Things Happen For A Reason

Things Happen For A Reason

Have you ever had the rug pulled out from under your feet? Have you ever been running so hard for a dream you didn’t see the wall coming at you? It hurts when you hit that wall. It can hurt so bad you don’t want to get up. It can leave you broken and scared with no desire to go on. But guess what; there is hope.

You can change it. When you get knocked down, the sooner you can change your thoughts from one of defeat to one of strength, the faster you will be on your way again. We all have doubts about if we are doing the right thing. Okay, I have doubts, and I think others do too. I came to realize a short time ago that doubts are the Devil trying to stop you.

Napoleon Hill wrote a book called Outwitting the Devil. His publisher and family were afraid to print it. They were afraid of the backlash that might happen. Recently it has been published with Sharon Lechter as editor and adding her thoughts. I highly recommend you get a copy today and start reading and applying it.

You know how I’ve been telling you to fulfill your purpose. That if you don’t, there will be a hole that no one else can fill. That is exactly what the Devil wants. He doesn’t want you to live in your purpose so he plagues you with doubt and fear so he can stop you. If he stops you, he wins. Please don’t let him win.

Fight him with everything you’ve got. Change your thinking and change your life. When you hit that wall and want to stay down, DON’T. Get up move forward again. Focus on the solutions. Focus on how this change can be a good thing. Realize the path to your dreams is not a straight line. It will have twists and turns you never dreamed of. It is all because of the things you must learn so you are ready to receive your dream.

The reason you haven’t achieved what it is you are working so hard for is because you still have things to learn. The sooner you learn those lessons, the smaller the wall. It’s when the lesson comes at you and you resist it or shy away from it that the wall gains in size and strength.

I had an acquaintance in college who drove like a maniac. She was always speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. I refused to ride with her she was so scary. Everyone told her to change her habits, but she didn’t listen.

She got in some accidents, but initially they didn’t affect her either. She continued to drive crazy. She is now a quadriplegic because of her last accident. She was late for work. I don’t think it mattered. She was in the habit of driving like a manic. It wasn’t the excuse of being late that caused her to drive that way. It was her habitual thinking of “I have to hurry” that lead to the insane driving that lead to her current condition.

Her boyfriend was the one who found her car smashed on the side of the road with her in it. He was on the way to talk with her father about his proposal for marriage. Yes, they did get married, but it is so different than they had both dreamed of.

Does she wish now she would have listened to the advice of others? Of course she does. It’s not too late for you. You can learn the lesson that is before you. You can make the right decision. You can overcome whatever is plaguing you right now, get up, and move forward again. I know you can because so many others have before you.

Think about the good that will come from the challenge that is before you today and keep moving forward.

Let me know how it goes.

Have a blessed day,

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