Increasing your prices does not increase your value

Increasing your prices does not increase your value

Has America become the home of the cheap? Is that why Walmart has grown so quickly? Why are more people shopping online? I think it is because customer service is a thing of the past. I love the quality of clothing I get at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. I use to love the customer service as well. Not so lately.

I have a Walmart right down the street from me. Who doesn’t? I do my grocery shopping there, get craft supplies, and get my oil changed from time to time. I even admit to purchasing some clothing there once in a while.

When I shop there, I don’t expect great customer service. I realize the reason most people shop there is the price. That is why one Walmart employee changed my entire experience. Erin was folding clothing with a smile on her face. She said, “Hello, how can I help you?”

I was in shock at first. I had just been to Macy’s a few days before and no one said a word to me. Here I was in Walmart receiving great service. I had to come up with a question fast because I wasn’t ready to be helped.

I don’t remember what I came up with but I do remember she knew the answer. I asked her five more questions just to see how much she knew about her store and where I could find things. She knew the answer to each one and even offered to walk me to the part of the store I would find the items in.

I walked out with things I never would have bought just because of the customer service I received from Erin. This got me to thinking. Where else is this showing up in my life? Where else am I accepting less value just because of the price I pay? Where am I settling? Where are you settling?

If someone lowers their price, do you expect less of them? Do you accept less? As a society, I think we are. We are no longer asking for people to do their best. We are allowing people to “slide by” on poor performance. Why? Is it really just because they lowered their price? Or is it because we have lowered our expectations?

If you work for a business or own a business, you can make more money by giving more. If you’re tired of making minimum wage, give more to your employer. If you’re a business owner that is just skimming by or losing money, think about how you can improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Stop asking what you can get for an hour and start bringing more value to that hour. Smile, be happy, talk to your customers, and be helpful. Don’t be on time. Be early. Ask how you can be of service and then follow through and be of service. Work 5 minutes past quitting time. Go through the finish line not just to it.

If you want more, you have to be more. You’re right; you are worth a whole lot more than you are making. However, you’re not getting paid for your worth you’re getting paid for your value and right now your value might only be $7.25 an hour or less.

The debate about raising the minimum wage is raging on many fronts. The problem with raising the minimum wage is the increase in prices you see to compensate for it. There is a reason for minimum wage. It is for people just getting started in the workplace. It is not for you to support your family on. If you have a family and you’re still making minimum wage, you need to increase the value you are providing.

If the minimum wage keeps climbing, there will be no entry level jobs because the business will be unable to hire beginning workers. The problem is not minimum wage but workers that are not worth what they are being paid. If you want to make more, you have to be more.

Once you increase your value, you might not get that coveted raise right away. You have some past deficiencies to make up for. You were making more than you should have. You’re going to have to work even harder to make up for your mistakes of the past.

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