My Mom Taught Me Something This Weekend

My Mom Taught Me Something This Weekend

I went bowling with my mom on Friday night. I didn’t think she would be able to bowl. She made it happen. She is in a wheelchair and has been for some time. She is able to walk short distances with a walker or assisted but not on her own.

Our family was at the bowling alley and Mom said, “I better put on my shoes.” I asked her if she wanted to bowl and she said yes she did. I took her in the wheelchair up to the lane and we used a ramp for her to roll the ball down.

She did that a few times but the ramp wasn’t working very well.

I traded in my shoes for her size and helped her put them on. Then I helped her walk up to the lane. I put my hand under her hand so we were carrying the ball together. She bent down to release the ball and dropped it at the beginning of the lane. I rolled it down toward the pins.

She loved it. She had massive smile on her face. When she was done using my turn, Max said she could take his as well. She bowled a few more balls and then Laurence said she could take his turn also. She just kept going up there and dropping the ball and I would roll it for her. She loved every minute of it and so did I.

It is a memory I will treasure for a very long time. It is one of those memories I will pull up for the rest of my life when I think of Mom. I will picture her standing there with that fabulous smile and loving every moment of it.

When I was young, Mom was in a league. She was a wonderful bowler and did very well. She said it was a grand time in her life. I’m not sure what she was thinking about Friday night but I know for just a moment she was able to do something she loved. She was able to forget about her pain and suffering. She was able to forget about her struggles and just enjoy.

I need to remember that. Life is meant to be enjoyed. I need to learn from the obstacles placed in my way and continue my journey. I need to cherish the journey because the destination comes and passes so quickly it is gone in a flash. However, the journey can take a long time so enjoy all the obstacles and fun times along the way.

Spend time with your family. Let them know you love them. Be grateful for the incredible life you have.

Thank you once again for spending time with me,

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