Time and Perspective Part 1

Time and Perspective Part 1

Part one in the Time series.

Where does it go? It just flies by. Remember as a kid when you were waiting for something special, and time seemed to drag. Why? Why does it go so fast now and so slow then? Is it in relation to how much time we have spent alive? Will it just keep going faster and faster? It is running through my hands like water. All I can do is drink deeply while I have it.

I need to spend less time on work and more time on the things I love. There are so many things I can allow to consume me: social media – Did I get my posts scheduled for the week?, podcasting – Did I get my recording done?, Sales calls – How many did I make this week? Was it enough? Did I get bookings?, Writing – Did I get my newsletter written?, webinars – Did I get the slides done? Did I schedule the posts so people will attend? Did I set aside time?.   It can all take so much time.

Wait a minute– I love it. I love my chosen career. Last week I got to spend some time with some students from American Fork High School at their Be The Change day. I so enjoy the transformation they go through. Different kids leave than came in. It is a wonderful thing seeing people believe in themselves. It gives me energy. It pumps me up and gets me ready for more.

This week I am going to Washington State. I have five events, and for the first time my dad will get to see what I do since I started professional speaking. It’s his birthday Wednesday. That is why I marketed there so, I could get paid to go and see him. I don’t think it gets any better than that. How about you?

It has been a long hard couple of years. I realized the other day; I was growing roots and now I am reaping the fruits. You never know how long it will take to manifest your dreams. I’m still creating, but I’m starting to harvest now.

Keep moving forward and you will make it as well. All it takes is time and work. Keep up the dreaming and the creating. It will happen.

You got this. I’m so proud of you for trying and not giving up.

Talk to you soon,

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