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“With appreciation, I send this letter of recommendation for Jeanie Cisco-Meth- She recently presented at the Utah Business Education Conference at Murray High School. Jeanie did an outstanding job of presenting workshops that were relevant to our Utah school teachers’ needs and taught them skills that were enthusiastically received. The conference evaluations gave high marks to Jeanie’s presentations and willingness to share her teaching materials. In the conference evaluation we asked, ‘Please list three classes that were your favorite.’ Jeanie’s class was mentioned several times. One of the additional comments was, ‘Jeanie Cisco-Meth’s class was my favorite. She had great ideas and was very energetic.”
Andrea CurtinExecutive Secretary, Career and Technical Education, Utah State Office of Education
“It is my pleasure to recommend Jeanie Cisco-Meth to anyone that may be seeking to hire her as a speaker or trainer. She has been mentored by someone that I have been working with the past 6 years, Blair Singer. Blair is a Rich Dad Advisor, #1 bestselling author, acclaimed international speaker and a very successful corporate trainer. Jeanie developed her platform skills with his input and used his three decades of experience in the personal and professional development field to create her own powerful programs. Jeanie’s accomplishments and knowledge in the field of bullying, and the impact it has on those that have been effected, is top notch! She has demonstrated world-class skills that educates and transforms the many people that have been effected by bullying and helps them make lasting changes – even those that have bullied themselves!”
Karen E. MileskiBlair Singer Companies

“Working within the arena of Human Capital development for the past two plus decades at the corporate, collegiate/educational, and governmental levels, it is my pleasure to recommend Jeanie Cisco-Meth. One of the most honest and insightful people I know, Jeanie comes from a place of practitioner, academic, and credentialed professional – a rarity from the platform today. Her Bully Proofing You program will help you create a safe productive environment, which significant personnel, operational and ROI implications..

Jeanie trains participants on increasing their self-esteem so they believe in themselves. When people believe they can do anything, they usually can. This empowerment creates a happier more productive atmosphere. Jeanie also teaches different perspectives and how to understand the other person’s mindset. This approach helps reduce tension and back stabbing so your teams are more effective.

Her attention to detail and her ability to organize things will amaze you. She has the ability to keep your audience engaged with accelerated learning techniques so they remember the lessons being taught. Her high energy dynamic presentations will decrease tensions and increase production. To bring people together today in your organization at every level is where Jeanie lives and can generate results for you.”

Dr. Jeffrey Magee, PDM, CMC, CSPProfessional Performance Magazine

“Jeanie Cisco-Meth did a great job with her presentation at Region V ACTE conference! I was not planning to attend the session; however, she coaxed me in with her Marketing skills at the door. I’d been looking forward to the Harley Davidson Tour for weeks. After she convinced me to attend her session I mentioned that I’d have to leave half way through for my tour. She indicated that it was no problem to leave early. Her session was so inspiring to me that I decided to switch tours in order to not miss half of the presentation. I don’t believe I’ve ever been to another presentation that motivated me like hers did.

I highly recommend you obtain Jeanie’s services for your program. She can provide your staff with golden nuggets to improve student performance and inspire them to bigger and better lives. I know that you will find educational value and be laughing during her trainings.”

Kraig SteinhoffAsst. Director, Southeast Region Career and Technology Center

“Jeanie Cisco-Meth came to our school and gave presentations to the students, staff, and a parent group. We really appreciated the information that was shared. The students found the information engaging and helpful. Staff members were pleased at the usefulness and practicality of the presentations.

Jeanie was well prepared, presented well, and kept things interesting with stories and illustrations. Her information was engaging for children and adults as well.

We would definitely recommend her presentations to other Christian schools!”

Karen CarltonPrincipal, Lewis County Adventist School

“We had a great turn out of over 120 people, parents and students, for our school’s Stomp Out Bullying Night last year, Jeanie Cisco-Meth was our guest speaker, She was very prepared and even gave out books to some members of the audience. We enjoyed Jeanie’s life experiences and wisdom, as well as her important advice on how to take a stand against bullying. I think her words stuck with any who were in attendance. We thank her for her influence on our students and parents.”

Bryan LeggatPrincipal, Joel P. Jensen Middle School

“I am writing this recommendation letter on behalf of Jeanie Cisco-Meth, and how incredibly wonderful she is as a person and speaker to promote a bully-free environment in schools around the United States. I. was very impressed even before meeting her. She is an author, professional speaker, educator, and has written numerous articles, in which I took into consideration before she came to speak at Morton High School.

One of my concerns with deciding to allow a speaker to speak about bullying is the fact that most times the bullying behavior increases. This is due to the speaker discussing bullying behaviors and “what to look out for.” Jeanie Cisco-Meth was NOT a part of discussing bullying behavior, but instead she discussed self-confidence, self-worth, and personal value. She uplifted every student in a fun and meaningful way. After our assembly, students were reaching out to Jeanie with their personal stories of struggle. Jeanie’s warm and friendly character allowed students to feel comfortable in doing so. She stated to our students that if they ever wanted to talk, they could call her anytime.

I strongly recommend Jeanie Cisco-Meth be invited to speak at your school. She improved confidence and personal value in our students. She is very professional and highly knowledgeable on the subject of bullying.”

Robin PierceSchool Counselor, Morton School District
“This was a first time event to promote anti-bullying in our school. It was much needed and very appreciated. Students, parents, and staff can use the information from this presentation to encourage positive actions in all places; school, home life, etc. Thank you!!”
Tara BrownParent, Joel P. Jensen Middle School
“I came tonight to support my daughter who is on team Prowl here at Joel P. Jensen. Little did I know I could have taken SO much out of tonight for myself and my life. Thank You!!”
Denise DaraodoParent, Joel P. Jensen Middle School
“Thank you for sharing a positive side of anti-bullying & the focus on our self-worth of those we love & want to help. It’s so good to focus on the good & see how that actually helps change those who are doing to bullying. Thanks!”
Lisa BlakeParent, Joel P. Jensen Middle School
“You were very genuine and I enjoyed your presentation… Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.”
Janet HamiltonParent, Joel P. Jensen Middle School
“It was great. Talked plainly which is great for my girls. The humor you had throughout was funny. Thank you for coming!”
Angelique GoodrichParent, Joel P. Jensen Middle School
“I enjoyed your presentation very much… Thank you for the time you took out of your life to help others.”
Lisette AquirreStudent, Joel P. Jensen Middle School
“I really like this because it helped me feel better about myself also to say what I’m feeling inside. Thank you for everything. Hope you come back soon.”
Jeniffer RuelasStudent, Joel P. Jensen Middle School
“I want to apologize for being late. When I was here I loved your energy. Thank you for coming.”
Maddyson DonatStudent, Joel P. Jensen Middle School
“This presentation was really great! I think it’s going to help these kids a lot and I’m really glad we were able to attend.”
Alex MarquardsonJoel P. Jensen Middle School

“For the past 14 years I have been working with at-risk youth and adults in a correctional setting. For the last nine years, I have been engaged in managing safe and effective behavioral programs as program director and co-owner of The Utah Preparatory Academy for Boys and Girls and currently Haven Home for Girls. While pursuing dreams of establishing safe and effective homes designed to modify self-destructive behaviors and set young teens on a course for success in life, I was not able to dedicate a suitable amount of time in pursuit of another dream I have had since I was a child. My dream was of working in the medical field. I had put this dream on hold until I met Jeanie.

My first contact with Jeanie was during the summer of 2010, when we had just finished organizing our girl’s group home in Orem, Utah. During one of my many conversations with Jeanie, I had related to her the dream I had of working in the medical field and how I had not fulfilled that dream. She asked me why I had not, and I gave her the usual and what seemed to me at the time, valid excuses as to why I had not yet accomplished my dream. Jeanie let me know that those excuses were exactly what they were…excuses. Along with the constant prodding and refusal of my wonderful wife to accept those excuses as well as the added motivation Jeanie provided, I am now almost half way through with the completion of my RN.

Jeanie has been very instrumental in helping to facilitate the educational needs of our youth in custody. As we and our students interact with her on a personal and professional level she is always very informative, welcoming, and above all genuinely concerned for the success of our students. Over the next three years I worked closely with Jeanie, she continually offered valuable insight and experience while addressing and helping to resolve issues with our students at Summit High. I personally noted that she has an exceptional ability to foster a close rapport with those students and when an issue had been presented by one of our students she was very adept in leading them to appropriate resolutions based both on school policy and personal wisdom. I was especially impressed by how effectively she would diffuse a volatile situation by helping the students feel that she identified with them, but also artfully insisting upon their accountability.

I had the opportunity on a few occasions to observe her in her teaching capacity at Summit high and recently at our residential treatment facility as a motivational speaker. She is very skilled at presenting material with such ease and even introduced an element of humor that caused her audience to be much more receptive to the content she was presenting. Her creative ideas for presenting the material and activities are inventive and entertaining; they are also incredibly effective. With youth from a variety of backgrounds, there is often conflict, and occasional confrontation. While setting limits, Jeanie managed to respond consistently with respect, compassion, and authority. Her life experiences and the knowledge gleaned from those experiences had a profound effect on the youth at Summit High. In my observation, Jeanie was never satisfied with producing the seemingly mundane and average work, but was constantly engaged in offering new ideas, persistently pushing for results against heavy odds. Her commitment and passion for her work and the success of others is evident in everything she does, and in my estimation is not only a phenomenal teacher and motivational speaker, but has come to be a close friend as well.

In closing, I am confident that as Jeanie becomes a part of your endeavor to inspire all those involved in your establishment to reach the heights of success, she will be coming to you with the qualities of a great teacher and presenter: genuineness, warmth, compassion, life experience and integrity.”

Dana DaltonProgram Director, Haven Home for Girls

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