My thoughts on gun control.

My thoughts on gun control.

Since my honorable discharge from the Army, 30 July 1999, I have not wanted to use a gun against another human being. I have been so blessed because I live in The United States of America. In the past, we have not had to deal with attacks of the nature we are now. I believe there are many reasons for these attacks which I will not go into at this time. However, I still believe in the right for people to bear arms if they pass a back ground check.

In fact, I feel it has become a necessity for every person of sound mind to carry a weapon to protect their family and friends. My husband and I both have concealed carry permits. Many times he open carries his weapon. It is amazing the reactions we receive. Mostly it is other fathers that tell him, “Thank you, I feel safer now.” Some are in the process of earning their permits. Some will ask what kind of a weapon he carries and why. Most don’t even notice it.

There are many statistic sites on the internet with differing information on guns and the deaths caused by them each day and each year. I’m not sure which one to site or believe. You can look them up and make your own decision. However, whatever the facts truly are, I know that passing a law and trying to control guns will never work.

It is already unlawful to shoot people. People who have deadly intent will not be stopped by another law. Making it harder for law-abiding citizens to obtain a gun to protect themselves will not stop criminals from getting one. If that were true, there would be no crime of any kind especially violent crime or drug use.

My question to you is hypothetical and it is to get you to think about your future. What would have happened in the Umpqua Community College classroom if one of the students or the teacher had been carrying a gun and knew how to use it to defend?

I believe no one would have died except Chris Harper-Mercer. How many more innocent people are going to die before we start defending ourselves and our loved ones?

I hope we bring God back into our country soon because he is desperately needed. That is one of the reasons why we lived such a blessed life in this beautiful country. We looked to a higher power for guidance and we loved our neighbor as ourselves.

My plea to you is to get back to that way of life. Our future depends on it.

I hope you have a paradigm shifting day,

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