Moving Forward

Moving Forward

       Max, my son, is now in Washington. He is attending Pierce College, home of the Raiders, on a basketball scholarship. Playing college ball is something he has dreamed of for a very long time. Every dream comes with a down side. His came with long hours in the gym working on his shot, footwork, and ball handling. It also included moving away.

        We said our tearful goodbyes on September 6. It was hard to help him pack. It was hard to leave him standing there. I know he’ll be just fine. He is an amazing young man. He makes great decisions and knows how to do the right thing even when no one is watching. I’m proud to be his mother.

        I was thinking on the way home how the act of taking him to college is something many parents do every year. It is also something many parents wish they could do. I was filled was a since of gratitude and fulfillment. I’ve spent 18 years raising Max up in the way I felt he should go. God first, family second, take advice but make your own decisions, and keep growing and learning every day. At 6’11” he has the growing part down. I can also say he is as big on the inside.

        I can always connect the dots looking back. I can look back at the challenges and realize life has happened for me. I now have faith that the dots will connect moving forward as well. I miss Max very much and I know he misses us also. I’m glad he’s just at college and not heading off to war. I now understand my parents point of view more clearly.

       If you are a parent missing your child, have faith that it will all work out. Remember you did the best you could. Now let them take it from here. Give advice and let them make their own decisions. After all God made us with the wonder of free will. It is in everyone not just a select few. I know, I remind myself of that often. “Lord, help me let people make their own decisions just as you let me make mine.” Remember a bad decision can always be followed by a good one. Measure, monitor, and adjust as you go along and everything will work out the way you want it to.

Your dream will come true if you stay the course and keep moving forward.

I’m here is you need a pep talk or a kick in the seat.

Let me know how I can be of service.

Thank you for joining me again,

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