Personal Value vs. Self -Esteem

Personal Value vs. Self -Esteem

In my training and publications I always refer to personal value. The other day someone asked me why that is. “Why don’t you just talk about self-esteem?” This person asked me. There are two reasons and I thought I would share them with you because if she has that question I’m sure others do as well.

If you type esteem into google is says: “respect and admiration, typically for a person.” Therefore, self-esteem is how much you respect or admire yourself. If you look esteem up in the Merriam-Webster dictionary it says: “high regard.” How you feel about yourself, like yourself, and/or others.

Look up value and you will find it says: “how much something is worth.” Google value and you will find: “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” It takes it just a little bit further. It dives deeper into your value.

The #1 reason I use “personal value” is the usefulness, importance, and worth that goes into it. You must decide to value yourself then you take action to build that value. When you value something, you treat it well.

I tell a story in my book that clarifies this point but let me give you a quick example here. Think about your home and where things are. The things you value are taken care of and treated well. If nothing is valued, everything is thrown around, dirty, getting walked on; then you need to look at why. Why do you not value your things?

What do you value? I could tell the moment I walked into your home. You can also. Take a moment today and look at what you value. What holds most of your attention? What is well cared for and what is not? The more value you place on something the better you care for it.

The second reason: I really like the word grouping. It reminds me that I decide my value because it is personal value not the neighbor value or friend value.

Decide today to increase your personal value. Now behave how a person with that much value would act. Treat yourself and demand that others treat you as the valuable person you are.

Thanks for listening.

Have a revolutionary day,

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