had attended before. Victoria and Brittney were attending for the first time along with me.

As I was getting into bed, I remembered Ken telling me I would sleep better than I ever had. I was looking forward to that because I have a hard time getting to sleep most nights. However, once again my mind was busy working on problems from the past, present, and future. I know that is not what I’m supposed to do, and I have struggled with it for years. I was frustrated because Ken had told me I would sleep so well. I told myself, “I get the right amount of sleep for me. I awaken refreshed and well rested in the morning.”

My alarm went off at 5:00 am, and I got up and headed to the gym. I felt really good and had a wonderful workout. I returned to my room to find my roommates talking about something. I knew it was about me because when I walked in they shut up and looked at me. I said, “Good morning everybody.” They told me good morning and asked me how I felt.

“I’m having a great morning. How about all of you?”

“Warrior” Victoria said. I felt this rush of power and excitement I had only felt a few times before. It was amazing. I noticed that Brittney and Victoria had a reaction as well. They started talking again and I was getting my things ready for the day. I noticed something was off so I started listening to what they were talking about.

Loraine was not saying warrior she would say the “w” word. New Peaks has a course called Warrior, but she would not say warrior she would just talk around it. I didn’t understand why. I asked her, “Are you trying to not say Warrior?” Again I felt this rush of power and limitlessness. I knew I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to.

She was afraid to say the word because she didn’t understand our reaction to it. Brittney, Victoria, and I had all been on stage the night before and been hypnotized. Loraine had come back to the room and fallen asleep and didn’t even see the show much less know what had happened. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I felt powerful.

“I’m going to shower and get ready.” I told them

When I was in the shower, it all came back to me. The revolutionary transformation and realization of what had happened the night before struck me like a bolt of lightning. I remembered so much. He told me he was giving me a POWERFUL anchor that I could use anytime I needed strength or encouragement. That powerful anchor was the word Warrior.

I remembered being on stage and thinking the person next to me smelled like Plumeria. My conscious mind was telling me, “She does not!” My body was telling me, “She does too!” I remembered smelling her and being so happy because I love Hawaii and the smell of the Plumeria flower.

I remembered Ken telling me, “When I say the word Sheraton you will think everyone is seating in the wrong seat.” “I will not. That’s just crazy,” my conscious mind said. All of sudden I’m standing there looking at everyone in their chairs not sure what to do.

Ken, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just not right.”

I took someone’s hand and asked them to come with me to a different seat. Charity, another participant, told me to get back to my seat and stop make problems. Ken told me it would be all right and he had me change seats. I was still concerned and I looked back down the row. Charity glared at me, so I tried to smile at her because I didn’t like that she was mad at me. She glared some more and made the sign for me to zip my lips. I turned to the person next to me and said, “She’s mean.”


“I don’t know why. I didn’t do anything. I was trying to fix it, and she just got mad at me.”

I remember Rodger forgetting his name.

Conscious mind, “How the hell do you forget your name? Ken is willing to give you $100,000 just to say your name and you can’t do it! What is your problem? Let me up there. I can do it.”

Ken, “Rodger, what’s your name?”

Rodger blank stare.

Ken, “I’m going to give you a hint, Rodger. What’s your name?”

Rodger blank stare.

Ken, “Go ahead and sit back down. If you think of it, let me know.”

As soon as Rodger sat back down, he remembered it. Both hands shot into the air and he started saying, “I remember. I remember.”

Ken, “You remember?”

“Yes, I remember.

Ken, “Okay Rodger, come on back up. Now for $100,000, what is your name?”

Rodger blank stare.

Ken, “How about if I make it an even better deal? Rodger for $200,000 what is your name?”

Rodger blank stare.

Ken, “Go ahead and sit back down. If you think of it, let me know.”

Rodger sits down and Charity looks so disgusted with him. She shakes her head and shows him his nametag. He gets all excited and starts jumping up and down to get Ken’s attention.

“I know it. I know it.” He shouts.

“You’re sure this time?”

“Yes, yes! I know it.” Rodger says as he is holding his nametag in his hands.

“Well, come on back up.”

Rodger jumps out of his seat and rushes up to Ken.

“Okay, Rodger, for $200,000 what is your name?”

Rodger blank stare.

“I think this might help,” Ken says while holding up Rodger’s name badge.

Rodger blank stare.

I remember being consciously aware of everything I was doing. I remember thinking I’m not going to do that. Then watching my body do just exactly what I said I would not do. I was never in danger. I was never asked to do anything that might hurt me or compromise me. I was one of the most compelling paradigm shifting things I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

I know the subconscious mind runs the body. I know my beliefs are stored in my subconscious mind. I know how awe-inspiring I truly am if I can just get out of my own way. I am powerful beyond measure because Jesus Christ is my King. He wants me to have all that I desire. My worry and small thinking do not serve Him in anyway, in fact they take away from His glory.

I invite you to step into your greatness and live the life you desire. There is so much pain and hate in this world it needs your light to shine. This world needs you to live your purpose so others have hope.

Thank you for letting me share my experience with you.

Have a revolutionary day and live limitless,

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