Let It Go!

Let It Go!

I know now the song is stuck in your head. Believe me I wouldn’t do it without a very good reason.

I’ve learning some very important letting go techniques these past two months. Some people call them release techniques. I don’ think it matters what you call them as long as you do them.

One technique I use it called The Truth The Lies. It was taught to me by Kirk Duncan of 3-Key Elements.

  1. You take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center.
  2. The left side is labeled The Truth.
  3. Label the right side The Lies.
  4. Start with the right side.
  5. Write down up to 10 NEGATIVE thoughts you’ve had about yourself today.
  6. Be honest! No one will see these lies but you. The more honest you are, the better you will feel when you finally get to burn, shred, flush them.
  7. After the 10 negative things, write out why “I feel weak when I read the lies because …”
  8. Go to the left side of the paper.
  9. Now, write The Truth. Write the POSITIVE OPPOSITE of each lie and then add a POSTIVIE compliment about your physical appearance.
  10. After the 10 POSITIVE things, write out why “I feel strong when I read my truths because…”
  11. Tear the paper in half on the line you drew down the center.
  12. Keep the left side.
  13. Shred, Burn, Crush, Throw Away OUTSIDE whatever but get rid of the right side. It is never to been seen again by you or anyone else.

You need to get a hold of those bullying comments you say to yourself every day. You need to get them out of you. You need to get them away from you as well but you don’t want to give them to someone else. That is why you destroy them. It also feels really good.

You get a hold, get it out, and get it away. Do this every day and you are building your Bully Proofing You muscle.

Let your children see you do this so you can invite them to try it as well. If they like learning new things, you can go ahead and just teach them what you have learned.

Pretty soon your entire home will be bully proof.

Thanks again for spending time with me today.

Take care and live bully free,

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