Start with loving yourself

Start with loving yourself

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What do I do when my child is being bullied? How do I protect them when I’m not around? How do I build a bubble of love, kindness, and protection so I don’t have to worry as much?

I’m glad you asked.

As a survivor of bullying, parent of four, high school teacher, and lifelong learner I have learned a great deal about how to prevent bullying. I’m going to give you a few tips here. If you want to learn more, you can order my book Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out at

Last week I gave you 10 steps you can take to improve confidence and personal value in your loved ones. This and the decision to love your self is the foundation to bully proofing. Let me explain.

When you decide to love and value yourself it doesn’t matter what others say, you know differently. You are valuable because you decided to be so.

Let’s say we have a lunch date at your favorite restaurant. You take your time getting dressed and put on your favorite red dress. After all, it’s not every day you get to have time for yourself with it paid for. Double bonus–as I give you a welcoming hug, I mention what a beautiful purple shirt you have on. What are you thinking about me and yourself? Do you doubt that you have on a red dress? Do you wonder what happened? No! You just think I’m crazy or being silly. If you do doubt yourself, please make the decision to improve your confidence and personal value because you are the model for your children. You cannot show them a better way if you are living something different.

When you believe in something, it doesn’t matter what someone else says because you know differently. You know you have a beautiful red dress on. My saying it was a purple blouse did not have any impact on you because you knew better. It’s the same with people saying rude things to you. It has no affect because you know differently.

Decide today to love yourself. I know society says not to but it’s wrong. Do you really want what is happening out there? I don’t. Main stream media scares the bejebbers out of me. So much hate and unrest in the world try something different for a change. Say, “I love myself.” It may feel awkward at first but stick with it for the next twenty-one days and see what happens. I don’t know exactly what will happen for you, but I know what has happened for hundreds of others. They have taken a major step towards living the life they want instead of one someone else decides for them.

When you let others impact you, you are living their life not yours. They have control of you through their words. You don’t want that. You want to be free. You have plans for your future. Make the decision today to love yourself. Put notes up in prominent places to remind yourself of your new decision. When your loved ones ask you about it, teach them.

It takes courage to make a change. I understand that moving through fear of what others think of you can be hard. I also know it can save lives. What if by loving yourself you gave your loved ones permission to love themselves? You might just save a life. You cannot hurt yourself if you love yourself and you won’t let others hurt you either.

Have a blessed day,

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