Keep moving forward

Keep moving forward

I have a confession to make. I almost gave up this week. I spent so much time preparing for some very big events this month, and it was so much fun and so exciting. As you know, the biggest event was when ABC came to my home to video and interview me and a former student.

It started with me getting in contact with some of my former students– thank goodness for Facebook. It was so nice to connect with them and catch up. It felt so good to hear how well they were doing. As a high school teacher, you don’t always know what happens when they graduate and move on. It was so inspiring to hear how they had taken the knowledge I had given them and used it to improve their life. Some of them have been through so much, and yet they have thrived and made dynamic and successful lives for themselves and their families.

That all ended on October 23 and the last few days I have been lost. I did not make my routine 50 cold calls because I didn’t know who to call. I wasn’t sure what to do. Then on Friday I got an email from telling me I needed to pay for my next year of webhosting. I moved my website to because I love the customer support. They have helped me so much. I have had problems finding someone to work on my website consistently, and it seems that it keeps falling on my shoulders. I have learned so much over the past two years, but I am not into web design, nor do I want to be. Godaddy is always there to answer questions and help me with my web problems. So I called them to see if I needed to pay or if everything was alright. I wanted to make sure everything was up and running when the ABC interview airs and that there wouldn’t be any problems.

Eric, the tech that helped me, showed me how to view the stats for my sites. One minute I was feeling kind of down and lost wondering if I was reaching people and having an impact outside the classroom. Then I saw how many people have been viewing my websites. It was paradigm shifting to say the least. was the one we looked at first. I launched it in February of this year. It has had 5,550 unique visitors, 13,596 visits, 54,660 pages, and 93,289 hits. It was so transformational for me. It is reaching people all over the world. China had 2,460 hits, Ukraine had 957, Brazil had 683, Italy 298, Greece 106, Vietnam 20, It blew my mind. I couldn’t believe it; it had 48 countries listed. I don’t even know where Latvia is. I will remedy that today however. Then we looked at It launched January 2014. It has had 6,645 unique visitors, 15,987 visits, 43,309 pages, and 72,323 hits. Again, countries from all around the globe.

I feel so blessed to know that Bully Proofing You is making a difference. To know the message is getting into the hands of people that need it. It really is all about perspective. Mine shifted big time.

Thanks for listening and sharing in this win with me.

Have an awesome day,

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