Life’s Fragile

Life’s Fragile

Life’s Fragile

This past week I’ve been spending extra time with my family and friends. It started last Sunday, September 10, 2023. I sat on my bed thinking of the thousands of people who went to bed 22 years ago that didn’t live to see another evening.

How many of them didn’t kiss their kid’s goodnight? How many of them had a fight with their spouse? How many of them didn’t enjoy something they love because __________? Fill in the blank. We have our reasons for doing the things we do. Have you checked yours lately?

How do I live for today while planning for the future? I found out last week.

  1. Take time to show love and appreciation for others. Smile, give hugs, say please and thank you, pause and look into their eyes, be with them 100% in that moment.
  2. Dream Big guilt free. I have BIG dreams and I used to make them small because I felt guilty wanting more when others have so much less. I realized I was putting limits on God. I didn’t believe He could answer my requests and still have enough for others. Silly ME! He is abundant beyond my wildest dreams and can supply everyone with what they want. So, you might ask, “Why doesn’t He?” Because… (That is a very long answer I will attempt to answer later.)
  3. Enjoy the journey. Take a moment to pause and see, really see, the beauty that is all around. Find the mini miracles in your day. Just a few of mine from the week:
    1. The birds and the bees, the green grass and the trees.
    2. My body’s ability to heal and repair the damage done during the day.
    3. Running water and a home.
    4. A cozy bed and a loving husband.
    5. The memory of those that have gone before and are no longer with me.
    6. My ability to learn and grow.
    7. Music to help me feel all of my emotions.
    8. The straw in my drink so I can partake as I’m driving, and I get thirsty.
    9. The funny cat and dog videos on social media.
    10. My ability to smell and touch.
  4. The destination is short lived. That’s why we need to enjoy the journey. It can take years to achieve a goal and then you have it. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Tell others about it because soon you’ll be moving on to your next goal.
  5. Spend time with God every day.
    1. Read the Bible because it’s His love letter.
    2. Communicate with Him because relationships wither and die if we don’t stay connected. Sit in silence and let Him talk. It’s a two-way street and you know how it feels when you’re talked at not to.
    3. Ask Him what His will is. Let Him be in every moment.
    4. Keep Him in my boat.
  6. Remember to do for one what I want to do for the world.

I pray you have a blessed day.

Thank you for spending some time with me.

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