I’m Done.

I’m Done.

“I don’t know what to do.” I lamented to my friend and coach Bridget Cook. “I’m ready to give up.”

“Don’t do it! You’re three feet from gold.” She said as the intensity in her eyes reached mine followed by her big big heart.

“I promise I’ll pray about it first.” I sighed with resolve.

Later in the day I gathered my courage and hit my knees to talk with God realizing I was afraid of what he might say.

Have the last six years been a waste? Was I mistaken? “God, What do I do? Do I keep moving forward with Bully Proofing You or do I shift my focus to real estate?”

“You do both.” The voice in my head said

Over the next week, my husband I figured out a way to do just that.

I love real estate. We have helped a lot of families and made a great deal of money doing it.

I love helping people tame the bully between their ears so they can live into their full potential.

The connections that I have made over the last week have moved me to goosebumps many times. I love goosebumps moments. It means we, as a company, are on the right path. God’s path.

Two weeks ago, I finally let go of all control and gave every aspect of Bully Proofing You to God my higher power. I wish I would have gone to that level before.

I have always thought I had to work hard. I thought I had to keep busy doing things people told me to do. I now know that’s not true. I need to do what God prompts me to do. Those little nudges, bumps, fleeting thoughts, and bursts of inspiration have always been spot on. However, once I let go of what others were telling me to do and started only listening to God I have moved forward in leaps and bounds.

The things that are happening because of the AMAZING people I have met are life changing for me and thousands of others.

I invite you to let go of control and turn your life, your problems, your family, and your business over to God. Do what he tells you to do. Share how he improves and increases you and yours.

That is what I am doing today. Sharing with you the profound changes we have gone through, all because I finally had the faith to rest completely in him.

I can now say with complete conviction that we are in God’s hands and I’m never jumping out again.

If you would like to know more about the changes we are going through, please reach out to me so we can talk.

Have a blessed day,

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