Lone Survivors

Lone Survivors

Why do some people flourish in adversity while others flounder? Why do some people get to live while others die? Why is there a circle of life and not a line that goes on forever?

This Memorial Weekend I want you to think about those that have gone before and the lessons you can learn from them. In my time in the service, I was never called to war and because of that for a long time I didn’t consider myself a veteran.

My husband explained to me, “Going to war doesn’t make you a veteran. Raising your hand when you are called does. You did that. You are a veteran.” It shifted my perspective.

Then I started wondering about those that had fallen securing my freedom and those that had lived. Which is worse? I have no idea. I know some of my friends are lost because they feel guilt for living. Because of the horrendous things they were subjected to on a daily basis.

I know there are movies depicting such things. I also know the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is made up and what is real. However, the conscious mind does. Your emotional mind knows that your friend is no longer walking the path in front of you; That they have just been vaporized for real. It’s not a movie. It’s real life.

Why am I left when they are dead? Why am I okay? Why was I spared? Because, you were. It doesn’t mean you’re better than them. It doesn’t mean you have a higher purpose, or you are more valuable. It just means you better find out your purpose and live it every day.

Stop taking your life for granted. Start living every day to its fullest. Get in touch with your higher power and make sure you are on track for what He has planned for you. The lives of the fallen were not wasted.  They paid the ultimate price so you and others like you could live. Make sure you live it.

I think the picture shows a very poignant visual analogy of this. As I was driving back from an engagement in Las Vegas; like I do frequently, I noticed these trees. I’ve driven by them many times but this time it hit me. I had to stop and take a picture.

A fire raged through here and devastated so much of the landscape. In fact, Laurence and I were on the way back from Vegas when it was burning some years ago.

My question for you is, why did some of the trees burn to ash? Why did some of them burn and become shells of their former selves? Why were some scorched and then recovered? I’m not sure of your answer but I know what mine is.

You see, a few of these trees lived through the devastation and today they are thriving. This shows me that I must live every day to its fullest because I can. Because God gave me one more moment to become the person He sees in me and I must keep striving to live into His vision of me.

Thank you for joining me again on this beautiful day.

You are blessed. Today, be aware of it.

Have an incredible day and live bully free,

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