My mom moved in with me recently due to health issues. I have had the privilege of packing her home up and moving it to mine. Okay, most of it is in boxes in the garage and living room. If you were to stop by, you might think we are hoarders. It can be a challenge combining two homes into one. It can also be a blessing.

Everything I touched, packed, gave away, or sold; I did have an estate sale, had a memory attached to it. Those memories came flooding back as I set on the floor surrounded by newspaper and boxes. I was once again in my childhood home sitting in front of the heater after working out in the cold taking care of the animals. We were laughing around the kitchen table at dinner. Praying in the corn field because Dad had lost his wallet in the dark with the fresh turned earth all around us. Riding my horse bareback because I could take warmth and solace from the contact. Graduating and moving on to start my new life in Utah. Army mementos from the places I was stationed. Pictures of our families ready to take on the world and see what life had to offer.

As I remembered the past, I thought of lessons learned, hardships endured, and all the love a person could ever hope to have fill their cup. The funny thing was I didn’t always feel loved. I always was it just didn’t reach me sometimes. That realization was the first step to understanding that my reality is shaped by my beliefs. If I don’t believe I am lovable, nothing you can say will change that fact. I have to decide to let your love rush in and fill my life.

When I think of all the love that flows to me and from me, it leaves me speechless. The emotion washes over me, I am full to overflowing, and I let it splash on others. Let your love shine forth from you today. Let it light your path and the paths of your family. Know that you are loved so those around you will know they are.

I’m still telling my mom how much I love her. She still doesn’t believe it. Now, it doesn’t matter as much because I know the truth. It’s not the way I’m saying it or showing it; it’s the way she is hearing it.

Tell those you love how much you do and just let it sit. Don’t argue with them or try to convince them it’s true; because, it already is.

I love you.

Have a great day,

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