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“Bullying is everywhere. It’s in our schools, our communities, our places of business, and even our sports teams. Bully Proofing You is the answer to this invasive problem. In this powerful book, Jeanie teaches you step by step an easy to understand format what you need to do to bully proof yourself for life. It is a must read if you would like be part of the solution and end bullying.”

“As a step by step guide, this book contains everything you need to know. Brimming with straightforward strategies and steps anyone can use to overcome the key fears associated with bullying.”

“Anyone who’s ever wanted to increase self-esteem, personal value and confidence will benefit from the down-to-earth knowledge in this book.”

“If I could read only one book on bullying, Bully Proofing You is the one I would choose!”

“A must-read for every parent and caregiver!”

“Powerful, practical and solid advice on overcoming a lifetime of bullying. Apply Jeanie Cisco-Meth’s knowledge and experience and step into your confident self once and for all!”

“Bully Proofing You cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.”

“Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches for Bully Proofing You that simply work. A fantastic book.”

“It’s rare to find such honest advice on this subject. Congratulations Jeanie Cisco-Meth, I highly recommend Bully Proofing You.”

“What a fantastic, straightforward and honest book. A must read!”

“So many people fail to overcome the effects of bullying. Jeanie Cisco-Meth outlines how to stop the cycle, overcome and succeed in life. A great read!”

“Your inspiration and insight leaped from every page.”

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