Step One to Bully Proofing Yourself

Step One to Bully Proofing Yourself

I had an incredible interview with KSL radio as well as KEY radio and thought I would take a moment and put in writing some of what was said.

I talked about the steps to bully proofing and I and I want to share the first one with you today.

Number 1: Build Your Personal Value. I know that sounds trite but it is true. When I was told by others that someone needed to “build their self-confidence”, I didn’t understand what they meant. When I started teaching, I finally understood.

Personal value means to like yourself, to value yourself, to know you are important. There is something you must accomplish in your life time that no one else can do. God made you to do your work and if you don’t do it; it won’t get done.

When you realize you have value to add to this planet, you feel valuable. When you feel valuable, you treat yourself with respect. Treating yourself with respect means to take care of yourself. Think of something you treasure. It can be a person or a place or a thing. Now think about how you treat it. I bet it is with tenderness and care. If it is a thing, you handle it cautiously so it doesn’t get damaged. You keep it safe away from other objects that might cause it harm. You keep it clean and looking bright and shinny. You tell others to be careful with it because it has great value to you. Some of you show it off, some of you hide it away. This special thing has a special place. Am I right?

Now think of yourself. How do you treat yourself? Like something special? Like something valuable? I really hope so. If we had more people who loved and respected themselves, there would not be war or violence or abuse.  There would be no divorce or broken homes. Think of it for just a moment. How wonderful would it be to live in a world like that? You can and it starts with you respecting yourself.

When you come from a place of love and connection, you can do no harm to yourself or others. People hurt others because they are in pain. When you are in love, you want to spread love. When you enjoy your own company, you will enjoy others company. It is that simple.

I didn’t understand this for some time. Now I do and I want to help others understand this powerful concept. Think of your favorite department store. You’ve been shopping there for sometime. You know what to expect. You’ve been here before. One day while standing in line you see the person in front of you holding the perfect object. You have been looking for this piece for sometime. It is perfect. You have to know where she got it. You lean forward and ask, “Excuse me, where did you get that? It’s lovely.” She says, “Oh, thank you. I got it on the upper level.” Now wait a minute. You’ve been shopping here for sometime. There is no upper level. “How do you get to this upper level.” “Oh, you take the elevator that is in that back corner.” You get out of line and rush over there. You take the elevator to the second floor and as the door opens you see many things you have been missing. Wonderful valuable things and you wish you would have looked before now. That is how it is when you grow and understand more. It takes you to a level you didn’t even know existed.

I am inviting you to take your life to the next level. I want you to step up into a new and better you. You will find things here that will amaze you. You will see things others don’t know are possible. Then share the love and be the change you wish to see in the world. Gandhi had it right. It starts with you. You have to take the first step to loving yourself and not caring what others say. You are valuable!! You matter!! You are special!!! Never let any one take that from you.

Now go see how people treat you when you treat you as special.

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