Schools and Your Children

Schools and Your Children

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the sixth one this year. Not the first. Sadly, it seems schools don’t really care for our children.

After the shooting, my office was flooded with calls and requests to speak on radio shows across the nation. However, still no schools have responded to my requests to help before something like this happens. Even though Bully Proofing You has been proven to save lives.

In 2012, I transitioned from the classroom as a high school educator to the stage to help as many as I could end the pain caused by bullying. Bullying has taken the lives of our loved ones for to long. Bullies has written a price tag that is just too high. Reality is we no longer have to pay it.

Hurt people hurt people. Love unites. Pain isolates. There is a way to heal the pain and return to love.

Our world is divided in so many ways racially, economically, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. People are in pain and they feel isolated and alone.

When you’re in pain and disconnected from the human race, it becomes very easy to lash out at others and hurt them.

Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out gives you the keys to healing the pain you are feeling wither it be from external bullies or internal ones.

Sometimes the worse bully is the one that lives between your ears.

You’re too fat. You’re too skinny. You’re too old. You’re too young. You’re too dumb. Are some of the words your bully may use on you to make you feel alone and cut off from your family and friends.

It’s time to Tame the Bully Between Your Ears and start living a life of love, productivity, and joy. You need to start accepting and loving yourself so you can love and accept others.

It’s time to tame the bully between your ears. You do that by recognizing it and telling it to STOP. When the negative comments come into your mind say, “Stop,” or you can say “clear.” My favorite go to line is, “clean cup move down.”

Once you have stopped the negative you then say something positive. For example, “I love myself”. You can also use gratitude to stop the downward spiral into insolation. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for. I invite you to make a list every day. That way you stop the negative before it can begin. It gets your day started right.

You’ve stopped the negative. You’ve pulled in the positive. Now, get support from a friend, your family, or a stranger. Accept the complements given to you by others. Don’t brush them off. Even better give someone a heart felt complement. It they don’t receive it by negating it. Educate them why they need to receive the love and support you are giving them.

Reasons why:
1. They’re calling you a liar if they don’t.
2. It feels good to be able to complement someone else.
3. You’re spreading love, hope, and support to a world that needs it.

If talking is to far outside your comfort zone, just smile. Put a big smile on your face and walk through the mall or halls of your work. Fill your heart with gratitude and love and let it shine out your face.

If you do these things, you will not only be bully proof but your life with be more enjoyable.

I invite you to love and respect yourself so you can love and respect others. I invite you to be the change you wish to see. I invite you to heal your pain so you can help heal others.

Hurt people hurt people. Love unites. Pain isolates. Let’s share the love and start at new world order.

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