It Happened At Einstein”s

It Happened At Einstein”s

Monday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week. I have a standing breakfast appointment with my 21-year-old son. I really enjoy my time with him.

Social distancing has made it a bit harder to go out to eat but we still manage from time to time.

Yesterday, we went to Einstein’s Bagels. I went in to order because their phone wasn’t working.

Both of the workers were wearing masks. The lady behind the counter had a home-made version that was slightly thicker and it muffled her words.

When we were approaching the end of our transaction together, I noticed I was getting frustrated.

I took a deep breath, relaxed my mind, and asked myself, “Why?” I’m very happy to report that my frustration didn’t spill over onto her.

As I was leaving the store, the answer came to me. She moved away from me as I approached her. She didn’t want me to use the pen in the pen holder. She didn’t smile at me and I realized she was scared of me.

Okay, not me specifically, anyone that might be a carrier of Coronavirus. She is living in her Limbic brain.

Once I realized it wasn’t me, my frustration abated and I felt better.

Then I thought, “How many people are feeling like I was but haven’t been able to understand why?”

So, I recorded my podcast with that in mind today. Check it out here. It’s about 20 minutes of me learning and sharing a deeper dive into what I learned.

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