Really?! I doubt it. Okay, maybe. Alright, we got this.

Really?! I doubt it. Okay, maybe. Alright, we got this.

This past week has been really hard. Boy, did I want to stay in bed and suck my thumb.

Our semi blew an engine and needs an in frame (that’s a rebuild while the engine is still in the truck). Our refrigerator stopped working. The coils were frozen over so I had to defrost it. Trouble shooting revealed it is the thermostat, a part I had to order and it takes three business days to get in. My husband’s phone will not charge. That is the way we keep in touch while he is driving the truck all over the country. It’s also how he books loads to haul, keeps in touch with brokers, shippers, and receivers so he can make money – the reason he is driving all over the country.

I know that what I focus on gets bigger, and for a while I was stuck in a negative feedback loop. Everything became a problem for me.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right? First order of business was to get the truck back on the road. After calling every truck rental place in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming; I thought we were done for. No one had a truck to rent. Then the Lord blessed us and we found one at Peterbuilt . It is costing about $1,500 a week but we found one. Then we found someone to finance the $25,000 in frame.

We had saved some money because we knew the engine rebuild would be needed. We just didn’t know when and we didn’t expect it to be so soon or cost so much. (There’s over 1,000,000 miles on the Volvo). We were able to put the down payment on the rebuild and it should be ready this week sometime.

I also found a used refrigerator on KSL for $50 OBO. I told her I had $40 in my wallet. “Will you take that?” “Sure,” she said. I got my son and we went up to Sugarhouse and picked up a new used fridge, then we came home and rearranged the garage so it would fit, cleaned it out, and plugged it in. It works!!!! Our food was saved.

Well, except the ice cream. However, that worked out as well. It turns out the chocolate Creamies are better melted. Who knew?!

Laurence has found the solution to his phone and we are able to stay in contact once again. I don’t know how truckers did it before cell phones. I am so grateful for technology for many reasons the phone is just one.

I want to share with you how I kept going. When I say, “It is impossible”. God says, “All things are possible”. (Luke 18:27) When I say, “I’m afraid”. God says, “I have not given you a spirit of fear”. (2 Timothy 1:7) When I say, “I can’t do it”. God says, “You can do all things.” (Philippians 4:13) When I say, “I just can’t figure it out.” God says, “I will direct your steps.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

That which you focus on gets bigger; so, relax, change your focus, and trust in God. “I believe I am always divinely guided. I believe I will always take the right turn in the road. I believe God will always make a way where there is no way.” (Norman Vincent Peale) These words are by my bed. They are the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. They have made a big difference for me. I hope they help you as well.

Take care for now,

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