Merry Christmas from America

Merry Christmas from America

Merry Christmas,
After church today, my husband and I went to Mi Rancheto for lunch. We had the pleasure of Viktor waiting on us. Viktor is a very friendly and happy person, so I enjoy sitting in his section.

On an earlier visit with my son, Viktor commented on Max’s watch. It had an American Flag on the face. Viktor stopped what he was doing to tell us how much he loved America. How proud of the fact that he was an American. You could see it in his face as he lit up with his message.

I told my husband about my experience with Viktor from the previous month. As we were leaving, I told Viktor I remembered him and the stories he had told my son and I. He was excited and told us even more.

What a blessing it is to meet someone from another country that loves America. We have so many blessings that it is easy to forget them. The fact that I get to marry whomever I want. The fact that I get to worship whomever I want on the day of my choice. I fact that I can work from home with my dog at my feet. The fact that I can have more than one child. All of these are blessings we receive from being an American.

I know many of my readers are from other countries. I know you have blessings as well. You also have things to be grateful for. I know my country is going through a test of the resolve of our forefathers. I hope it makes it through intact.

I hope we can come together and be united instead of fighting. This Christmas season I invite you to put aside your differences and look for the things in common. I invite you to lead with love for your fellow man. I invite you to give the gift of peace to your community. I invite you to heal some of your pain.

Together we can make things better.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonder filled New Year and beyond.

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