My husband is a long-haul truck driver. He can cross the country in a few days. When he first started driving, I was amazed at how fast he could get from the West coast to the East coast. I always thought that it would take weeks to travel to the places I wanted to. Now, I know differently. I have changed a belief because of new information.

We are now planning a family trip back east. I want to go see the places I have read about in the history books: Gettysburg, The Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial, The Smithsonian, and the leaves in Maine.

That is how our family trip to Hawaii happened. We had an idea we put into action, and within eight months we were scuba diving Hawaii. That is what life is all about — making a plan and taking action.

What are your plans? Are you taking action? Are you following through? I hope so. Life was meant to be lived not watched. Do something you have wanted to do but just didn’t have the energy for. Once you start you will find all the energy you need. You just have to start. Pack every moment with life.

We live in an awe-inspiring country. People say all kinds of things about it. What are your beliefs? What are your beliefs founded on? Have you lived what others are talking about or just heard it? There are things I never want to experience because I have heard about them. Then there are things that I want to embrace and roll around in because I want the firsthand experience. I want to feel, see, hear, touch, and taste it.

Spend some time going through your beliefs and see if you still believe them. They might have changed and you missed it. Get a new perspective.

No one can do watermelon like God can.  People can tell you how sweet it is; but you just have to taste it for yourself. There are imitations but they’re just not the same. If you haven’t had the real thing, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Travel safe and enjoy the experience,

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