Last week in my podcast I talked about connecting with family. We always have a family reunion in July. I was thinking about this when I came across Knockerball. Knockerballs are these very large inflated balls that you put around you and then run into each other while trying to play a game of soccer. I think it looks like a great deal of fun and want to bring them to the family reunion this summer. What do you think?

It’s safe, clean fun; gets everyone involved, and gets everyone active. I think they will be the hit of the week. I’m so excited I might have to go try them out this next month here in Utah. They’re available all over the country. I am in no way affiliated with Knockerball. I just think it looks like a great deal of fun.

I just talked to Sean Bangerter at Utah County Knockerball Rental (385-225-5801) and he said he needs two-week notice. He has 6 -16 Knockerballs and they rent for $25 apiece. I think I’ll talk to Max’s school to see if they want to try them out with me.

I also want to have them at my upcoming Bully Proofing You event April 9,2016. But, I need to have a trial run (no pun intended). Plus, they look like so much fun I think I need to try them out multiple times to make sure they will teach the lessons what I participants to learn.

Participants will be divided into three groups – 1. Those that want to play with the Knockerballs.  2. Those who are unsure. 3. Those who do not want to participate.

Lessons I want to teach:

  1. Applying how to stretch comfort zones.
  2. Participant intention and what really happens.
  3. Perspective – Do you see what you’re looking for?
  4. Being active can be fun.
  5. You can act in spite of fear.

Do you think there might be some other lessons I am missing?

Thank you for your help and support.

Have an off the charts day,

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