It’s Time to Dream

It’s Time to Dream

We’re heading into the New Year with a speed I have not known before. I have heard that time speeds up as you get older. I know that’s not true because time is constant and doesn’t change. However, it sure seems like time is speeding up. So, we took some time to slow down and relax.

We took a family trip, tacking it onto a business conference Laurence and I had in Henderson, NV. We had so much fun! I’m so glad Mom was able to get on the plane and join us. There were a few days before the trip that we weren’t sure whether or not Mom would be able to join us. God does answer prayers because Mom was able to make the trip.

She enjoyed the shows and eating out. Mom loves to travel, see shows, and eat in restaurants. It was a pleasure to take one more trip with her. I hope to have more but I’m not sure it will happen. She wants to go to Idaho and drive around. She grew up in Shoshone and wants to go back. We have a trip planned for the first of the year.

My mom has taught me how important it is to stay connected to the ones you love. You never know when their life will take a dramatic turn. One year after my mom had her will and trust drawn up she was living with me. If someone had told me that was possible, I never would have believed it. She is so full of life and love. She just has a hard time expressing it.

I love going through photos of trips we have taken. I love seeing her smile. I enjoy dreaming of the next trip. I find pleasure reliving the memories of special times and get-togethers.

What dreams will you dream in 2016? What dreams will you take action on? Life is short. Shorter than you might realize. You have dreams for a reason. You were meant to live them. There will never be the perfect time. There will never be enough money. There will never be this moment again.

Dan Clark recently told me, “You have never been this old before and you will never be this young again.” It’s true. It’s time to take your dreams down off the shelf and make them your reality. What action are you going to take today, and the next, and the next, etc. until your dream comes true?

We need more people living their dreams. It takes courage and strength. I’m glad you have both.

Let me know how it’s going. If you need help, I’m here.

Thanks for joining me. Have a wonderful day and live limitless,

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