Mainstream media is wrong.

Mainstream media is wrong.

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Have you been bullied? It is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Many media ports are professing that bullying is an epidemic taking over the world and destroying it. This is the cause of so much pain in our world, and I am here to put an end to it. That is why I wrote the book Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out.

I am tired of hearing another life has been lost to bullying. There is no truth to this statement. People do not take their life because they have been bullied. People take their life because they feel they have no value or hope for a better tomorrow. My heart breaks every time someone gives up and is lost. It is my mission to end this tragic disease that is wrecking the lives of so many.

There really is an easy remedy. Believe in your own personal value. Believe you are here for a reason that no one else can fulfill. Believe you have a purpose that must be accomplished right now in this time and in this space.

Take a moment and think of one of your heroes. Is it a parent or teacher? Is it someone that made you feel important with a kind word or a smile? Feel the love you have for them in your heart. Close your eyes for a moment and just feel it. Do you have a smile on your face? Did just thinking of them raise your spirits? Of course it did. What if they had not stepped into their power and had an impact on you? Your life would be different would it not?

God created you with a purpose in mind. You do not serve him by playing small. Stop hiding under a bushel and let your light shine for others. Stop listening to the negative things people say and choose to listen to all the empowering ones. In Matthew 7:7 you are told to seek so you can find. Start seeking the things that lift you up and empower you. Continue to improve your confidence and personal value so you can positively impact those around you. Believe that you are created by the all-powerful God for the purpose of shining your light so others may follow.

This world needs your light more than ever. It is so dark in places that it will take every light to bring about change. Maybe you are the one to make the scales tip in favor of a positive world, community, work place, and home. You never know how far your light will shine but you have to turn it on first.

Find the power within and from above and light up your corner of the world. Shout it out that you love your life. Let it show on your face and in your being. Let the power of you shower others with love and light so that they know they are loved and blessed just as God intended them to be. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

We can all live in peace and it starts with letting go of the past and stepping into our power. It doesn’t matter what was said. What matters is how you react to what is said. Don’t let others steal your power with their negative comments. You know better. You can do anything. You are blessed. You are loved.

Share your love today. Smile.

Thanks for letting me share this time and space with you.

Continue having blessed days and sharing your light. Others need it.

Your friend,

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